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Hello my Steemians family?


Yesterday and the other days past, we had a very strong sandstorm attacked. It is usually happening every season like this but yesterday was not normal.
But after the sand that stormed us came a very heavy strong rain vanishing all the dust away.

Today is a day that made me glad and happy to go on living my way. The sun shine like a challenge once again. It gives a go signal to fight on whatever it takes. The courage to go on as some people are now going and feeling so desperate but for me.these is no reason to feel like that.
The sunlight is peeping in our window. It tells me that, there is no sandstorm coming today.

Thank you Lord! It is not a big issue for me having a daily sandstorm but when we talk about the storm that tested my life, it has a great impact to me. I strongly believed, there is a sunshine after the storm and rain a blessings to all of us.
The reflection of the sunlight gives me strength.

The rain last night gave me a good sign cleansing all my soul and body to start for a new day. I wish a good tidying to all of us. As I heard the roaring thunder shakes my blood and veins, keeping up positively.

My friend call me this morning, telling me she is sick. She feels so happy talking with me. Thank you Lord for I have a word of wisdom that make her happy upon our conversation.
I hope God will heal her pain.

This time I am so busy starting my job. So blessed as everything is alright. God will make a way seems when there is no way.

This is what today means do me.

Thank you @freedomshift.

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It's me,
Nanay Deevi.

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aba, pomoporma po tayo nay ah, haha

well indeed it's a good sign seeing the sun, shine the world

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Oo dong Para naay I post wahahaha Paula

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wala may tulip lge?haha

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Ambot nang tulip oi unsaon na

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Neozag sab unsaon tong delegation asaَ Asa man to Ibutang ug Asa kuhaon.

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naa to sa neoxian nay, naa nkay account sa neoxian?

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Oo, unsaon naku pjamit

doon mo tingnan nay, meron sakin eh..adto sa ilang site

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Lovely photos and I'm glad the sun came s shining now! 🌞

Yes my dear @melinda010100
Storm may come in the darkness part of my life but the sunshine give a challenging light after all..
Have a nice day and thank you for dropping by, I have no office for the shadow hunting now jejejeje.

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Thanks for the token! 😘


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Thank you so much @esteemapp

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