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@steemaid is a non-profit powered by the cryptocurrency, STEEM with the aim of democratising and scaling grassroots philanthropy. Our focus is on humanitarian crises and social impact causes - this could be anything from funding local projects to projects in countries hit by natural disasters to putting feet on the ground in small teams to support.

Who are we?

Right now the ‘we’ is just me, but that will change with time. I'm @sammarkjames.

I have spent time volunteering in Nepal following the Earthquakes, then over a year full time volunteering in various locations across Europe with refugees. My mother founded a charity some 12 years ago called Bridge2, it’s where my experiences have come from, I’ve learnt a lot from working with her and she is part of the inspiration for this - I intend to do my bit for others.

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Food distribution in Greece

How it works

To start with we will identify a few causes that we feel need support and begin the fundraising. In future we'd like the mechanics of this to switch to you, the supporters, to propose projects to @steemaid which will be shortlisted and voted upon.
There will be a couple of posts following this to outline and explain other parts like how donations will be used and how the money works generally.


How you can help

You can send STEEM or SBD directly to @steemaid either to a specific project or for the POOL.

The easiest way to donate - by upvoting our posts.
Add us to your auto voter to make an ongoing contribution.

We want to hear from you, tell us what you can do and how you can help.
In future there will be a website for signing up, for now please email.

People who to help with fundraising and come up with fresh new ideas.

Always open to ways in which @steemaid can progress and improve.


All the best with this very noble venture. This is the kind of initiative that we should strive for on Steemit as it grows and expands.

Unlike the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) charades, which are usually nothing more than a pretty mask hiding the ugly reality of corporate profiteering, we can use this platform to have a direct impact on those in need, and actually do some good in those places that need it.

I'll follow and support. Full Steem Ahead.

Great to see such an effort!

it's a fucking good idea my friend! XD
I share, upvote and resteem obviously !!!

Cool! What a good cause!

love the idea. time to start scaling up! :) resteemed

Thanks @teamhumble that's great! Hoping to put a project together for Christmas time.
Don't forget to follow us to keep up to date too :P

followed! :) all the best with it. the more information behind the scenes the better. let me know if you need any video editing or whatever and i'll try and do it in some spare time if you need that. i make graphics and little animations, stings, intros etc so glad to help where i can. i really like your logo too! :)

Thanks, that's really kind of you! I probably should have asked for some tips when I mashed together the Nepal footage I had but I was a bit keen to just get it out in the wild, regardless of the finesse...

rough and ready still works especially with the work you are doing being more important than any video footage quality!

[email protected]
You are doing a very Noble Cause.
Not everyone can do this.
Best of luck for your future.
God bless you.

I love every word you said. Following, upvoted and resteemed.

Keep up the good work ! You guys are the best

Hey, @sammarkjames this is a really exciting project and I see so much potential and have so much faith in this project.. I see that the project hopes to bring financial steem aid to communities and people and also projects who need such aid. I personally have a project I have always wanted to work on related to eduation in the west african society where early childhood education has been treated with so much disdain by the gvernment (I have personal experience on dealing with the government to that regard) and nothing seems to get better about it. I hope we can build something like this together. look forward to my mail on this matter. thumbs up to this wonderful creation of @steemmaid once again mr @sammarkjames


Maybe you can make a upvote bots like treeplanters does?

That's a cool idea, I don't have a clue how to do that though unfortunately! :P

work with treeplanter or ask the community for help to develop it

Here another idea be specific in your posts on what the money will go this week.

Thanks I'll give it a go.

Here's a post on the money - so non project specific post payouts go into the Pool, which is then split across the initiative in 3 parts - emergency fund, mobilisation fund and top up for project funding (if a project falls short of a funding target). Let me know if I can explain it further...

That's really rad! If this is legit it could be a great foreshadowing of another use for Steemit and STEEM in general

this is great! upvoted, resteemed, have your heard of @surfermarly, she is using steemit to do some charity work. i am sure you have many talking points!

I've reached out to her, would be great if we could collaborate. Thanks for your support really appreciate it!

I honestly hope this is for real because it's an awesome initiative! Best of luck!

It's 100% for real my friend :) Thanks for the support, let's just hope it gets some traction so we can do some good!

This looks like a cool idea. I wonder if you can register this project on utopian.io and then get people to work with you on this? Looking forward to more action from your side :)

Thats a great idea! It's a little early for my brain to start thinking in that direction as I'm focused on gaining some momentum...if anyone has a good suggestion I am all ears, especially @elear, as it's your platform I'd welcome your thoughts on how we could bring @steemaid and utopian.io together!

This is the start of something beautiful!

This is an immense idea @sammarkjames and I wish you all the best. I already wrote about it: am sure that the steemit community can do great things it we all are aware of the important social causes we can sustain (it's enough to think what we can do through the collective voting power). I saw you were in Greece, in what place? I would love to know a bit about it. I'll soon write an article about the potential of this community and will quote you for sure. Thumbs up, small tip sent. :-)

Thanks @f3nix! It's something I spotted soon after signing up but it took a little while to understand the capabilities of the platform. Now I do, Steemit is perfect for this. And in my experience I've seen small charities or organisations struggle with funding when they're doing something great. I'm not only offering funding, I will also offer any skills or experience that I can.

I've just finished writing about Nepal on my page. I'll be writing up Calais and then Greece so keep an eye out :) I was living in a small city near to Thessaloniki called Veria working on a camp but also some outreach. I worked in Thess too, Athens, Chios, Serbia...wherever I could help when I could help!

Let's hope @steemaid becomes a decent use case then :)

Well you can count on my support my friend.
I wish your initiative maybe in the future could tackle with the help of everyone not only emergencies but also inequality spreading worldwide..i'm thinking to associations like Oxfam for instance.
I still don't know if steemit is the platform that will emerge in the future as THE one, if this is the case I would love it to be different from this ugly society in which we live, forget its "financial" and speculative side and focus on making this world a more equal one through the power of good ideas. Finger crossed. I'm an Italian lawyer with some international experience, if I can help feel free to give me a buzz :-)

Much appreciated, the response so far is rather uplifting, look forward to putting something tangible forward in the coming days...

Helping people in crisis of any type is a noble endeavor. I'm all for your project and let me know if I can assist in any way. Cheers!

Hi @steemaid this is a great idea! I'd love the run by my @moonbot by you guys in quest to better people. This fits in our ethos. Give me a ping when you can!

Ping! Are you on steem chat or discord?

Either one. Send me one via steemit.chat @steemitqa . Thanks!

Amazing idea! :D

Good luck for your project on steemit.

Great Initiative! Wish you all the luck!

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Greetings! Charlee says hello!

i wish i could help brother . you are doing really good work hats of you .. love from pakistan and keep up good work

your post is very good.
you do not know me yet. I am a newcomer to steemit. but I know a lot about you.
you are a great person.
i need support from you. thank you

So nice to see young people do so much good. So, the planet does have a future

Welcome on board! Steemit is only a tool. Money talks ! However steemit is more; people like you give it a more human reality. By the way, nice accordance your tattoo and the pineaple.
Good luck with your project!

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This is a great initiative, follow: done, upvoted: done, and resteemed: done! :-)

Welcome to Steemit comunity. @flamingirl