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It's a hard decision, but at this point I feel it's the right one to make. As I alluded to in my potential witness roadmap, I'm currently focusing on other needed aspects of the ecosystem and haven't given proper attention to or it's users. This has been a constant source of stress for me, as morally I feel that I can't just ignore problems when they arise with the site.

Today, after running into issues with chainbb's servers and the steemd node powering it, I decided to shut down the site and refund anyone who's actually sent any funds to create/fund a forum.

If you're one of the chainbb users who has created a forum, you'll find a refund transfer for each transfer you made to the @chainbb account with a memo explaining what it was a refund for. These refunds were sent back to the account sent the transfer, or in the case that it was sent from an exchange, sent to the owner of the forum.

All pages on now display a message about the site shutting down, and I'll very likely shut down the servers in the near future (before the next billing cycle).

The code for it's backend is open source as well as the frontend interface. I'd welcome anyone to use it to learn from or build something with it!

To date it's still my favorite way to interact with the Steem blockchain and while I'm sad to see it shut down, this will give me breathing room to move onto other priorities while not feeling a sense of neglect towards a platform that I feel I should be maintaining better. I still believe the chainBB model is a solid concept and may revisit it as some point, but I make no promises. If and when it is revisited, I imagine the next version of it will end up using the tools that I am creating today, which will allow it to do all the things that I wish it could do today.


@jesta you are the man. @chainbb was brilliant and helped me grow drastically in the time I used it. It was much easier to search for specific content than other gateways. Call me a greedy capitalist but I will forever cherish those days when you were auto-upvoting every comment made through chainbb. It motivated me to reach out and comment on other peoples work and it was a big factor in my account growth. I look forward to seeing what else you have in store! Thanks for the refund on the forum category and thank you for providing us with ChainBB (and the source!)

You're very welcome and thanks for the kind words!


Too bad, but I know you have many useful projects to support the steem blockchain.

I have not fork chainbb, I will try to play around and maybe I can continue the service.
What do you recommend for a server specs to run Chainbb?

i would like to bring you witness to my w/(h) ea L/L (t/h) D

Ah, bummers. I know this was your baby, and you put so much into it. It's certainly sad to see it go, but you do have to set and maintain priorities in order to stay as effective as you have been. You are a productive machine!

I hope someone else sees the value in this technology and takes it upon themselves to run with it. I wasn't personally a big fan of the forum style comment threading (too many lost days in bitcointalk, I guess), but I loved supporting and promoting ChainBB because I believed in the work you were doing and thought it was an excellent example of what's possible with the STEEM blockchain beyond just Steemit.

I'm sad to see it go, but proud of you for making a tough decision.

Yeah, I poured a lot of time and effort last year into it and had some high hopes.

The learning experience alone was worth it in the end, giving this entire situation a net positive from my point of view. Actually building a social interface for Steem has really helped me evaluate what I believe a platform like Steem needs to succeed.

It's indeed a tough decision to make, but I'm pretty sure it was the right one.

I really liked for how it was showing vote history on each post with all the details. I will miss it.
Good luck with work on further projects!

I'll try to adapt that same UI to the next version of steemdb, I really liked it as well.

I was wondering what happened! I got refunded. Thanks for all your hard work on this :(
If anyone wants to take it over let me know as I own and can set it up there.

I have a team ready to pick up chainBB and I hope all existing sponsors will please contact me on or telegram or wire.
I have chatted up jesta but did not hear back yet so far.
I would love to speak with anyone interested in working on it or sponsoring it, or working on new features design, UX, etc.
I can set up QA, tech support and do it right, but i'd like all the input that exists today to start it.
we have it running in docker, but need a lot of hosting consulting, and current user issues priorities list, known problems, etc.

Hi, @surfyogi great to hear actually. Hopefully, we can get some peeps together and make it happen. I haven't heard back from @chhantyal on anything yet. I'll let you know!

Hi, @steemitqa how can I contact you? I sent you message on Discord, I am chhantyal#1365 there.

Yes, just let me know! thx.

Sorry to see it go down @jesta. It was a very nice project, we at zappl can't wait to see what else you have planned.

Good job with it, an awesome front end. Making these decisions is never easy but I always respect people who do it up front. Kept it up 🚀

Damn, it was the best interface to steem for me... I understand your reasons though, and I really appreciate your being so clean and honest: people refunded, project open sourced, you are walking out of it as a sir, hands down.

