DTube | Alt-Media Censorship - InfoWars, Richie Allen, Jordan Sather, Ron Johnson, David Seaman...

in censorship •  last year

In this episode, I cover the latest from the ongoing purge of YouTube and social media accounts of alt-media personalities big and small.

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Brother just found your youtube channel, and support you entirely
I would love to connect with you...
have a look at my content you will understand why ;)
Keep on spreading the truth out there my friend!

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I will just add that Youtube doesn't have a monopoly on free speech - they are just one of many video sharing and social sites.

As soon as YouTube starts banning videos because of GOVERNMENT pressure it becomes censorship.


Google is practically an extension of the government after the Obama admin. How can they claim they aren't violating the First Amendment by blatant censorship when Google visited the Obama White House AT LEAST 427 times officially and there was a revolving employment door between Google and obama.gov? When Google and the government become virtually the same entity, they can't claim the right to censor those they deem to be dissidents.

This purge is ridiculous, and illegal. The same people who have been hell bent on forcing their view points and way of life on others are so intolerant of logical questions and debate. But we know it goes much deeper than that.

The upside is that their masks are coming off for the world to see.





Ha.. yep this is want I meant. This IS censorship because Google IS responding to pressure from the Government and when that happens the "Google is a private corp and can do what they want" argument goes out the window.


I saw on a forum earlier today where Google (and Bing) are censoring out firearms related results from the Shopping/Shop tabs on their search. I did some quick searches and posted the results here:


I wonder just how far they plan on going? I couldn't think of anything else to search for that would fall under shopping that they might censor but all of the focus seems to be on guns right now. But with elections coming up this year, it's probably safe to bet their results will be skewed for those in the general search (not that they aren't already).

infowars and david seaman will never be banned from youtube... i know david got blocked for two weeks, but he will be back. watch...

Love the cat.