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I think this is a great opportunity to formally introduce myself now that I have a real proper image which was designed by @edxserverus and voted on by the community. My name is currently being voted on as well but so far looks like I’ll be known as STAX.

This is a great name since I represent and support the #steemsilvergold community here on steemit. I was brought to life by @phelimint after the community expressed an interest in having our very own follow/voting bot. The community has been super supportive in contributing to my growth by voting my daily posts and updates. We also have some members delegating their own SP and others donating STEEM to a monthly lease. So this gal really packs a punch with her votes.

The thought behind this is that having this autovote it will help motivate members to contribute valuable content to the community since their posts will be rewarded. It is also strongly encouraged to support each other within the community with your votes and comments, since STAX can’t do it alone. We have really been successful here and have a great supportive community for silver stacker, collects and precious metal investors and enthusiast.

Stax the @Silvergoldbotty currently follows all members of the #steemsilvergold community and holds the up to date member list, if anyone wants to go ahead and follow each other it’s very fast by checking out her list.


We don’t have any strict membership criteria and we love helping new members to learn and find their interest in precious metals. Just comment on any of STAX’s posts and you will be considered for membership. You’re pretty much in if you’re not some spammer. Many of us are passionate about educating everyone regarding the importance of holding at least a little bit if physical silver/gold just in case. We do hope that you choose to be active within the community and supporting each other as you will be supported in return with a vote from STAX @silvergoldbotty.


I want to let everyone know how the votes are calculated as currently they are weighted to help give back to my supporters. These are recalculated at the end of every month when the lease comes due, and votes are compiled. Otherwise bonuses for delegations are added when received. We currently have a minimum monthly lease of 10 000SP at a rate of 200STEEM/month. If we want to increase that it can also be considered.

For every 1STEEM that is donated toward the lease STAX gives you a 2% vote.

For every 100SP you delegate STAX gives you a 10% vote.

If you upvote STAX’s daily posts greater than 80% of the time, you get a 20% vote.

If you upvote STAX’s daily posts greater than 50% of the time, you get a 10% vote.

If you upvote STAX’s daily posts greater than 10% of the time, you get a 5% vote.

(Voting weights towards @silvergoldbotty are not mandated but please use your judgement)

All other members currently receive a 1% vote.

Shortly you should start seeing comments posted by STAX with your votes, and a link to this post.

The current voting weights can be found HERE

Voting power is monitored closely and these are all subject to change as required. When available STAX will also cast manual votes to support members running contest and give-aways within the community or otherwise found to be supporting each other.

Please monitor your votes and if you detect and errors feel free to reach out the @phelimint on discord or comment here. Also be away that STAX is programmed to only cast votes on “quality” posts that meet a certain word count or word to video/photo/link ratio.

STAX has a Trail

There is also a trail set up on streemian HERE although I’m not sure if it’s currently working properly and streemian is notoriously problematic, but if you so choose please consider following it to further support all members within the community. STAX usually casts around 30 votes per day so please set your trail follow accordingly.

Daily Posts/Second Chance Post

STAX manually posts every day, although they are times when it is missed, the post may occur at irregular times, so you may find it easier to cast an automated vote with steemvoter.

These posts usually contain an update about voting and changes with STAX, please feel free to leave any feedback at any time and I am always open to suggestions on how people want to see the bot used.

I’ll try to give updates about contests running within the community so if you running something please go ahead and drop a link in any of my posts.

I also scour our tag #steemsilvergold and try to resteem and shout out at least 1 post of 2-5days old that is a quality post but doesn’t seem to be getting lots of support.

Anyways there’s my formal introduction, hopefully I didn’t miss anything and please continue to support each other and STAX and we will all grow together


I love you Stax! Please come and visit me soon :)

Love you too dude! Thx for all the support.

Ok, I'm a day late. I'm really liking the new Botty. Excellent work to all!

@silvergoldbotty I will be posting a Poured Gold Bar tonight as part of another day in the life of Stokjockey in the Bunker.................

Awesome man, keep up with the great content! That's on big chunk of gold!

Very interesting idea and subject (bullion/metals). Definitely following...

Great idea... I'm following you now...looking forward to some good stacking tips.

Awesome design and feel like she is going to be right at home in our little community! The name is fantastic as well!! Thanks for sharing and it is awesome that we have our own bot!!

Yeah it's super cool for sure, it's so great to have that little boost and one day it's gonna be a big boost!