All the best with your path!

Sorry to see it go. I talked to you about skinning it but then xmas and steemcleaners happened and I never got a chance to sit down and work on that. Chainbb is one of the best frontends the blockchain had, far better than everything came after it.

Sorry to hear this. The forum style seemed rather retro, but you were ahead of Steemit with the potential to onboard communities and share revenue with them. I hope someone with business acumen considers this because it really could be expanded, though I know you are busy with a lot of projects.

Sometimes you gotta hang a hat up to put on a cooler hat. Ya did well!

I think you and the other witnesses should lower the payout threshold to 1 cent from 2 cents. It's frustrating that 1,000+ of my upvotes were worthless. :(

It's sad hearing this but i believe it's for the best.. And i look forward to see any other project you will bring to the community.

Shame. Apart from the forum structure, had some very useful info on voting and the vote button. Nowhere else has that level of breakdown in a useful format.

In another comment, you said you may add those features to steemdb :-)

Best of luck with the current projects.

Well, at least is still running - I use it every day. Thanks for dealing with refunds appropriately.

Im sorry you had to put the project down, seem like it was going to be really good

Thank you for your efforts!

You did a great job with ChainBB while you could @jesta, I was impressed with your leadership. It might have been a little ahead of its time. Good luck with the next one.

Is there already any plugin or solution for other normal forums to use the Steem blockchain for rewards of its users ?
I need a solution that I can rrun on my own domain.
What about the SMT tokens ? any solution now already to put them into a forum like ot SMF or simular Forums ?
Is anybody offering already a solution for this ?
where can stay informed about this, as I need to restart my forums now and would like to integrate Steem into them.
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

No, there's no plugin you can just add to an existing forum to use the Steem blockchain currently. It'd be a complicated integration, which is why chainBB was it's own forum software and not a plugin for something existing.

Many thanks for the info @jesta

Do you know someone or is here someone reading who could port the new Smart Media Tokens
to the
forum software ?
This I will now going to use, as it is a very nice and better version than simplemachines forum software
that I used before and also has good mobile phone support...
But I really would like to have also an option to upvote postings inside the forum via the steemit blockchain, so my members could be rewarded for their postings...
I am also willing to finance such a plugin... Maybe it would be easier to do the synchronisation only once
per day with the blockchain via a cronjob that collects the internal Elkarte Like button statuses once every day and puts it onto the blockchain...??
Please contact me, if someone is willing to put work into this.
Many thanks in advance.
Regards, Stefan.

Dear @Jesta, I'm sorry you had to make this difficult decision but I honor and respect you for doing what you feel is right. I also am thankful for the refund for and the other forums I had started for our small but growing community @myhuntingfishing. I am sure your work will continue to benefit us all as you re-prioritize. Thanks for being a class act.

I picked up courage to move on in steemit through chainbb. It is so sad to log in now to do my post and read this. Thanks for the time anyway. All the best in your next endeavor.

To bad, @jesta! I have a pretty good idea about how much you put into making it sing. I really hope you don't give up on steemdb which is the only explorer I can interact with without being alienated.

The plan currently is to replace steemdb with a better version of itself :)

I've been working on ways to more efficiently process blockchain data for the last couple weeks. I've hit a few bumps in the road with it, but am talking with the Steemit devs on ways to fix those issues.

It's understandable. You have done a whole lot for the platform and if you need the breathing room, take it.

I'm sure we'll see someone take over and keep chainbb alive.

I didnt use chainbb but i just visited the site and was awsome @jesta i am feeling sad for the reason it has been shutdown. I hope you will reipen in future bcz great things are always take more care and energy to handle.

I also do not use ChainBB, but the technology behind it is amazing. Always amaze how fast that flash is compared to anything related to Steem or most sites on the Internet.

It's sad to kill a project that you put your heart and soul into it.

I just logged on to chainbb to do my replies as it's the best platform for me to follow up comments and replies in steemit but I was shocked to find this post. Reading through your reasons makes me understand the immense pressure you on currently on many other projects. I must thank you for using chainbb to touch many lives in steemit through several upvotes of which I and many folks I know benefited. You always my top witness and now in near future you come back strong with chainbb concept or handover to someone you trust.
In anycase, withing you more success

Sometimes making hard decisions is the best thing to do

Thank you for sharing! Links to your post and info about the service going offline were included in the wiki pages ChainBB, Steem Ecosystem and Steem Ecosystem: A - L. Thanks and good luck in your new projects again!

