Chibera is now 8% funded thanks Yabapmatt and everyone

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Reason for this post:

The reason why we are making this post is Chibera needs your support. We already have $65,000 which will get us only partially where we need to be. There are more funds needed to get it to the level we need and want out of a real MMORPG that has 4k support and that is VR ready.

Chibera hopes to add a new portal of interaction for Steem. Which we hope will allow the creation of a bridge between a market that has millions to spend but nothing to really spend it on other than cashing out. With features like sharing clips of your gameplay and cool screenshot directly to the Steem blockchain - this will bring new users who are yet to be touched by the mysterious world of blockchain technologies.

Currently, we've been supported with $5000+ Dollars .
We have also been given over 36,000 delegation for perk ranks as well.

Limited time Offer On Perks


You can help fund Chibera using Steem/sbd or delegation:

Every person who buys a perk will be Entered into drawing into winning a custom Chibera I9 2080 liquid cool custom RGB custom PC with razor mouse and keyboard.

Get perks with more payment options now

Check out Perks values:

The Value Of Chibera Perks Explained

Contact us on our social media accounts or discord!


Resteem and Upvote To Help Us Out

Be sure to also visit and like our social media

Chibera Facebook | Chibera Twitter
Chibera Instagram | Chibera Discord


What is Chibera ?

Steem integrated MMORPG.

The lore:

Chibera, a land that is still recovering from being torn apart and mutated by an explosion that was caused by a mana experiment centuries ago. Because of this accident, a tree was mutated into what is now called the world tree, along with the mutation of humans, elves, dwarves, and animals which lead to the rise of multiple new intelligent bipedal species.

Some races are now fully dependent on the mana for technological, economic, cultural reasons and some even need to consume it just to survive. This has caused a rift between some of the factions and a fight for control over as much of the resource as possible. The only mana sources now in the world are hard mana crystal deposits and the power that the world tree provides which is the only replenishing resource. This has lead to factions fighting for the resource for their own selfish reasons.

A good explainer post:

Some about the elder races:

5$ given, wish you all success. By the way, it helped me to understand @fundition a bit.

Thanks for the contribution.

That helped a lot , its definitely going to bring revolution for those who love to play with fantasies. You have a great potential to become the next great dapp.

And I am trying to give you a 5$ reward, but its not working in Fundition, I will reach their chat to figure out. Using the platform for the first time.

This is truly a welcome development. One thing I love about this Post is the fairness and accountability it depicts. Your readiness to be open and share the financial status so far is quite encouraging.

In the world of new technological innovation advances is a well come idea. Since my joining Steemit I have been seeing how new ideas are been challenged by great Steemiat here. Of course the world today even Steemit needs technological innovations. Nice one at chimera looking forward to seeing your new inventions when it’s finally launched

wow.. this is awesome..

Glad you think so

I read it all... That was nice! But you know what, if earning Steem while playing this will be easier to spread to all. It's like getting something special PERKS inside the game and once you have that you can exchange to STEEM POWER or SBD after they gather all but I think it will be hard to a developer?

In Steem Monster, other people expecting the same what I had said other than selling cards or trade cards after you reach the right amount that you need. At that point that I am saying, a lot of people will enjoy while playing and I am sure they will do their best to spread this game! Imagine, while you are playing you earn and a real RPG game inside of the blockchain! Wow! Is it amazing...


Hey there,
We were discussing options to have players earn steem directly through playing, but in the end, we discovered that is pretty much impossible in a real-time game as the blockchain (and not only the Steem blockchain but all blockchains) are just too slow for real-time games where a 100 ms lag can cause you to lose.

So the blockchain connection will be used for sure in the auction house, where a bit of lag will not really be a problem. We are looking into a few other avenues to use it as well, but we don't want to promise anything there, because we first have to see whether they will be viable.

ohhh... I knew it... But let see another way to enter to blockchain... We can get some idea at steem monster. Looking forward to your works! (^_^)

Yes thats cool

Nice to see this funding.

i learned something. thanks for this mate.

Your game is really coming forward. I wish you a lot of success. Keep up the good work! It is probably not easy to survive in a time with a lot of online games poppin up all the time, but dont give up :)

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i'm helping with my upvotes :)

congratulations, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you

@chibera you are doing a great work.. And I wish you gat more supports... I also am a gamer and I play various pc and mobile games.. But I sadly i only find a handful of posts related to game reviews, gameplays, rips and tricks and new launch updates. While other crypto and non crypto pltforms like twitch, youtube etc are earning both revenue and popularity. I think games should be popular topic in steemit and I believe it has a booming future !
Sadly as a newbie I am not able to help you financially. But, What I can do is giving an upvote and a resteem to help you and I wish you get huge success in near future!

keep it going! I am with you!

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