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To say that @kalemandra's Daily ColorChallenge has been Steemit's biggest and longest lasting challenge thread would be truly an understatement.

Few veteran Steemians would have passed up an opportunity to post a picture of a purple flower, a skyblue lagoon or orange sunset for a bit of extra Steem.

What @kalemandra has gifted to us was the ultimate fallback. The challenge provided a means for Steemian's with Writer's Block to not miss a daily post - by providing purpose, respectability and a sizeable paycheck for participants.

To date over $140,000 SBD have been paid out to ColorChallenge participants - a truly staggering amount. This Knight wonders whether 6 months ago @kalemandra would have dreamed her challenge would be this popular and successful.

So a great big THANK YOU to @kalemandra.

However, let us be honest...

This challenge is now getting old!

Seriously, how many more pictures of voilets can we all look at on a Sunday? Or even worse - red cars on a Monday??

So the time has come to set a new daily challenge - open to all!

This will be SirKnight's...

Daily Celestial Challenge!


We have 7 days each named after various celestial bodies, derived from various Greek and Roman Gods.

Sunday (Sun)

Latin - dies solis "day of the sun"

To celebrate our life creating 'Sun,' on Sunday's we should celebrate our very own star and the light and the energy it provides.

Monday (Moon)

Latin dies lunae "day of the moon"

On this day we should celebrate the Moon, the night and the tides.

Tuesday (Mars)

Latin dies Martis "day of Mars"

The Red Planet, named after Ares the God of War. On this day we examine Mars and it's symbolism for the rivalry in nature and life - survival of the fittest!

Wednesday (Mercury)

Latin dies Mercurii "day of Mercury"

Mercury is the Roman god of commerce, travel, thievery, eloquence and science. He is the messenger of the other gods.

On this day we celebrate the great achievements of man, including buildings, engineering, transportation and architecture.

Thursday (Jupiter)

Jupiter (Jove) is the supreme Roman god and patron of the Roman state. He is noted for creating the thunder and the lightning - and he wasn't afraid to use it.

Every Thursday we should pay tribute to the forces of nature!

Friday (Venus)

Ancient Greek hemera Aphrodites "day of Aphrodite"; and,

Freo is identical with freo, meaning free. It is from the Germanic frijaz meaning "beloved, belonging to the loved ones, not in bondage, free".

Each Friday we reward ourselves by embracing 'love, beauty and freedom!'

Saturday (Saturn)

Latin dies Saturni "day of Saturn"

Just as Saturn was the Roman god of agriculture, we should use our Saturday's for not just tending to our crops and gardens but posting about them too. Each Saturday we examine foods, farming, fishing, self-sustainable living and all things similar.









What next?

  1. Resteem this post and get the word out.
  2. Start posting to #celestialchallenge with regard to the daily celestial body and/or the subject matter it was said by the ancients to represent.
  3. Title your post DailyCelestialChallenge followed by the short title: ie 'Sunday-Light'
  4. Feel free to enter once a day - every day.

Today is 'Tuesday-AnimalKingdom'. LET'S SEE WHAT YOU'VE GOT!

I am most certainly...



Thanks @ryivhnn for footer!



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Interesting challenge buddy.
I look forward to seeing what people post.
Nice one SK. 😉

Thank you TP - perhaps you will grace us with a Tremendospercy CelestialChallenge masterpiece some time soon. SirKnight.

Good idea mate. I never really understood why the color challenge was so big, but I guess I never understood it's history.

Work love to see a creative challenge that keeps things fresh and is a bit more of a challenge ;)

Hi B - thanks for dropping in mate. You have been quiet of late. Still partying after a massive Melbourne Cup win I hope.

You just never know when it comes to challenges - who would have thought that a simple colour challenge would be such a big hit. But definitely time to freshen it up.


No parties here mate. Just other ventures and family drawing my attention away.

Your post is very good. Tuesday is the best day. This is God's day. The most important for us is. Well all days are good. Saturday's day works to make our lives grow. We are nothing but sun god. He gives us light.

Hi A, thanks for popping by mate. SK.

Wowuu! My knight in shining armor @sirknight I gladly bend a keen and accept the challenge.

Excellent Fona - looking forward to your challenge posts mate.

Great idea @sirknight I love it.

Thank you MoM. I noticed your challenge post earlier but will give it a good read later. Thanks for taking up the Daily Celestial Challenge. SirKnight!

Cool idea man! I'm so over the colour challenge too, this would be a nice fresh take, here's hoping it catches on.