Targets are changing over time. I totally understand this. Good that you draw a line and made it public.
All the best for the next project(s).

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It was an interesting project, but I'm kind of glad you have decided to focus your time elsewhere because I look forward to checking out your future projects.

And here I was waiting for an "April fools!" message at the end.

your service was great please do not stop it

Very interesting @ jesta.friend

thanks for your honesty and the refund
this was a really cool project and I had hoped it would take off but it sadly did not. Thanks for your effort and hopefully we will see projects of yours pop up somewhere else

Sad to see this go, man. I often used it to browse for older blog posts. It was blazing fast and doesn't go further than 9 months ago for me. (post limit?) Nice of you to send the forum investments back.

I understand your feelings as a programmer. Goodluck with your next apps. Thanks for your services like steemdb.

Hey @jesta ... I was surprised to suddenly see a refund and came about this announcement. Chainbb is a very unique platform and thanks for sharing it on GitHub . Looking forward to seeing your upcoming projects as I'm sure it would be a great one ! Cheers

thx for putting in the time & effort. the way i c it, u did ur part to better steem. now u can use the experience for something even better!

I know how hard a dicision it would have been for you at this point. Am happy am getting more interested in seeing the amazing things you have for every one in your priorities. Am also happy at you achievements but am sorry that you feel sad about chainBB.

I must say am very proud of you and the mindset you put to your work. I encourage you and say all the best as your create and set up more priorities straight.

Steady your posts, knowledgeable, innovative and I like, thank you for sharing

Sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do...
Thanks for all you are doing.
Will be watching to see if you decide to do chainbb again.
It's a great idea!

  • Have the refunds already been distributed?
    • I don't see anything in my wallet yet...
      I just started a forum last week.

The refunds have finished distribution - you may have looked at the script was still processing :)

Yes, it's there now. Thanks!

The really difficult decision that happens in the Forum Xi strange

Damn. Going to miss it. Thanks for all that you've done, jesta. I'll keep an eye out for whatever is next on your horizon.

We will really miss you, but is for good

what? why? I just paid for a bb for my group...

How sad. But i can understand all the stress with this digital slavery. Nice, that you put the code public! Would be cool if it's not down, because the great idea behind. Thank you for your work on this project!

Stay steemed!

It's sad to hear this, but I hope to see your new project on steemit soon. Thank you.

Steem is a very distinct blockchain where there are posts and votes. There is value therefore in providing a way to work with these kinds of transactions as you did with chainbb.

On the other hand, a crypto-currency must have some local way to send funds and use the owner and active keys. The idea of putting private keys into a website like we do makes my stomach turn. That is why Vessel is an important project. Of course being a witness should be your core concern. Are you going to keep maintaining Vessel?

I'm planning on releasing a new wallet to replace Vessel with. In the short term, yeah I'll make sure Vessel is still working, but long term it'll eventually it'll be discontinued too.

One of the things I'd like to do is make an easy export from Vessel and into this new wallet process. Try to make the upgrade easy.

Why not join forces with me and make a gui front end for steemboat. I will put it up on github. It uses python so it runs on 32 or 64 bit. It should work on Windows too!

sister please share my post. i see many sisters that vote i want to be like brother

what does this message mean?

@jesta, I am interested in ChainBB and also in other Steem.IT services/products like chainbb and I would like to get instagram lookalike on windows as well and like facebook or twitter and linkedin (biz purpose) as well I would like give some advises if steemit owner is looking for it !!

Hi @jesta

I understand your reasoning. Sad to see it go offline, I really like forums on top of steem. I checked chainbb codebase and suggested some improvements on Github.

I would be more than happy to take over maintenance and keep it online. Let me know if you are interested in it. My email nkchhantyal [at] gmail


Thank you for the refund and wish you all the best in your next endeavors.

Will we see ChainBB on Hive?

I'm sad to see it go offline! I used it a lot for a while when I first came across it, but I kind of lost interest after all the changes to the community-driven boards that made it difficult to find good content there. But I hope that someone picks up the code in the future and builds upon it, because a Steem forum has a lot of potential!

I'm so sorry ChainBB will shut down... I need to meditate and calm my mind. ;)
Post resteemed

Thank you very much for all your efforts, @jesta!

i upvote you for Witness, what is reciprocal to me?

