CBD Seen As Miracle Drug For Many

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Despite many people who suffer with epilepsy and a myriad of other illnesses, claiming to have had personal success with taking CBD, authorities still direct a great deal of resources toward policing it. Over the years, there have been a growing number of people who have come to see CBD as a sort of miracle drug for the benefits that many families claim they have seen firsthand with their children, after opting to embrace the substance.

For many families and individuals, this substance has changed their life for the better and brought a peace to their life that they couldn't find anywhere else, having exhausted a variety of medical options that were available to them. For many families who have children suffering from epilepsy, they have tried everything that is available or recommended by their doctor, and still couldn't find something to help. That is until they turned to CBD, which has brought some of them a great deal of benefit.

And it isn't only children who are suffering from epilepsy who have been able to find remedy with CBD, there are a myriad of different circumstances where people have been able to improve their standard of living after finding CBD products. One woman from Wisconsin, Amber Mason, says that CBD oil helped her eventually stop taking all of the narcotics that were prescribed to her as a result of multiple surgeries. And under the threat that authorities might soon crackdown on the product in the region, Mason says that it's absolutely ridiculous, and she's right.

The DEA still regards CBD as a schedule 1 substance and it's rather astounding that they still want to side with the position that there isn't any medical benefit to be had when it comes to CBD.

Authorities are still active in issuing warnings that the possession and sale of CBD products is still illegal in a majority of circumstances.

Would authorities in Wisconsin rather see Mason and others turn to pharmaceutical medications which bring with them a host of different potential and negative side effects?

Though CBD oil doesn't come without concerns as well, because of the increasing popularity for CBD products there has been an issue with counterfeit products and some claim to have gotten sick after taking fake CBD oil. A variety of shops that sell the product have already been notified of the potential for counterfeit oils to reach their shelves and it would be within their best interest to make sure that it doesn't make it into the hands of their customers.

Wasted Potential....

Many farmers had plans to plant industrial hemp because they had thought it could be used to go toward producing CBD oil products, but with the recent crackdown from authorities they are left wondering what to do.

There is so much potential benefit that could come to people all over the country and the state is standing in the way of that by trying to make the decision for people about what they should put into their body, what they should grow, and what they should trade.

There are children who have been having dozens of seizures daily until they turned to CBD, which they say was able to truly make a difference. One 11-year old boy named Billy Caldwell, who had suffered up to 100 seizures in a single day at one point, was allegedly able to go over 300 days without suffering from any seizure thanks to his CBD use. For those who have seen the changes firsthand that CBD can bring, it's been nothing short of amazing; as they describe.

It's a tragedy for authorities in any region to punish anyone for trying to access CBD oil. If our choice to consume CBD oil or some other CBD product or cannabis etc, and it doesn't impede anyone else or their property, then why should that action be infringed? Initiating violence in such a circumstance, doesn't promote the safety of anyone.

A child can potentially save himself from suffering hundreds of seizures by taking a little bit of oil, or he can be left suffering because some people somewhere else say he shouldn't have it. We don't have to criminalize his actions just because we might disagree with them. There is no justification to stop people from using CBD or cannabis etc, whether it does or doesn't bring them medicinal benefits. For the sake of so many that could find benefit and find peace, we need to stop the madness.

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I've been using CBD for a few months now, and cannot stress enough how beneficial its been to me. I've been using it for: Pain relief, Anxiety relief, Sleep aide, and generally its been the #1 reason I've been able to ween off smoking Cannabis. Its 'legal' here in my home state, and I feel it should be legal everywhere, for those reasons & many others.


CBD is still highly underestimated. I can check all the boxes you've mentioned you use CBD for. Besides the pain relief. (hope your ok?) I can add to it that I find CBD to be very helpful to deal with my ADHD symptoms. More focused and clear way of thinking. Less chaotic and also pretty anti-procrastination.

It's important to note that I'm talking about pure CBD extracts. Because as soon as I throw in even a little bit THC I'm starting to daydream, get lost in beautiful music or the munchies. Which are not necessarily bad things but they go against the very reason I'm using CBD.

CBD has been the only thing that has helped my mother's friend with cancer... everything else makes her feel sick and weak where she can't hardly eat or function, but CBD has been able to calm her down in these circumstances and really has been the ONLY thing that has helped alleviate her pain.... I really wish we could have this stuff legalized globally bc so many people are experiencing similar times, not just my mother's friend..

Great post @doitvoluntarily! Thanks for sharing this 👍✌️

You should watch the documentary The sacred plant
In case you don't know the U.S. government holds a patent on cannabis plant compounds... why do you think @doitvoluntarily?

From what I hear from some friends, CBD soothes and calms them in their most painful moments after chemotherapy. Similarly, people with osteoarthritis and degenerative bone disease have begun to use them to reduce pain. So what is the problem that in some cities or countries its consumption is still legalised? Easy: the mafias of the laboratories and some governments don't agree: It doesn't matter if you carry a disease with you, the important thing is the money.

I know of successful experiences in the treatment of diseases that have had considerable improvements

The CBC is very miraculous, I think so, I know a person close to me who consumes him and has always told me that he is doing well, reduces pain and makes her sleep

Great info, my friend @cabobnb loves the CBD, the gummies and the joint rub work wonders!!

I really appreciate posts like this keep it up 👍

in my country using cdb is still banned by the authorities, while the benefits of CBD real ... and I agree what you said about CBD, if indeed they do not agree with those who wear the cbd, why should they discriminate against people who disagree with them.

Well I didn't even know what CBD is used for till I saw your post, I guess with it's magics it's something I'd like to know more about

CBD Is so bennificial , I have not used it yet myself but I know some who have and they rave about it . I totally agree that "There is no justification to stop people from using CBD or cannabis etc" Great post @doitvoluntarily glad to be following you ! upped earlier , now resteemed !👍👍👍

It relieves on of stress and worries. CBD 😎

Great friend publication, I think it's a great contribution from you I've heard a bit about CBD and they say that for the pains it's wonderful I do not know that it will be true

@doitvoluntarily, siempre y cuando las Drogas sean supervisadas por profesionales deberian de ser recetadas a pacientes con enfermedades que las requieran

Great post dear.. thanks a lot for sharing it with us. Liked it and upvoted too.

It's very helpful to me, and to a couple of other people I know as well.