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RE: Bridge over River Kennet - a photo edit journey with Photoscape

Very cool! I need to work on backlighting. I didn't really know to play with that though I've picked up most of the other tips you've mentioned. I really like how crisp and beautful this is. Thx for walking is through the process


Thanks! And this was a very low-quality camera (just something to get me back in the game when I first separated from my ex.) I actually tried blowing it up to work better on RedBubble... I could do 200%, but not 300%, just WAY too grainy by the time I got there... so I gave up on that one. There's only so much you can do. :-p

I've only recently picked up on the backlighting thing - and love it! As I was saying to @ilovedietcoke, I really liked what the "color enhance" setting did with this one - really brings out the colors of the canal boats as well as the bridge. But, it's on a different machine, and I didn't feel like grabbing it when I was posting the article - I'll bring it out another time, I'm sure. :) However, that level of editing was sort of outside the scope of this article anyway.

I will do some "salvage" jobs for you soon. Those can be real fun.

Anyway, thanks very much for the comment. Take care and hear again from you soon!

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