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I've been thoroughly enjoying these four different coffees for some time now. I've been drinking the Davidoff Jade for a while and recently decided to try some new ones.

The Nescafe Gold Barista Style is my favourite right now as it's really strong and flavourful.

In addition to these two, I also got myself Davidoff Elements and Creme Intense. Both are amazing.

I always drink my coffee black without sugar so all of them are just perfect for me. However, you can try drinking with milk as well. But I wouldn't recommend it for coffees like Elements and Crema intense. But it's up to you.

I also had this Vietnamese Coffee until sometime which was also absolutely delicious however, it did have some artificial flavouring as I found out upon ordering. But it was soo good to drink. I absolutely loved it and I'm looking to another Vietnamese brand someday which doesn't have any added flavouring substance.


Sadly, it's hard to get stuff locally and I depend upon Amazon for most of these purchases. But, i'm hoping to get coffees from different places eventually.

You can look these up to know more details about it online. :)

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It looks like not only @sergiomendes but and you now will share with us daily your cup of coffee! 😉

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El cafe me fascina.

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Great to meet another coffee lover!

I too like my coffee black without sugar but sometimes use lemongrass leaves during boiling for added flavour.

Unfortunately, I don't have these many options for coffee brands in my city. But I was under impression that Nescafe Gold Barista Style coffee came with dairy & sugar premix. Will love to try it now. Thanks!

And now you reminded me to order a coffee filter as I want to quit my dose of instant coffee in favour of some real coffee!