The Elder Races Of Chibera

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Hello fellow Chiberians. Today we embark on a journey to get to know some of the races that you will be able to meet and play as in the mystical land of Chibera. These races are those who have been there for eons, the elder race.


The Humans

First of the elder races in the land. Their ancestors were the only humans whose only alteration were glowing eyes from the mana explosion that changed the majority of the world. Legends say that it was the Mine that protected them. The remaining humans are few in numbers but slowly rebuilding their populations. This travesty never broke their spirit. As the only living humans beings who weren't severely altered by mana some of them despise all the altered races. But most managed to transcend their prejudice and can now peacefully cooperate with the rest of the beings.


Lacking the natural affinity for magic that the other races have because of their changes caused mana humans tend to view the world in a more materialistic way. Often using mana as an energy source for their technology. But those who give into mana and embrace its gift can reach levels of power rarely seen in other races. The majority of humans still live near the Mine and while they would never admit it they almost worship it as their deity.


Their society is widely meritocratic and they are ruled by The President that is elected every year. During that time every human who wishes to partake in the election travels to the mountain where the election is held. Every year many humans want to become The President but only the ones that are most worthy can ever become one. Yet there are many paths to claim the title, privileges, and responsibilities of being The President. Being a great warrior, a wise mage or even buying the votes from the people. None of these paths are frowned upon.

The Elves

The second elder race is the Elves. Proud and long-lived they're one of the two races that have living members that still remember the world before the devastation. Even before the explosion took place elves were considered the protectors of nature and felt for every single living being that dies. Thus when the disaster took place it was the elves who have been impacted the most.


The disaster that changed the face of the land forever not only disrupted elvish society for generations but made them even more protective of life itself. Some elves have since though have decided to abandon their role as protectors of life as they have lost all hope for nature and joined the factions that harvest the power of nature instead. And there is nobody who can harness more out of nature than an elf who has strayed away from protecting it.


Elvish society is highly disorganized. Most elves like to live in seclusion or in small groups. But when the need arises they can form deadly commandos of a few elves to defend their homeland. Many elves often embark on long adventures and do not fear anything but a lack of mana as they cannot be naturally killed. Every single elf dreams of owning their own mana crystal as the power it provides and gives them the chance to either protect the nature from nearly anyone or to get its spoils in even larger numbers.

The Dark Elves

There are very few sapiens who've met a Dark Elf. These beings who are distant brothers of Elves and there was a time when the two races were one but then something changed. The darkness was discovered and some Elves were so enthralled by its beauty. Because the darkness may seem scary to some but it can also be full of wonder.


Darkness is at the very core of every single dark elf and they always crave more. Darkness gives them purpose. A purpose that only few that aren’t dark elves can even pretend to understand. And because all dark elves know their purpose they are terrifying foes that never stop until you or they are defeated. But if you befriend a dark elf you might learn knowledge about the world you never even dreamt of.


No person knows whether the dark elves organize their social hierarchy. Sometimes it appears that even they themselves don’t know. But whenever two or more dark elves meet a clear hierarchy is immediately apparent. Some speculate that their hierarchy is all about the elves age and others say it depends on how close the dark elf is to the darkness.

The Dwarves

Nobody exactly knows where Dwarves come from. Some say they are also descendants of humans while some say that they were created from Rock itself. Strong, durable and very much proud is the dwarfish race. Well know for their affinity for anything that can be made from metal and gems – as they consider them sacred - dwarves are the most skilled of artisans of the land.


Dwarves are the strongest race living in the land and many of them put their strength to good use either as proud warriors or skilled artisans. But the wisest of dwarves have found that their strength can also give them the chance to use magic to protect their friends. And lucky you are if you get a dwarf as a friend as they are fiercely loyal but befriending them is not an easy task.


Dwarf society can be summed up in two words. Religious and feudal. At the top of dwarfish society sits the Grand Artisan who decides on all the material concerns of dwarfish society. He as advised by the Council of Artisans that is made of the 8 Guild Artisans. The second leader of dwarfish society is the Low Dwarf. This position is always held by a female dwarf and she rules over all the religious matter of dwarfish society and is the only one whose voice can be heard before the Grand Artisans.

All lore is subject to change on games launch.

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I do like all these races and the stories behind them. Looking forward to meeting them and playing them. Very excited.

Human, elf and dwarf, plus the mysterious dark elves!

What is 'the darkness'? Instinctive social hierarchies! This sounds like a very exciting bonus race :0

Generally I enjoy playing walking staff wizards or priests, sounds like elf or dark elf are going to be my go-to races for that!

But I also love the tech-augmented human!

And, by the way, the art is fantastic throughout this post! Resteemed!


Hey hey... Agreed on all points ;)

Also wanted to thank you for inviting me to the Discord - It was because of that, I believe, that I finally got myself together to write my character story.

A warm home for all Steemians. Join us =) We have apples and cookies!


Always a pleasure! I am here for the pure enjoyment of imagination and possibilities, its great to find like minded people - great story, hope to see you in some of the future writing contests!


Do you know who did the art for this post?

this is terrific.... I'll make sure my man-servant Jeeves is repped on here
this is something to look forward to for sure


A freshly ground coffee each day, will keep you alive till the morrow!

I love how what has been written here about the humans fits very well with what I wrote in my writing entry to the contest. My character is a young human living on an island whose inhabitants were part of the very few peoples unaffected by the explosion. Off to bed now otherwise would have written more but very much excited for more Chibera!


I like your character story. Very cool!


Thank you very much =) ... I thoroughly enjoyed writing that.

I upvoted your post.

Best regards,

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I really want to pumping skills like in RF online and online Albion, for example, when you shoot with a bow, the skill of the bow is pumped, you beat the topoprom, the skill of the ax, and so on. Sorry for mistakes translated by an interpreter

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The character in this story is very cool.
I like it so much

Hello! @ chibera community this classification that make the game characters helps users to configure the characters better. In addition, this makes an idea of future stories and subclassifications of the races of the characters.

It is very rewarding to participate in a universe that is in the middle of the creative process.

It would be very illustrative to make a post about the topography, a map can be made describing the toponymy of each region inhabited by the characters of the game.

Thats really cool. I like the races


This is only a few we plan to have lots