An MSP/Steemit member needs our help! Join Yusaymon appreciation month to contribute!

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It has come to my attention that a dear friend and member of our pond is in need of some assistance. His name is @yusaymon and he is originally from Venezuela but he moved to the Dominican Republic in order to work and make money for his family. Unfortunately his visa has expired and he is getting fines that are more expensive than his pay each month leading to a vicious debt cycle.

Without knowing this another user @inquiringtimes started a contest called Yusaymon appreciation month because he feels he could use more recognition for his beautiful art on Steemit. The contest was to make a post about Yu (or inspired by his art) and donate some of the proceeds to

Original post here:Yusaymon Appreciation month

Yu's reacton when he saw the post:

I feel that I am going to cry .. never in my life I felt this mixture of emotions, I remember the time that my parents told me "Don´t go to school" "You don´t need to study"... if you are going to study find a Job... with 15 years old my life has become a fight in hell to get out of a cycle, when I remember where I came from and everything I fought for the situation that happens in Venezuela and everything that allowed Steemit in my life I feel great satisfaction in my chest everything I struggle in the Design Institute and the support that I have received from all of u guys I have no way of how to thank them all. I hope someday to be able to give them all their support and thanks for believe in this weird boy.

I am never going to give up and thanks to Steemit I learn every day more and more, I know that it has not been in vain the days that I work in the garbage truck or the times that I work agriculture to pay my school.
Not listening to criticism and continuing fighting for my dreams is becoming more tangible, I will die fighting adversities or achieve my dreams.
My head it´s a world and I will give you the best. sorry if I made mistakes and your expectations has been anulated.

I love you all

I think this is a beautiful initiative and I would like to use the reach of MSP/PAL to get the word out and see if we can help a little more. So far there have been four posts:

I (@juliakponsford) have done a portrait: post here

@vachemorte has done a trailer about him: post here

@sunravel me has done two posts! first post here

second post here

So what can you do to help?

  1. Join in on Yusaymon appreciation month, make a post of your own collaborating with Yu or making art inspired by him and donate the rewards.

  2. Upvote/resteem Yusaymon's own posts if you appreciate his art!

  3. Upvote this post and resteem to create awareness for the project. Also upvoting any of the posts above which will be giving back to him.

  4. If you are feeling extra generous you can send donations directly to his account.

The estimation is that with around 250-300$ he could clear all of the fines and be able to leave the country, and return to Venezuela. We are donating the liquid rewards from this post to him as a gift from the Minnowsupport family as well. We appreciate your support in helping our fellow members in need.

This post was written by @juliakponsford

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Well, I can certainly give an upvote or two... I know how far a little can go; we're in the middle of our own crisis these days, but always happy to help out!


Thank you very much from the heart, it doesn´t matter if at some point things get complicated, I'll keep fighting and I'll keep doing the art that makes me happy, everyone has their own problems and I understand that perfectly, Julia is an angel and all of you, too. I'll find the way I don´t mind stay locked I´ll Keep fighting until I disintegrate ;) Thank you, my friend, for your words


Please don't disintegrate Yusaymon!


Okay I'll try, but all disintegrates someday? <3


I guess if it's in 30 or 40 years it's okay but not sooner k? 😀


😀 you´re right dear!! :)

<3 Thank You @juliakponsford!!!!!! <3 and Thank You SO MUCH Minnow Support Project for helping @YUSAYMON <3 He is such a valuable member of this community, and so very deserving! <3


I think I have repeated it enough times but I would not tire of tripling it every millisecond to remind you how incredible you are, I was inundated with inauspicious presentiments when I spoke to you the first time, perhaps you created the uncertainty of who is on the other side of that hybrid screen, you are definitely a light, ur vocation to help and the words that you told me, constant ideas, sleepless nights, and emptying my experiences in your great mind everything accentuated what is already a fact. thank you @inquiringtimes and forgive me if I ever failed you.


yu da man!

