"Er kommt" from Bach-Boysen Markus Passion (Live and unedited)


Wikimedia Commons

This aria for soprano and strings comes at just after one of the critical moments in the Passion story. The betrayal of Judas has just passed, and Jesus is now awaiting his fate and his arrest. Needless to say, it is a stormy aria that is full of unsettled nervousness. In this particular aria, there is nothing unusual about the setting. As you might have noticed, a good chunk of the arias from this completion uses music borrowed from other cantatas and compositions by Bach and refitted with different text. This was a common compositional technique of the time called parody, when it is done skillfully, it can have quite a satisfying mesh between music and words. However, done without tact, it can be immensely jarring for the listener.

The performers are Musica Poetica (@musicapoetica) and Cantus Thuringia under the direction of Jorn Boysen. The concert was recorded live and unedited in Den Haag in 2016, on period instruments at 415Hz. Violinist is @bengy.

Music from Bach, BWV 198

Er kommt, er kommt, er ist vorhanden!
Mein Jesu, ach! er suchet dich,
Entfliehe doch, und lasse mich
Mein Heil, statt deiner in den Banden.

English translation

He comes, he comes, he is here!
My Jesus, alas! he seeks you;
oh flee, and leave me,
my Salvation, in your place in these bonds.

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not everyone likes classical music, but i like to hear it

Glad you enjoyed it.

This is really nice, been looking for this sort of community for a while now. Thank you for sharing

No problem! See you there!

beautiful classical music

Thank you for the visit!

classical music with classical art, very interesting!

Ta! It is a nice combination to have a nice painting from the same era to combine with the music!

I like this one better than the other one . The tempo had a nice flow where the other was more southing . if that makes sense to you :)

Yes, of course! However, they are for different parts of the story, can't be always action packed!

@musicapoetica One day I might listen to the whole story and it will give me a better understanding of the whole . For now I will keep looking at each part expanding my understanding . So much I don't understand but we will get there

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Absolutely beautiful. I love Bach, and the playing and vocals were perfect.

Thank you, happy that you enjoyed the music!

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Never knew you had a music niche, i remember my music days in school. I used to play classical music back then, ...sonatas, dirges...even fur elise.

I lost those skills along the line. Would be visiting you more often to get the latest.


Thanks! It's been a busy time, but we hope to get more posts up more frequently again...

Patiently awaiting the next post..

The next one went up, check out our profile!

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