Sugbo Weekly - Your Weekly Cebu Newsletter (1st Edition)

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Last week, we formally introduced Sugbo Weekly, the weekly newsletter for the Cebu hub of Steemit Family PH. Our aim for this newsletter is to promote Cebu, the island, the people , anything about Cebu.

Sugbo Weekly is also our way of highlighting best and finest Cebuano content creators who are paving their way to Steemit glory.


This section will feature 3 Cebuano content creators who are constantly providing quality content in the platform. Featured authors will promoted/resteemed in our main group Steemit Family PH and to the rest of the community.

To kick off this week, here are 4 Cebuano content creators and their recent creation that are worth checking.


Recent Post: Cityscape


Recent Post: Siomai


Cebu is island more than the usual and people who are visiting the island always has the best experience. We can't thank enough those who shared their experiences in our dear island. This is our simple way of saying thank you for telling the world about Cebu.



We have launched our first writing contest, What It Means To Be A Woman and the response was truly amazing. We couldn't thank enough everyone for participating. To @trucklife-family, @ecoTrain, @limabeing, @maverickinvictus and @eco-alex, thank you so much for the undying support.

Here are the winners of our first ever writing contest


The main reason why SFP-Cebu was materialized is to give back to the community. One of the main goal of Steemit Family PH is community-based projects and the materialization of SFP-Cebu will open new opportunities to give back to the Cebuano communities.

The Lugaw Project is the first community that SFP-Cebu is looking to extend support. If you wish to offer support or pledge donation, please feel free to comment your intentions or simply send donations to our account @sfp-cebu.

Here's what The Lugaw Project is all about.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for the next edition of Sugbo Weekly.


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I love the weekly update. It is great to see great content makers from Cebu.

Hooray! Love love cebu ! Mabuhay!!

Congratulations team cebu! Really great newsletter here! Mabuhay!

@sfp-cebu thank you so much for choosing my post! I loved being a part of your amazing Strong Women writing challenge :-D I knew right away The Lugaw Project was a something my grandmother would have supported so I thought it was fitting to honor her by writing about her for such a generous project! You rock! Keep Steemin' !!

Just chiming in my support. More power to you guys, especially to the core sfp-cebu founding team.

Thanks, @sfp-cebu for featuring my pic :)

Congratulations. .its really amazing

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