Some people believe that the pictures are also created by her, but no.
"Only" the poetry belongs to her.
My favorite picture anyway is the yellow bird, which is created by John Shaw.
The poetry under that picture is also nice, but that is posted 6 days ago, so it's too late for upvote.
But instead of that, I upvoted and resteemed this post.
The picture under the first post is created by KlarEm.
I also upvoted and resteemed that post to support the author of the poem.
That post is posted 4 days ago, so it's not too late for upvote.


Yes thats right my friend the images are not my art are referential and I used them to write some poems giving credit to the author, I clarify that to @sunravelme Thanks!! <3 thanks for your time and how humanitarian you are @xplosive you don´t get a person like that around the corner you are unique. ^_^

yeah I love this guys art!!!! didnt know about this!!


Good to see you here @termitemusic thanks for your words mean to lot to me is always a pleasure slip me into diatribes to create music with you, despite the setbacks that one is presented is important what you love and who doesn´t love music? your music is amazing!! :)


Thankyou brother!!! We all move forward and we all build!!!

I will help!


:) Thanks dear @reddust

Great post for a wonderful and talented Steemian!


in Steemit you get people so talented that sometimes you can´t believe that you simply exchange words with the author of a masterpiece or with the one who independently produces his own creations and I always think in @isaria I see you so great!! sometimes I don´t want to write you for fear of interrupting your beautiful time and you will lose it with me. I admire you so much <3 dear


Aww thank you so much, I admire you too!!!
Feel free to write to me anytime!
You are immensely talented in so many ways!


<3 <3

Very nice painting and art

My girl @juliakponsford kicking it into next gear RRRRHHHAAARGGmazing !!!!! I know for a fact that you are the best!!

Great artist,,,


Have come to know you as one of the most supporting persons around here @juliakponsford, always ready to help! I too believe in helping those in need and the situation in Venezuela is terrible from what I hear... like in many other places of the world. Where do you begin? Of course, when you have a face, people are more willing to donate.

Thought, I'd transfer yusaymon 10 steem, as that would definitely be more than my posts make, but I realized his wallet is roughly the same as mine and I don't know enough about the crypto thingy, to see if he can even use it to pay his bills.

I just spent 4 weeks creating a painting for Art For a Little Brave Heart which too should get a little more exposure and I participate in two more charity projects already (one of them in planing), so for now I will only be able to support this with my (tiny) upvotes. Hope you understand.


Don´t worry my friend , :) ... it's excellent everything that you do I'll search more your blog!! thanks for ur time!!


Thank you, good luck to you!!

Beautiful creative paintings ,
I like it .

good painting
good art
keep going on my friend
nice post
thank you for sharing
don't forget to up vote

great work and contribution to the community, help will always be the best way of life. I love these causes

Great post, again,! Thank you for what you're doing. Upvoted @ 100% my friend. Keep up the good work.go ahead.we are with you all of luck


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Chipping in my pennies for a fellow creative, hang in there @yusaymon <3


Thank you for your words !! you don´t have to do anything else with your comment is enough !! thanks for passing and also for my blog and see my crazy post!! <3 <3 <3

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Thanks for this info. Nice blog

I also created one final post inspired by @yusaymon

Some great creators working on these posts! Thank you to MSP and everyone involved- this is what makes steemit great!

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I up vote and resteem!

Wow, this is beautiful. We are, collectively, displaying the essence of Steemit right in front of our eyes: aligning value structures around positivity, sharing, help, and community. When we can provide real support + value to others in need with a "simple" upvote of SP, we are riding a revolutionary wave – it's right here. Chin up @yusaymon!

Shout outs of awesomeness to @minnowsupport @juliakponsford @sunravel @inquiringtimes @andrarchy @ned @dan


Thanks @sean33paul your words means a lot for me! :)

Congratulations @minnowsupport!
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Very Good initiative. I UpVote and resteemed.


Thanks !

I love his attitude, and the random act of kindness. The fact that it caught fire and even further spread by minnowsupport community. Absolutely awesome. :)


I am super grateful with your act of kindness friend, incredible and beautiful is to be surrounded by beings of light, thank you very much :)


@yusaymon have you seen my new contest post. it's the first I've done, lots of fun. Come by join the contest so you can promote your post and earn some SBDS :)


Thanks friend I will read ur contest :)

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Nice nice

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