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RE: Chibera's Commitment To Steem!

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Cool project! Is the game inspired by Entropia Universe by any chance? I don't know how far you are in development, but if you could grab some inspiration from EU, and make it possible for players to actually earn "real" money, I believe could become a mega success. If you can find a method to utilize the reward pool.


This post should explain a bit:

The main goal is not to use the reward pool, there would be an auction house that people could buy and sell items for a cryptocurrency. So technically yes this would allow them to earn money or living off the game.

Also were just before alpha release

Ha! I wondered if anyone else would think 'Entropia'.

I used to play some years ago - still got a load of gear there. I really ought to go sell it all and use the $$$ to buy steem...

Were you / are you an Entropian?