Merry Christmas Steemit (my Christmas card to you)

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Regardless of our beliefs or perspective, this time of year offers a great opportunity to share love with your family and friends.

What an interesting year it's been, yeah?

In some ways, this has been the most challenging year we've faced in a while. The details don't matter. It's just been a crazy couple of years, with this one seeming to increase in adversity. But that's part of what helps us grow, right?

And now I'm pretty excited to be pushing forward with Rick (@instructor2121), the SteemTrail project and TRAIL. SteemNews.Online is just the tip of the iceberg. We're working on a few surprises that we hope to be able to divulge within the next couple of months. All of this work should benefit Steemsters near and far. :)

So, what are you doing for Christmas? Please share below.

We're going to my aunt and uncle's for Christmas eve, where we'll enjoy family and some of the most amazing homemade Mexican food you can imagine. I get to make the guac! And I'll get so stuffed they'll have to roll me over so I can get on my feet.

Christmas will likely have wifey and me at church in the morning, chatting with grandkids in the afternoon then hanging out the rest of the day. We really don't know what that looks like yet, but it'll be an opportunity to enjoy each other.

Much of my time will be spent reflecting on things that I'm grateful for.

Of course, this includes my Steemit family. It's been great to build some new friendships here. I won't even try to list names. You know who you are. And I'm very appreciative of your friendship and support.

At the center of it all is my gratitude to God for the many blessings He's given. Yeah, we all know that Jesus wasn't born on December 25th. But it's still a great time to be able to reflect afresh on God's singular greatest tiding of history, the advent of God the Son.

May your weekend be rich and full. May you bless those around you, and be blessed by them as well. May you and yours know true joy and happiness. And may your Steem continue to rise.

With love, gratitude and affection,

Merry Christmas!!

Steemin' on,
Another Joe

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This post is infinitely undervalued. Merry Christmas to you to. ;)

And a very Merry Christmas back at you, my friend!

God willing, I'll be singing and reading scripture in a Christmas Eve program tomorrow night, and singing on the praise team Sunday morning. The in-between times will of course be spent with family. Oh, and here and there in the cracks will be thinking about writing on Steemit... ;) 😄😇😄


Wonderful. Sing your heart out! :)

Merry Christmas :) Have a good one with family and friends!

Thanks Kevin!

Hello @englishtchrivy,
Thank you! I thought about saying something funny just for you, but didn't want to diminish the "card". :o)
I am writing, but not as me. Most of my work is being done for SteemTrail and SteemNews.Online right now. But I still try to keep up with my list daily, so you should see my votes, even if you don't see my comments. :D
Have a wonderful weekend!

@anotherjoe Thank you !
I see you often , yes, I do I think there's the 3 of you - multiplicity.
I'm not coming here for your upvote funny,
I'm really checkin out on you plus I do miss your funny comments but hey no pressure, I'm aware of how doing the trail curation is not easy, I almost did food, gardening and travel with @atts-david .
I got lost here cause I was checking out the "newly created posts" I saw you there so I dropped by to send that personal message now you got a book for a reply ahahahaha.

I am aware that you are on the trail, I saw you in discord, I dropped by yesterday, but I dropped a message on the steem bar.
It was empty though, saw ony @the-ego-is-you hahahaha
anyway, I really am checkin out on you my funny friend :)

Have a blast this holiday!