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It's always interesting to see how someone else would edit an image. Your edit is great! I would have done things a bit different, but that's an artist's prerogative. Thanks for walking us through your edit.

Thank you for your comments. I agree that there are so many different ways of doing an edit, and our own methods change as we grow. Actually, as I was playing around with it again for this post, I really, really liked the "color enhance" result, but it's on a different computer... I felt too lazy to fetch it at that moment! Besides, it was almost out of the scope for this post. Expect more of this type of post to come because they are fun!

I've always seen the job of the photographer as grabbing one of the 1000s of pictures available in any scene... Same is true with the editing job!

Again, thanks for the comment and have a great day!

Hi, I had the same problem with bandwith yesterday, I think the replies cost a lot, but I'm still not sure what matters most to the bandwith..

Thanks for your reply, Tom.

Posts seem to take 10% for me - maybe it takes less when you move up in the Steemit world.
Replies seem to be around 5%. What I don't know is whether you redeem some of the bandwidth as you get replies/upvotes... i.e. proof that you're content is worth the bandwidth. Giving upvotes also seem to cost - at least to bestow, but they also seem to reward back quickly. Claiming rewards also helps, but only if you're not too far down to begin with.

The thing that really gets me is that it seems to make you sink further down if you try before you have enough bandwidth - which is doubly annoying when Steemd is down - as it has been several times in the past few hours.

It does seem to reward you (a bit) for using it... maybe the reason why it's low when I get up in the morning... but it really does seem a bit too random. I hope they fix the algorithm so that it makes more sense - and soon!

I think they also take a little bit care on the health of the users, they don't want the users get addicted to Steemit, hehehe, and give them a break.
But anyway, a very good reply, thank you.

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Very cool! I need to work on backlighting. I didn't really know to play with that though I've picked up most of the other tips you've mentioned. I really like how crisp and beautful this is. Thx for walking is through the process

Thanks! And this was a very low-quality camera (just something to get me back in the game when I first separated from my ex.) I actually tried blowing it up to work better on RedBubble... I could do 200%, but not 300%, just WAY too grainy by the time I got there... so I gave up on that one. There's only so much you can do. :-p

I've only recently picked up on the backlighting thing - and love it! As I was saying to @ilovedietcoke, I really liked what the "color enhance" setting did with this one - really brings out the colors of the canal boats as well as the bridge. But, it's on a different machine, and I didn't feel like grabbing it when I was posting the article - I'll bring it out another time, I'm sure. :) However, that level of editing was sort of outside the scope of this article anyway.

I will do some "salvage" jobs for you soon. Those can be real fun.

Anyway, thanks very much for the comment. Take care and hear again from you soon!

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