Thanks for your reply, Tom.

Posts seem to take 10% for me - maybe it takes less when you move up in the Steemit world.
Replies seem to be around 5%. What I don't know is whether you redeem some of the bandwidth as you get replies/upvotes... i.e. proof that you're content is worth the bandwidth. Giving upvotes also seem to cost - at least to bestow, but they also seem to reward back quickly. Claiming rewards also helps, but only if you're not too far down to begin with.

The thing that really gets me is that it seems to make you sink further down if you try before you have enough bandwidth - which is doubly annoying when Steemd is down - as it has been several times in the past few hours.

It does seem to reward you (a bit) for using it... maybe the reason why it's low when I get up in the morning... but it really does seem a bit too random. I hope they fix the algorithm so that it makes more sense - and soon!

I think they also take a little bit care on the health of the users, they don't want the users get addicted to Steemit, hehehe, and give them a break.
But anyway, a very good reply, thank you.

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