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Hello everyone, today I wrote a post for the challenge of @anomadsoul "get to know me". As I understood, this contest was launched so that in some countries, the steemit after hardwork has not yet started, people had classes. So the chip consists in the fact that everyone has shared his biography and has inserted in his post some posts that reflect his life and some interesting things that distinguish his blog from other blogs) So I will not write very long descriptions of each of these posts, but I wrote one sentence for everyone. So if you are curious to go and read, I'm sure you'll like it) I do not know if I did not violate the rules but I put 11 posts, I could not be less)  

Sometimes I come up with legends,


 I like to do unpredictable photo sessions,


I have a dreammmmmmmmmmmmm:


I was in Uzhgorod on Meet - up, 


I take off the vlogs, so far there are from Egypt and the Carpathians;



I wrote a 4 part novel about cats: 

I love to write pretty scandalous and direct articles, and still wild:


 By the way, I pass this challenge @slowwalker, @joythewanderer and @olga.maslievich my mom) 

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Hiii... Bugavi

Great Post.
My 100 % upvote for this post.

Дякую, моя дорога донечка.



Thanks for nominating me, see you at Steemfest.