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In this September, I travelled to Miami with my family for one week. My initial plan is just relax. However, we met the terrible hurricane Irma which we never think of. A crazy escape journey just started then.

This is the forth post of this series, please see the first post, second post and the third post for more details.


根据google地图,第一天的逃亡计划是从Miami 开到 Jacksonville, 全程339 miles。预计正常用时为5小时,但实际逃亡时间总共花费了9小时。

Based on google map, the escape plant of first day is from Miami to Jacksonville. The total distance is 339 miles. The routine time for it takes 5 hours. In fact, we spent 9 hours on the way.



I call the car rental in the morning and know that we will pay 600 usd more if we drive the car we initially rent back to Indiana directly. Compared to Costco, we only need to pay 200 usd in total to get a new car. We determine to choose the second choice. After dressing up, we got to the airport early. The car rental center is so busy. So many people just got the news about hurricane when they got off the flight. After I check in, the assist at car parking center told me: just go ahead to get whatever you wanna. You may get nothing when you come late. The fact is that, there are so many people are returning the car, but the total amount is still decreasing. So many people are running with the luggage and squeeze them into their nearlist car and leave. I am nervous. I just randomly choose a JEEP and put car seat, luggage, drink, snack, and else into the ajar.


10点出发。沿着95号公路向北。告别阳光灿烂的迈阿密。第一站是佛罗里达最北边的jacksonville。这儿居然是这个州最大的城市。我们直接定位了一家当地的中餐厅。(chef chen). 途径奥兰多,总共预计时间是5小时,下午三点到达。开始两小时的路,并不是很堵,小段小段间歇出现的黄色区域,真正行驶过去也并没有太多车辆的滞留。只是我们惊讶的发现,车轱辘飞快的把我们往前带,距离不断的缩短,但是预计到达时间却一再的变长。一路上我下去了几个高速公路出口加油,发现大多加油站都空了。店主便直接关门歇业。而小部分有油的加油站直接排起了长龙。加油站的小哥像交警一样指挥着四面八方的来车。我在一家7-11补满了油。这里的91, 93号高级油已经空了。

We leave at 10am and head toward route 95,saying goodbye to sunny Miami. Our first destination is the north most city of Miami, Jacksonville, and it is the biggest one. I directly navigate a local Chinese restaurant (chef chen) there. And this drive will pass Orlando and the estimated time is 5 hours. The first 2 hours drive is not very crowded. Some area is yellow on the map but not too much delay. What is astonishing for us is that the distance is decreasing but the remained time is still increasing. We get off the highway from some exits and found that most of the oil station is off. A small bunch of stations who have oil, all have long queue. The staff their guide the traffic like policeman. We get refilled at a 7-11, see the figure. All the 91 and 93 pumps are down.



After lunch, we found that the routes in front of us is all red. Google map gives out the new local way with shorter time and longer distance. We saw that there are so many beautiful villages in Florida.



We meet another gas station and get refill without hesitation. There are so many interest detail on the way. We found the opposite way have few cars rather than the electricity maintenance truck.



Some people choose to escape using Motorcycle. I don't know why.



So many US people drive a RV and hanging their smaller car in the back. The escape seems like a happy journey.



Some cars have so many oil buckets in their back. The trunk of Some pickups are even full of this kind of buckets.



Some modified cars with high wheels are running crazy.


晚上七点,比预计时间足足晚了四小时,我们紧赶慢赶的到了jacksonville。chef wu是一家只有6个桌子的中餐,口味很棒。

Finally, we arrive 4 hours late at 7 pm. The Chef Wu is a good and authentic restaurant with only 6 tables.


饱餐一顿,我们到酒店住下了。妻子抽空定好了亚特兰大的酒店。行车路线显示还是五个小时,这条路线可以横穿亚特兰大的downtown。这里有老鹰队的飞利浦中心。和佐治亚理工。)。 还有可口可乐的中心。想着想着,我不知什么时候就睡下了。

After dinner, we check in at hotel. My wife books the hotel in Atlanta. GPS shows it is a 5 hours driving way and can cross DT of Atlanta. They have Philips center for Atlanta hawks and Geog Tech. Coca cola center as well. Gradually, I fall asleep.

第二天的逃亡路线是从Jacksonville到Atlanta, 全程375 miles. 原本预计的正常时间是6小时。最后实际逃亡时间为12小时

The second day way is from Jacksonville to Atlanta. The total distance is 375 miles. The estimated time is 6 hours. Finally we use 12 hours.


