Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point 2018, 1 of ?

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SteVeg 100 words or less.jpg

Steel Vengeance, the RMC rebirth of Mean Streak. This is a 1/40th scale, hand-built and 3D printed model that is in Cedar Points Frontier Town Museum, this is a video of it from the builders Instagram hopefully I can see it run this summer.
(Stats here: MS -> SV ->

I was challenged by @dreemsteeem to do a 100-word post, due to the background information my count starts at the next paragraph. This will likely turn into a series of posts.

I'm a roller coaster junkie, to the point that I'm a Platinum Season Pass-holder and I've planned 4 trips to Cedar Point (my favorite park) this year already. I've been following the Mean Streak to Steel Vengeance conversion for as long as the rumors existed. When I got off the first time, I had a new #1 coaster on my list. Mean streak had been a fun ride, it had a great layout. RMC took that layout and pumped it full of coaster steroids. A butter smooth ride and flipping around inside the superstructure, it's action packed till the end.

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Wow, that is one very cool coaster, and an amazing model of it as well!

Thanks, @dreemsteem, for pointing this out.

Nice to "meet" you here, @prlndra... I look forward to your rider reports... Please drop me a note here when you write one up!




Not necessarily a rider report, but I think you might find it interesting? Let me know!


Nice photo, thanks.


Definitely will... Its been an interesting weekend so I have to make my self check steemit today. Gotta love those days...


hehehe it was an interesting one for us too! and today has been a LOT of catchup on steemit ;)


No katchup in my MREs I got though. They are an interesting meal. If you haven't seen one before you should see my post I just wrote about them XD


I thought you would love this! :)

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lovely!!!! @creatr you MUST come look at this!!! As someone who prints 3D AND loves rollercoasters -this post will be right up your alley!

I can't believe someone built this!!!! its FABULOUS!!!! wow - so it works and everything???