Thanks PM - I thought others might share my sentiment on the ColorChallenge. Hope to see you at the CelestialChallenge some time - don't forget mate. Gold comes from the stars - I am sure you can work with this. ; ) SK.

It's still Monday here, but yes Tuesday in your part of world 😁

Awesome new 'gathering' idea!

Thanks TKF - hope to see a challenge entry from you soon. SirKnight.

What a great idea @sirnight I will be working on this I really appreciate the idea as I get the old writers block a lot lol Tuesday here so Mars it is :) . here is my first entry mate :) have a look if you want I am not spaming your post just wanted to show you helped cheers.

Thanks User****83. I did see your Mars post but have not yet had a chance to reply. Will get there soon mate, but thank you so much for taking up the challenge. SirKnight.

Amazing in all way

Thank you ak4!

Thanks... I m here to help

I never thought the colorchallenge would grow so powerful. I've just begin this, in the beginning it was small, with 8-10 entries that I could handle, and could upvote each posts. Then it has grown exponentially, and I could only see a fraction of these colorchallenge images. Now I think it helps a lot for those people who has no theme for the day. This challenge gives a bit more inspiration. This was the goal :)
Your new Celestial challenge is great! Not as simple as colorchallenge, we need more thinking and contemplation. I will definitely be involved. Thanks so much, and have a blissful day!

Hi :)
This is a great and unique idea for a photo challenge! I will definitely join this challenge sometime this week.
Upvoted and Resteemed

Thanks for popping in EK and thanks for the U and R. Looking forward to your entry and more travel bogs. SK.

you always have great content

Here's mine.
Love Beauty & Freedom demystified

Thanks for this golden opportunity to air my view
I'll do well to actively participate in daily celestial challenge.

I like the idea, glad I stopped by your page in a timely manner to see this. Usually I miss everything! 😆

I know beforehand this probably isn't going to be a popular comment, given the nature of your profile and the steemchurch I hope its sincerity is received. What you're promoting above has multiple references to pagan Gods from Greek and Roman antiquity - the very people the apostle Paul risked his life to go a proclaim the good news of Christ to. I'm assuming you're Christian based on the general message of Steemchuch, this post and the contest in the most objective of terms is old-fashioned idolatry. I know the intentions of making it would have been good however the Holy Spirit within me couldn't read this and not say anything. I'm not your judge and don't claim to be, I can only think of what Paul said with regard to Christ in 1 Tim 6:16 'who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see. To Him be honor and eternal dominion! Amen.'

I just felt like this contest is absent of any mention to him.

God bless.

I've just found this challenge. Now is friday. Is it too late to start participate ?

Great stuff and if you are not allergic to South Africans, I think that I might give this a whirl! Pleased to meet you and upvoted! Blessings! Stephen

Ooh, I like this challenge. A lot of opportunity to be creative!

Nice try fred - but 'no', doesn't count sorry. SirKnight.

I didn't plan on entering, I just looked at that post just before yours!
Enjoy the pic, so cool IMHO!

But great pic comp idea, are NASA ones allowed in comp or just DIY ones?

Great challenge , we all should participate in the contest.

I have been participating in these contests. I wanted to ask a quick question. Can I make more than 1 posts daily in celestial challenge @sirknight ?????

I joined a few months ago but just started really making posts. This seems like a really fun daily challenge :)

Sorry, no whales this time :-) although I was already one of them too.

Great. This is long overdue. Thanks.

@sirknight together with my wishes for a merry second Christmas day to you and all your loved ones, I send you my powerbird .. Hope you like it.

Thanks for giving me a platform and the opportunity to participate in this chalange i humbly i accept the challenge here is my entry post

Its amazing thing for new steemians as i am posting in this challenge from last month regularly and earned great here!
Love from @shahidshah to legend @Sirknight

Great Post!!
May the Mars day be with you!

Thanks Miguel - hope to see your CelestialChallenge entry some time soon. SirKnight.

Nice post you got there....I'm looking forward to seeing more of your post...

Is there a more recent post for this challenge or is this it?

This is it digitalsecurity.

You doing a great job keep the Good work going @sirknight

Keep up the good work @sirknight,Gotham is saved by your work. :p

I'm new to steemit -kinda, but I just stumbled upon this on a friend 's post... I like things of this nature -no pun intended, so I'm thinking I might as well jump in, it's Monday still, so I'll hold up till tomorrow and see how it goes... Hope you have a great run with this... Stay frosty.

  • xretroville

I'm interesting to participate :).

Hi @sirknight, thanks for the opportunity. This is my post to participate in today's contest. Have a nice day.

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