I never got around to using ChainBB, though I've heard a lot of good things about it, and it looks like you have plenty of good comments about it here.

Still, I know how it feels to be stretched in different directions to the point where you're not able to give proper attention to everything being done. So, I hope you take comfort in that you did what you could with the time that you had and that you've made the right decision. It sounds like you do.

Being able to use what you develop today to create new projects and then circle back to improve ChainBB will definitely be cool.

I wish you good luck going forward.

Mantap dan bagus sekali post kamu ya saya sangat suka sekali...
Saya adalah @badriadi83 silahkan lihat post saya dan jika kamu berkenan berikan suara anda untuk saya, terimakasih....

So sad to hear! I wish you the best of luck with the other projects you are doing. And thank you for the refund. That's what honest people do.

I hope someone will create something like chainbb, I was using forums a lot and I liked chainbb because when you write something on a post it goes up and it was really helping people, and active posts can be rewarded there because they are visible always, not like in steemit, just upvoting bots win, bots making bots what ever your post is active or not. Very sad.

I did not have the chance to check out but looking at the was clearly a valuable resource! Even's always good to step away from projects that no longer motivate you in the same way and re-prioritize once in awhile to determine the best use of time and energy!

We know that he will come with good ideas, when opening the doors to things, because the door opens to the forms and strategies, greetings and you are telling us

Sad to hear this @jesta! Hope one day you will lead a team of folks so you can do everything that interests you!

Thanks for being such a useful witness, I've included you in this post and I hope that you will do much more for steemit. ☺

Sorry I'm late to the party. Is anything stopping me from taking over running chainbb and perhaps taking over the domain? I'd love to chat to you on discord. You can add me: netscape101#5832

i would like to bring you witness to my w/(h) ea L/L (t/h) D

chainBB was somewhat awesome. I didn't get to use it for too long though but the little time i spent on it was worthwhile. I hope something like that could be recreated in the near future.

very nice blog infarct i love your blog

awesome blog gift steemit persons

Thank you for it ...

You do what you gotta do. Thank you for building it, though. It was great to use.

Hello I would like your support with an initiative that we have been doing for a long time, with an educational program called Recapacicla, from which I will upload material of all the work we have done, I have realized that we could help each other to help in poor neighborhoods of different places we have at the international level, we would be very grateful for your contribution as a witness and experienced in this platform, hoping you benefit our work in the short and long term .... it is necessary to devote due attention to the planet where we all live without returning anything in return greetings this is my presentation and waiting for your support @jesta

Ah I remember using chain B.B. I haven’t in a While as been so focused on things outside steem but hope your new projects bring you much happiness :)


People said the food is delicious but I wasn't privileged to taste it. Looking forward to see if I will taste another delicious food cooked by @jesta as steemit grows.

Aw, I'm sorry to hear this, @jesta. I've been away for a few months and came back and noticed the refund (thanks for that, by the way). I really like the chainbb model and got a lot out of using. Hopefully we can see it return one day bigger and better! But first and foremost is looking after yourself and putting your energies to what you feel is most valuable. Good luck in your future dev work, jesta. Cheers mate.

The feature of chainbb which I like most is that users can read an author's posts from the very beginning. This feature is nowhere else available. Chainbb is a great job. Thank you very much for your effort!

I really liked for how it was showing vote history on each post with all the details. I will miss it.
Good luck with work on further projects!!@jemisteem

Touch decision. But hey we will get Communities in HF20 soon. Very similar functionality.

post yang bagus, saya melihat kamu mempunyai banyak skil ataupun ide yang keren.
good luck friend

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This still has massive potential @jesta. I don't blame you for wrapping this up for now. You have done some amazing things for this eco system. Hopefully someone picks up on this project in the near future! This would be a great place for people from the site to start using if they wanted to participate in the Steem blockchain.

I completely agree, I just think it was a bit too early for it's time!

Recently I got suggestion to start using chainbb
Well, I'm glad I read this before even trying to see what it is :-)

did someone took upon himself to continue this project yet?
this is such a great idea with so much potential, I hate to see it die like this...

Hi @jesta. My message is offtopic. I hope it will not cause anger you.Please see my introduced post about whaling in the world. Thank you for any feedback. GoodLuck your withness and thank for it!

Thanks for keeping it real and refunding me. I think the concept is cool and will check out the open-source. @ADSactly is a community of open source developers who take on projects like this, maybe we can it run it by some of the members and keep it moving :)

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