15,000 sp delegation challenge awards!

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Original contest post here!

We heard from a lot of folks about their own relationships and dreams with Steemit.

Steemit definitely has that addictive reward-based pull for me, too. I am one of those artists you mention who loves doing so many things I never feel that my talents are fully utilized or my values are fully reflected in any job, nor are my interests the kinds of things that our world commercially rewards. So that pie in the sky dream of "maybe I could just post about all the things I am so actually passionate about and want to make a difference in and maybe make enough of a living to get by" appeals to me, too. Big time. It also scares me, that addictive pull. That excitement has kept me up nights, woken me up in the middle of sleep, distracted me from other things that really need attention, and at it's scariest, I worried that it could pull me away from the in-person world of direct experience and physically-co-created relationship that is what really nourishes and sustains me and the world.
- @jaredwood

When I share my opinions, my ideas, my plans, my dreams, my beliefs, the people around me do not understand or call me a utopian ... I always felt different ... And I calmly stopped sharing, because I was too sad and hurt not to be understood, not to be welcomed, to disturb when I was The real me ... The people around me seemed to appreciate the Louise "who cares" rather than Louise "who has ideas and dreams". Lately I had to go to the obvious: a burning fire burns in me and I need to share it, it is essential, it is urgent, my soul claims it! So I turned to the internet to reach people ready to listen and welcome all I have to share and offer. And one fine day, I discovered Steemit!!!! Wow!! A thunderbolt!! A treasure trove of people who share my ideas, who resemble me in their desire to share, help and make the world better!!!
- @nature.sauvage

How can Steemit and I have a balanced relationship, where I'm not thinking about her all the time...and instead, I don't even notice 'her', because I'm so in love with all of the ideas and thoughts, and games, and stories coming from her PEOPLE!!??!?!" We have to evolve social media here to actually CONTRIBUTE VALUE, and of course to REGENERATE OUR RELATIONSHIPS with all beings around us, in reality of here in the interweb reality. Steemit could be a platform for that awesome shit if we make it that. It could be a platform from which to fly, from which to fall, to win, to lose...basically to be on the journey that is but an extension of our lives here on this plane. How are we going to show up? With our FULL POTENTIAL and Promising Beyond Capacity so that we give ourselves the chance...nay, the opportunity! to RISE TO MEETING THIS ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE TO BE FORCES FOR REGENERATION WITH ALL OUR FUCKING FORCE! OUR FIERCE LOVE OF EACHOTHER & THIS PLANET WE CALL MOTHER!!!!!
- @ladylunasi

I feel like I've had a pretty unbalanced start as well. And holy fuck I do the same thing with post rewards EVEN AFTER I posted this article about how Steemit was about the content, NOT the payout. You even commented and we spoke about how we both struggle with this. Haha I'm like you in that I sort of dive all the way into something when I'm attracted to it and it's hard to separate yourself and remember that you have a life and there's awesome sunsets to see OUTSIDE. I'm working on that everyday.
- @chrissymchavez

I'm loving my time here so far, I was kind of getting bored with some of the stale perceptions that seem to pervade other areas of social media and so Steemit has been a breath of fresh air. It's given me hope of a potential future where a technologically savy populace wrestle financial control away from the banking institutions and create their own self-sustaining monetary system .. I can dream can't I? lol. I enjoy the exchange of ideas and concepts I've never thought about or considered, I'm also really grateful to have a platform to share my own thoughts and writing. Some of the derivative video shares and vacuous posts can be a little annoying, but I'm not here to judge so just move along quickly. The main struggle I'm having is finding a work, life, Steem writing, Steem community balance but it's all a learning curve so that's cool.
- @perceptualflaws

For sure, everything isn't perfect. Sometimes I am feeling a bit sad, especially when I compare my relationship and the one the others. Some people doesn't work as hard as me and their relationship seems to go smoothly, better than mine. Sometimes I am asking myself : " WHY, but WHY, this isn't working so well for me even if I am spending so much time on the article, even if I am writing good article (Hopefully, I believe in me and my capacitie-abilities. But sometimes, Steemit can make you lose your self-confidence very quickly). I am asking myself: WHY is it always harder for me ? " So yes, sometimes I am jealous. But I really want everything to work, so I just try... again.
- @roxane

I can say that I feel very honored to be connected with with so many brave, intelligent, caring, and crazy humans here. Wherever this Steem train is headed, I'm glad that I'm going there with you all.