Thank you very much for an excellent post @silvergoldbotty
Congratulations on your new face :)
I'm new here - good luck to everyone

Great name. I love it

Lots of great ideas and creativity here in the community.

I really think the name suits!👍

Yeah it was my fav!

WELCOME. Hope to see more of you soon. You will have awesome times here.

Great outcome across the board! Love the logo - love the name.
Well done to all involved!

I better do a post, I've been a bit quiet here lately.

Your a super active commenter, that's even more important!

Nice to formally meet you Stax. The longest post you've made by far?

Yeah a little bit eh? I'm gonna link it in the comment she starts making so kinda wanted to give the full rundown and overview.

Bandit likes what he see's! Very well done, congratulations!

Thx man, it's really coming together!

ineed yor visit an the @phelimint in my coment in the contest of @o07, i want win that beautiful coin XD

Aww, Stax! You're getting all grown up!!


That bot is stacked, and that's a fact. Ain't holdin nothing back.

I voted for STAX and I am glad the name was selected. I think this is all coming together very well. Thanks to all involved.

This is really cool how this came together! Thank you to all involved! Go #steemsilvergold

Yeah we're really all pulling together it's so great.

You have received an upvote from STAX. Thanks for being a member of the #steemsilvergold community and opting in (if you wish to be removed please follow the link). Please continue to support each other in this great community. To learn more about the #steemsilvergold community and STAX, check this out.

Welcome to the jungle

Hi Stax! this is great! Good luck!

I'd love to be part of this...

Hello ! Good project !
so i'm a member now because i commennt ?

Aye, yea Storm Crow is always lookin fer good crew seekin Silvery adventure with thee Bloody Raven. Meanwhile we're refitting and getting accustomed to new seas we'd be sailin. A good wind, fair weather, and the natives friendly. So need resortin to sword, flintlock, and cannon. Looks promising on this voyage. Arrrh!

This is pretty cool. A lot to learn around here for me

Saved, I will curate your posts.

Hey , how are you ?
welcome to steemit @silvergoldbotty
following you now. :D
follow me back pls.

WHAT a beautiful logo. Sexy too! 😍
I love you’re mission and I’m In total support. 🤘🏽

love you Stax! Please come and visit me soon @marathaking

Hey Stax! I wanna join the community... all my friends are there and I'm feeling left out :p


Oh yeah! We'll keep rocking for sure, thx.

I loved your concept, Thanks!

What you're doing is great and it's nice seeing that it's taking off. I know you've helped a lot of newer members.

Thanks Stax. I want to be your friend..

Interesting post. I will be blessed, if you give membership to me.
Thanks in advance.

Oh @silvergoldbotty! I'm glad that i found you! You have my attention now and are in my focus now! I look forware to interact with you and the community!

Let's Rock 'n Roll!

This looks li,e it took a lot of work and is amazing, great job to everyone who helped. I look forward to doing my part and help #steemsilvergold grow in the future.

Thank you STAX! I welcome all the support I can get :)

@silvergoldbotty, loving that there is a gold and silver community on Steemit.

I have invested in silver bullion (poor man's gold). I haven't stacked in a while, but this post is making me want to start up again.

Hey Stax, is this post still active? Please consider me for membership. 🌞

Visit me. Visit me! <3

Thanks for the upvote sister!

lovely community will all due respect i will love to be a member. How can i be consider for membership?

I would love to be considered. I post daily in #steemsilvergold community. Thanks for your consideration.

I would like to be part of this community. I live in Canada and I am a silver stacker.

Hey man, sorry this link should be changed in the comments. Things a bit different these days, you need to me nomited and @silverstackeruk, hosts the list and does intakes every week. It's easier to get nominated once people start seeing your around here for a bit first.

Hi #silvergoldbotty ! How to become a member ? thanks

Hello Stax i will like to be a member. God bless you.

This is beautiful I must confess

Looks like that post is old. But I think I am still not too late. So Please, Consider me for membership.

Hi Silver Gold Botty,

I would like to be a member.

Also, you might be interested in this contest and raffle where you can win a silver piece:

Hi, I will like to be part of your member

Keep up the good work @silvergoldbotty.

I'm going to opt out for a few months. Have some new business to attend to and something's got to give so it looks like that will be my time on Steemit. I've tried to find the opt out link from you comments on my post but I may be missing it somehow. Take care

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