前一天油箱不满,我一大早趁着妻子和母亲照顾女儿,出来加油,一跑才发现周围四个加油站都已经空空了。所有的邮箱都贴着封条。唯有柴油还有储备。最后我不死心,又绝望的绕回了离酒店最近的bp加油站。我蛮问了门口抽烟的黑哥。小黑哥说,这里不会再有油了。他们根本得不到补给。他们马上就要关门。不过他说离这里不远的另一家bp有。他好心的在google地图上给我指路,并帮我打电话确认。结果我很幸运的加满了油箱。离开的时候,我听到有人抱怨着,有的station又空了。兴高采烈的回到酒店,收拾好八点出发,妻子说,刚刚退房的时候,有许多人还陆续的打电话来总台咨询。得到的都是爆满的消息。前台小哥特别无奈的说,再过一天,他们可能也要疏散了。出发前摸了一张报纸,头版醒目的写着:governor warns: we can’t save you.

The gas tank is not full. So I come out early to get refill and found that 4 stations around hotel are off. Diesel only. I don't wanna give up and ask the man sitting in front of BP. He told me there is no more gas, they are closing due to short supply. But he kindly told me that there is another gas station not far away has gas. And he called they to double-check. I was so lucky to get oil. I get back to hotel at 8am and my wife told me that when she checked out before, so many people called in to ask for rooms, but they have been full. The reception said they may be evacuated soon. I grab a piece of newspaper when I leave: the headline show: governor warns: we can’t save you.



I cannot believe that this estimated 5 hour way spend me 12 hours finally. The first 3 hours never change the GPS status. The traffic jam is mad.



When we pass a rest area, we found three stations are down. So many cars are pulling over there without oil. They looks so desperate. The neibouring McDonald is packed with people. Female almost break the restroom of male. McDonald is only food.



The traffic jam leads to accidents. The down cars are pulling over on the side.


这一路印象最为深刻的是在临近亚特兰大2小时的高速上,我们突然发现了express line open to all traffic的警示牌。因为这意外收获,我们节约了至少1个小时的时间。快速通道几乎没有什么车。并没有多少车看到这样的告示,哪怕一路上都不断的有大幅电子屏幕提醒着。

The most impressive moment happens when 2 hour away from Atlanta. We suddenly see the electronic sign of express line open to all traffic. That is amazing. It saves us 1 hour at least. But unfortunately, not so many cars see it even there is more than one signs.



We arrive at Atlanta at 8pm. It is still busy here.


入住了亚特兰大北Roswell的酒店。再三思量,我们定位下一个点是 Kentucky的cave city。这里有闻名世界的猛犸洞穴国家公园。

We check out at Roswell. And determine to arrive cave city in Kentucky tomorrow. They have world-famous cave national park.

逃亡第三天是从Atlanta 到cave city,全程为 337 miles。逃亡正常时间为5小时,最后逃亡时间为6小时。

The escape third day is from Atlanta to cave city. The distance is 337 miles. The estimated time is 5 hours. Finally we use 6 hours.


想着原本此刻应该已经躺在家里了。我们还是继续踏上了征程。飓风偏离了原本的方向,往佛罗里达内陆侵袭。我们继续走我们的,从Roswell出发,计划是今天穿过田纳西的Nashville,夜宿肯塔基的cave city。这次终于,google地图的时间特别给面子的均匀跳动着。
I continue to travel north. It seems like hurricane is attacking Florida now. Departing from Roswell, we plan to leavel Nashville and arrive at Cave city. This time there is not too much delay on the way.


Cave city 旁边的Mammoth Cave national park 猛犸洞国家公园里有丰富的地下地质地貌。但是大多数tour都需要提前预定。我们在下午三点到达。发现只剩下唯一的一个mammoth passage tour,在下午三点半。成人一人七刀,婴儿用carrier可以参观。

Mammoth Cave national park is located at cave city which obtain diverse kinds of geographic characters. However, most of the tours need to be booked in advanced. We arrived at 3pm and only one mammoth passage tour have vacancies. The price for adult is 7 usd. And the infant carrier is accessible.



And we meet a nice deer on the way back to hotel. I feel happy when I think I can go home tomorrow.


最后一天的逃亡是从cave city到west Lafayette, 全程269 miles。正常行驶时间为4小时,最后逃亡时间为5小时.。今天的路程比较舒服。想着今天就能到家了。真开心。脖子的僵硬,手肘的酸痛仿佛又可以忍受。

The last day of escape is from cave city to west Lafayette. The distance is 269 miles. The regular time is 4 hours. Finally we used 5 hours. The drive today is ok. I feel so happy and the sour neck and elbow feels like better.



The TV is still playing the tragedy of hurricane. The the live in youtube is still horrible.


途中进了一家麦当劳。Cashier老奶奶得知我们从佛罗里达赶回来。特地送我了我们2个muffin topping。

On the half way, I stop by a McDonald. The lady cashier knew that we are from Florida and give us 2 muffin topping for free.



My little daughter interests in my salad.



When we are close to home, I see another car from Florida. Maybe they will thank the hurricane who offer them an opportunity to travel together.



We finally arrive at home by afternoon. Thanks for the Jeep, for my wife and mother, for my daughter, for my friends supporting me, as well as the stranger on the way. I really appreciate this period of time.

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