For the winners of our SBD, the post reward was $60SBD. I'm actually going to upgrade that a bit and do 300 SBD instead of 200. The chosen and random winners of SBD are @nature.sauvage, @yaan, and @jaredwood.

thankyou each kindly for accepting this little token of support in your own endeavors

For the winners of our SP Delegations, totalling 10,000 sp for three weeks.

nominate ONE PERSON on Steemit who is focused on encouraging, uplifting, appreciating, and building up OTHERS over themselves.

We had a LOT of excellent nominations, and I enjoyed spending five hours going through them all to pick out a winner. In this, I've also decided on adding one additional winner in, for a total of three random and chosen. The winners are @photo-trail nominated by @chrissymchavez, and @tremendospercy nominated by @perceptualflaws!!!!
I have decided to delegate an additional 5k sp to @treeplanter bot run by @kedjom-keku. If you want to send people upvotes and plant trees at the same time, definitely check them out.

Alright everyone, thank you all for sharing your lovely thoughts here. I feel really grateful to be here with y'all right now. Here's to a beautiful future!!!

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Whoa!! I am truly honoured.
Thanks to everyone involved.
Special thanks to @itchykitten and @perceptualflaws
I will enjoy being able to pay it forward to those out there doing great work that adds to the platform as well as underappreciated Steemians struggling to get noticed.
Thanks again @tremendospercy

I love seeing this kind of positivity!!!


thanks love!!! me too =)



I'm so happy to have entered this competition on behalf of @tremendospercy I feel he personifies many of the best attributes of this site. Although I'm also sure he was up against some really worthy competitors, great people all of them.

I'm really sorry to hear about El ChanChan, like yourself I have a kindred spirit with animals. As difficult as it is I've found the only thing that gives me strengh at times like these is the fact you gave El ChanChan an amazing life and he would known how loved he was. The tree was a beautiful gesture, over the years it will grow and produce the fruit of life and each year that it does you'll remember your beautiful cat with love in your heart and a smile on your face. Love never dies my friend.


over the years it will grow and produce the fruit of life and each year that it does you'll remember your beautiful cat with love in your heart and a smile on your face. Love never dies my friend.

that's a beautiful image.

gave El ChanChan an amazing life and he would known how loved he was

He was born in Pucallpa, Peru, almost 3 years to the date. Most people in Pucallpa are quite poor, it's a very rough zone that's been through intense ecological destruction at the hands of extractive industries, oil, timer, fishing...in a way that's difficult to imagine for myself having come from the US.

People there don't tend to take very good care of their 'pets', they're usually having a hard enough time of it themselves to worry much over the animals. ChanChan was probably the luckiest kitten in Pucallpa. He traveled the western hemisphere and visited lands far and wide!! And he got to play outside every night, whether we were camping by the side of the road, or sleeping at home. Little bandit probably ate better then most people :P He would come on walks with us in the woods, like it was no big deal. Just whats happening...

One night in winter we got a terrible storm, the wind just lashing things around...and our house didn't have a roof yet, so we had covered it with tarp...and this big 30ft x 40ft tarp was just getting ripped around making horrid cracking noises, and we thought the whole thing was about to take off...Sydney and I lept out of bed at 3am to run downstairs from my father's house, to try and pull the tarp back down and batten it down again...and it's sleeting all over the place, huge cracks of thunder and lightning and the tarp splitting the air...we rush outside half naked and El ChanChan is right there beside us!! He lept right out of bed to come help =) Best wingkitten ever.

Thanks for the wonderful images perceptual! I appreciate it.


That's no problem my friend, I appreciate your reply as I know it must be difficult for you at the moment, I'm really glad you were able to take something from the image. He sounds like an amazing cat and what a life you gave him, he lived the life of ten cats and if his time was to be short you certainly made sure it was as full as possible.

It's a great feeling to suddenly win a contest lol.
Thank you so much, Jared!)
Any news about El ChanChan?


