So many moves to choose from; I was still torn as my wife started filming.

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The total haul to date is $139.84, which is fantastic.
That's more than $50 worth of steem going to the black champion if black wins.

Our current black champion is blocktrades, but that board is getting tight.

After yesterday's tie breaker, armen's move just edged out brendio's, 5 upvotes to 4.
Armen asked me to pick a favourite each day, and I'd have to go with brendio's this time.
His knight would have been one move from putting me in check, and taking my rook.

I've seen some new names commenting recently, which is great, so let's revisit the rules:

Set up a chessboard
Post a photo of your preferred black countermove.
The black move with the most upvotes this time tomorrow will become black's official move.
I'll make a new post; using your photo, and a photo of my next move, within an hour of 12:00 midday my time.
(17:30 Pacific, 01:30 GMT)
We'll continue until we have a winner. (If we stale mate, I'll consider black the winner.)
When I win, I'll power up all the steem from all of my posts.
In the unlikely event black wins, I'll send all of the steem from every post, as a lump-sum, to the contributor who's moves received the most total upvotes over the course of the match.
(Total number, not total $ amount)
I'll tag all of my posts #chessmatch, but if you'd like to step up as a player, or as an upvoter or both, its probably best to follow me to keep up with the match each day.
If you really like a move you've posted or seen, feel free to link back or resteem to garner more upvotes.

Whatever the outcome, I just want to say I'm having a great time, and want to thank you all for getting involved.


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So many choices. I've submitted two options now to the crowd but will think about which I prefer before voting.

Posting multiple moves might complicate things from an upvote/leaderboard perspective. Leave them both up, but upvote only one, and that's the one which will count toward your total on the leaderboard.
If somebody else wants to post your runner up move, they're free to do so and I'll consider it their move.

No worries. Not trying to complicate things, just couldn't decide yet and was only going to upvote one. I was going by your comment here in thinking this was okay, but happy with counting just one:

There's no limit to the number of unique comments/moves you guys can make, so don't be shy

Sorry, you're absolutely right, I clean forgot I put that in there. I retract my previous comment and will accept any and all upvotes as yours.
Thanks for clarifying (I'm glad one of us knows what's going on)

...and I just noticed my King has hopped sideways, to the right, one square.
Please consider him in his starting position.

Preemptively avoiding check?

He's a clever one. No, just some little fingers adding a touch of chaos to the match.
I double checked the positions before I posted, but I've been thinking offensively, didn't actually notice my king might be relevant any time soon.

Queen showdown!