ColorChallenge - Green Thursday - @ashwinrajt in 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge!

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Hello everyone,

Let me introduce you to another great Steemian and contributor to my daily 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge, an amazing photographer @ashwinrajt. Let's give him some recognition and a shout out. In combination with the color challenge, it is a great place to highlight his photo skills and give his hard work some extended publicity and appreciation.

For today's color challenge I picked his entry below:

To see the real beauty of any country you need to come down to the villages. This photograph was captured almost a decade back when I used to travel solo back in Indian exploring new unknown places. What you are seeing is a small village with a few houses on hills with a amazing view of the river. Would you like to live in a peaceful place like this?


To give @ashwinrajt some little support, I am upvoting his post: Street Vendors Selling Mangoes. Feel free to join me.

Please feel free to check out some of my other recent posts.

Travel tip: Pilsen – beautiful Czech city famous for (not only) world-known beer

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You inspired me to make competitions, thank you

That`s great, I am happy to hear that:).... good way to give back to the community and make it grow! Have a good one. Tomas

How do I become part of it?

Follow my 7 World`s Continents Photo Challenge where I pick some images for those posts.... I do get some insane pics on daily basis. Have a great day. Tomas

Nice post

Big shout out to @ashwinrajt. Nice color mix out there.

To see the real beauty of any country you need to come down to the villages.
True! some villages in my home town are really awesome.

Thank you :)

so satisfying ! looks incredible. I see we have a lot of places where human haven't still touched!

Beautiful picture, I love the green contrast with the low hanging clouds.

Thank you

nice photography...
have a nice travel..


God created such beautiful nature.
Let's thank god by preservering it.

Beautiful place. The place good for mind


good post, I really like it
hallo friend
i am new member on this steemit platform, i have upvote and follow you, if you have free time please visit my blog, i will be very happy, and please Upvote and follow me @adamazzi
Thank you

nice view

Wow it is magical. Reminds me of the Shire from Lord of the Rings.

excellent post you encouraged me, with the color of today, check my last post, tehice recognition, follow me


Beautiful scenery and well written content. Thanks.

Thank you

it just chills your eyes
so much amazing shades of green
keep it up
nice click
that kind of clicks just bring you the self loving feelings
lots of love

good post @czechglobalhosts I don't know where you live but it looks lovely photography !😍😍😍😍😍😍

thanks for shere

That’s an amazing capture! Love the misty hill. The whole composition is full with beauty! Thumbs up

Thank you

Nice photo! I'm a fan of nature. If I'm the judge, you'll be the winner already.

Glad you like it thank you

Nice shot! I also made a color challenge post. Would greatly appreciate if you could check it out :)

Thank you

Thank you so much Tomas , for featuring my work. I am so glad I could make it to your recommendation, which itself is an great honor.
As mentioned earlier also, this is best photography contest out here covering the entire Globe ! .Its very unique giving opportunity to every one to get motivated, grow and learn !

I like this pic!

Awesome photos!! :) If your in to cool photos you might like the Mountains our AI generated.

Green is part of happiness .It's calles happy time.

these are great photos. I am struggling to be a photographer and I really like your work.
keep it up