Thank you Yaan =)

Unfortunately yes. We finally found him, he got hit by a car, and had drug himself into some lilacs right near our house. He must have died not long after. Sydney and I both have felt pretty shooken up. We buried him this morning and planted an apple seedling there.

He loved sitting on that fence in the evenings watching everything. It's funny yaan, I haven't been around a lot of death or loss in my life. I've lost cats, and dogs before...and both of my grandmothers passed away a few years ago, and I loved them both very much, but somehow it didn't seem like they really left. I don't know what else to say. This was very different. It makes me feel for people who have lost loved ones...


I feel you, I've lost loved ones. Five years or so have already passed since... but this shitty feeling often suddenly wakes up and starts scratching from the inside.

Rest in peace El ChanChan, you've been a great cat.
Let the beautiful tree grow, only leaving good memories about you.




also, I'm sorry Yaan =(


Sorry to hear that. I had been wondering if you had got him back.

Wow I have never seen this profile nor heard of this contest. Very valuable rewards/prizes. I am impressed and grateful you are contributing to the community so generously!
I will be following you now.

I have just returned from a wonderful weenkend of family camping with my lover's grandparents. They organized a great party so that all their great grandchildren meet and have fun and they also took the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of my little Mia who will be 3 years old in a few days. So I just learned that I had the chance to win !!! What a wonderful surprise !!!! I am honored with this gift !! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you @fun-along-theway for encouraging me to participate! Thanks also to all the participants, I greatly appreciated to read your stories, your successes and your challenges! Thanks especially @itchykitten for organizing everything and for your generosity! I would like to offer you my condolences for the loss of your cat, it is always difficult to lose the beings that are dear to us ... <3

Congratulation to all !
Special thanks @itchykitten to set up this contest !
And this special gif for my friend @nature.sauvage :-D :


I really appreciated your thoughts on the whole Steemit thing roxane =) It was fun reading your story. I'm following you now, but I notice that maybe you have two accounts? @roxane and @malik.roxane? Which one should I be watching?


Hello !
The @roxane is only in FRENCH with all my videos and tutorials for the french newcomers... SOo I don't think it will be very interresting or useful for you :-D
In the @malik.roxane I will start (this week) writing more in english (but also in french) about me, myself & I (+ a lot of subjects not linked directly to Steemit) :-D and this can be interresting (yes, I have a really interresting life :-D ).
Have a nice day


ahhhhH! that makes sense then :P Thanks !


So many beautiful people with such a wonderful hearts. I am taking this on my wall. Excellent idea you had. Bravo and Happy Birthday my friend ;))) I am so glad that you spent the time with you family and excellent girlfriend but remember we miss you here ;))))) good you back.


thanks Margaret =) my...what big feet it has!!!!!

congrats @yaan!!

Great contest, and some amazing heartfelt intelligent responses generated! Thanks to everyone who shared, really. It's great to hear about your relationships with this kooky thang called Steemit. Wow, I was really not expecting to be amongst the winners. 'Tis an honor and a privilege, thank you!

Like I said in your OP, I have endless appreciation for your radical generosity, how you live your values, and how this post is all at once an instance of what you want Steemit to be, an action for making that happen, and a rallying cry. May it inspire others to act in kind.

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Oh, wow. Wish I would have seen this contest previously, haha. Very generous and kind of you to do all of this, man! Congratulations to all the winners!

Amazing contest my good man! Joined to late but thanks for the Delegation earlier today! many thanks. @bellyrub loves you


np zeartul! appreciate it =)

I hope one day I win too here something .

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Thanks a lot @itchykitten. @treeplanter is really improving. If I count it in total, she (the bot) will help us to plant 200 trees until now. It is just great. I am sure she will need soon more SP to satisfied all other tree planters. Wish you nice day.

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Always fun to read your posts, good contest!

ow nice, contests! I wanna participate!


congrats and goodluck

Yay!!! Thanks for doing that itchy!! You da best dude.

Congratulations to the winners!

You miss me... :,(


yeah, I loved your video the other day...all the reversing =) it was really fun to watch, put me in a good mood. I sent it to my little brother


I just saw your comment on it! I really glad you're finally back on Steemit! We need your love around here. :D Oh your words makes me so glad, happy, just a good feeling. :) Thank you my dear Kitten!