@steemaid needs your skills!

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Firstly, thanks for the support.

It was encouraging to see the support that came out of the introduction post for @steemaid. The next few posts should lead us up to the first project announcement and open of applications for future funding.

Thus far, the solid stuff about @steemaid is the ethos. Past this I have left it open for change and new ideas. I wanted to get people thinking about how this could work on the platform first, and to see how it was heard.

Where this goes next and how much it can scale is down to how successful this can become on Steemit, not only in terms of value given and an engaged following, but also in the skills that are brought onboard. The skills bit could actually become the integral part.

@steemaid is looking for all types of skills.

Every skill can open a new door and offer a new angle. For instance, a product engineer or designer might help to create a bespoke product that could be sent out to locations in need. With a few ideas on what could be useful and someone who knows how to make stuff, perhaps a product could be born. The possibilities are endless when you consider what people with the right skills and approach can achieve. @steemaid could become not only a funding platform but also a hub of talent that can output tangible, useful items or equipment, through funding with Steem. These things don’t need to be mad inventions, these can be common sense, small items that benefit either the person in need or the organisations providing the aid…or they can be mad inventions of course.

And all funded by Steem.

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So, please get in touch with me if you’d like to help, even more so I you have the below skills.

Tech people - I’d like to have an API, or similar, to track different project pots from the wallet. That's just to start with, there are more ideas!

Product engineers

Clothes designer

Film makers and photographers

Builder/DIY people - if you’d be willing to travel.

Ideas people - I’m all ears, love to hear from people with ideas. I’ve always got loads bouncing around my head and it’s good to let them out into the wild, even if they’re really ambitious!

Fundraisers - people who would be interested in helping out with raising funds, in the future.

Get in touch in the comments or via steemit chat. You can also email.

Ps. I will transfer the liquid SBD from this post to the @steemaid account.

Thanks for reading.Check out the @steemaid introduction post for more info on the initiative.



I am a painter and decorator iwith substantial technical knowledge. I am also an artist, and interior designer I love painting, silver jewellery, & photography and anything in timber. I’m extremely creative and enjoy new trying new medium. I also have extensive friends with wide ranging skills.

Promising project, I hope you can grow it. Good luck.
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I simply like your post @sammarkjames , great content and presentation.
Thanks for sharing this post.

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Hey Sam
This is absolutely brilliant. It needs to be be seen by more people so I am resteeming and urge others to please do the same. Resteeming is the first tiny contribution we can ALL make.
I am a photographer and I have made a few short films just for fun. I will happily help in anyway useful.
Good luck Sam and thanks for getting this off the ground.
Donating and resteeming now.

I hope to continue enjoying your publications greetings. I am new to invite me to see my presentation @hectorzs

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