Perfect Vision -20/20

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-No matter what you do, don't underrate yourself...


...Self-criticism, is a valuable tool for self improvement, but if untamed, it can stunt all positive growth and is the killer of untapped potential. Often, it is a fear of failure that stops us from making the leap to success. However, by jumping, we have cut the throat of failure. By jumping, we become something more, because our choice to fly, is the undoing of that fear. Now, even if we fall, we fell with courage and at the end of the day, I want to know, that I lived courageously....

The above, is part of a message that I sent to my nephew Gabriel. I am getting him on-board with STEEM, hopefully, soon. I told him that it was good and a lot of fun. He responded, by telling me that he might have a hard time, because of his 'verbal processing disorder.'

"It makes spelling and writing hard AF," he said, "plus, often my thoughts are too complex and out of order to be able to get it on paper."

"I think you do pretty well, just from seeing the way that you message here," I responded, "Don't let society's limiting terminology hold you down. Even if concise, object based writing is difficult for you, there are plenty of complex and abstract thinkers in the world that totally, get, that kind of thinking and appreciate it. I am probably one of them..."

My nephew's writing, is actually very good and he is embarking on a journey to develop a website for selling video gaming and 420 products. He just started a week ago, but what he showed me flows very nicely and he has a passion for the stuff.

My nephew's interaction with me today, is the reason for this post. His goals and aspirations, have reminded me of what I want to make this new year all about: Positive change. I want to strike down fear each day, over and over. I want to mar it's ugly head until I don't even recognize the bastard anymore.

I hope that you, the reader, and all the rest of the STEEM community, will join me in every battle against the fear of failure. With each triumph, we take more ground in the war we fight for success, within each of our live's, in our collective journey. Props to everyone who is powering-up this new year.

Let's make STEEM the best that it can be. By definition, the constant betterment of our community, is the most optimal state and that, is the state that we should strive to be in, at all times.

Happy New Year STEEM!!!

This is also an entry to CONTEST Looking back/Look forward 2.29

Article by Jonathan Caleb Williams @badseedalchemist.

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very interesting...

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My dad used to tell me that failure prepares us for success and I agree. They are travelling companions on the road of life. Overcoming the fear of failure is important as it holds us in place and keeps us with a set paradigm, a box. Not everyone can make it happen though. It takes a little support, which you are quite clearly providing.

Keep up the good work cobber.

Lol. Thank you, but, what is a cobber?

A mate, bro, chap, buddy, pal, friend, even a stranger sometimes. An Aussie generally, but can be used to refer to non-Aussies if they are legit dudes, as I have done with you...Cobbers are usually male, although not exclusively.

One might walk past a stranger and say, "g'day cobber." For instance. Or greet a friend with a jovial, "g'day cobber." It is often cut down to "cob," but that would be used between close mates or friends.

It's not widely used here these days however my mates-group use it a bit, and I use it with people I like here sometimes.

Probably all makes no fkn sense to you, but to Aussies, most anyway, it does.

LOL well then... I appreciate the endearment greatly! I like Aussies quite a bit, I think. For some reason, in the entire history of my internet interaction, I have been drawn to the elusive Aussie, and the, obscure Aussie creature, seems drawn to me as well. I even had two online Aussie girlfriends back in the day, when I was about 19 years old, one from New Zealand, too. 😜

Haha, well I'm not going to be your girlfriend, as handsome as you may be...Audie wouldn't let us...But...Nothing wrong with a good interwebs bromance right? 😂

One of the cool things here on steem is this back and forth banter, the casual and easygoing friendships that form. It's one of the main reasons I'm here. Like-minded people...Like-minded in that we want to engage, learn, grow and develop, plus have some fun...It's all good.

Besides, Aussies are fucking awesome! Everyone knows that. We are universally loved...Except by those who hate us...But they can fuck right off. 😏

Let the bromance ensue.

Thanks for you comment.


Note: Do you have any idea how someone would go about adding an emoticon to this platform? Something such as, an angry scientist, rubbing his palms together in anticipation and mad delight?

Walmart needs a few laughs...You probably brightened it up...Not that I've ever been in one...We don't have them here.

You mean an animated thing/emoticon?

It might be better if you asked @ryivhnn. (Another awesome Aussie)...Who may be better able to answer your question. I'm analogue AF! Lol.

lol okay cool beans. I will do that :)

Speak of the devil...



Whatever @galenkp said about me it probably isn't true ;D

Emoticon like those Bitmoji things or like the giphy things? If the former I assume you just make them however you make them (can't help as I only know what they are XD) and add them to your post like any other image. If the latter @contrabourdon made a bot.

Or draw what you want and keep them in a folder for when you need them :)

Or did you mean like the stickers/emoji you can get on Telegram/Discord etc? This one I have no idea about but there might be a bot for that somewhere :)

...was that any help at all? XD

Alright, I'm not so sure if this was helpful to me, but I do appreciate your input. lol. I just realized that they were emoticons that are used on esteem. So, I realize that I would more be trying to get an emoticon added to an app. This brought me to the realization that the app still has to run smoothly on the STEEM blockchain, so all of their emoticon art must be relative to some characters that appear to be the same thing (even without the special little picture they have added.) Hence it would do me no good unless I had come up with a set of characters that looked like the picture that would be represented on the app, otherwise, it would just look like bullshit to everyone who was not viewing the emoticon through that specific interface. LOL. Obviously, even the specific interface would be unwilling to add such a emoticon for availability if it didn't work seamlessly with the rest of STEEM. So, I guess you did help me to think through this. Thanks! Hahaha.. I didn't understand until I wrote this comment. LMAO. Thanks so much!

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Let me know when he joins up... he sounds like a rad guy PERFECT for the steemiverse!!!

Bienvenido a la comunidad #CCC. Y, que bueno que haya sido con este estimulante artículo, sobre superar las limitantes externas e internas. Feliz 2020 en curso.

Welcome to the #CCC community. And, how good it was with this stimulating article, about overcoming external and internal constraints. Happy 2020 in progress.

Muchas gracias a la comunidad de #CCC! Yo tengo feliz para que te gustas mi trabajo! Yo deseo ustedes va a continuar gustando las cosas que voy a escribir! Me gusto una ano de mejorando para tu comunidad, tambien, en 2020!

@badseedalchemist. Espero seguir leyendo tus publicaciones. Al publicar acá, ya eres miembro "CCC. Éxitos.

@badseedalchemist. I hope to continue reading your publications. By posting here, you are already a member "CCC. Successes.

There is a time for everything. Your nephew will find his way if the enthousiasm is there.
I wish you strength and luck with your goal.

Thanks for joining.
You have number 6.

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Thank you for the vote of encouragement. :) I hope that my nephew will join up on STEEM. There are so many like-minded positive thinkers here and I believe that the kind of encouragement and education that he would receive here on STEEM here would be highly benificial for him, just as it has been for me. Cheers to STEEM, and good job to @gertu! Congradulations!

@badseedalchemist If you are in the right circle this is a great place to be and it is easy to get addicted to it. Tag me if your nephew arrived. I hope you join the ccc-contests again. Happy day ❤️

Thank you! I will make sure to do that. I think he is taking a little break. but he may be working hard. I haven't heard from him in a couple days, but we'll see. ;)

@badseedalchemist A happy day to you and luck on Steem. 💕

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