The Freedom To Medicate

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A new study was recently published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, and the results indicate that most cancer patients today report seeing improvement on their symptoms thanks to their individual cannabis use.

And this isn't the first time that cancer patients have reported seeing a better quality of life thanks to their consumption of cannabis. There are people both young and old who are turning to cannabis for help, whether it's for seizures, anxiety, stress, PTSD, or some other reason.

Unfortunately though, many lawmakers, and others who support their policies, still insist that the government should get to decide who gets to exercise their freedom on this issue. And they want to determine what type of people should and shouldn't be allowed consume cannabis. Because people need to be protected from these “bad drugs,” they say. Ironically, many of those who show this concern for cannabis, don't show the same concern and attention in policing people's actions when it comes to consuming other “drugs” like caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and more.

When consuming cannabis, whether or not a person suffers from cancer, epilepsy, or some other illness, shouldn't matter.

The freedom to consume cannabis shouldn't be afforded only if the person has a medicinal reason to opt for using that substance. This is because all people have the natural right to decide what goes into their body, and if you don't have the right to tell me what I should eat or drink, then how could you allocate that right to a centralized authority to decide what people should eat or drink?

Trying to keep people safe from themselves by policing what they put into their body is not what you would expect from someone who was supposedly trying attempting to defend or support any notion of freedom; that isn't freedom.

All cannabis is medicinal

It could be argued that all cannabis is medicinal and no one should have their freedom infringed because of the reasoning for why they want or need this substance.

Even those people who are healthy and who might not be taking it, as they see it--for some strict medicinal purposes--they are essentially still using the substance for therapeutic purposes. And so their use of it could still be viewed as medicinal.

Every individual should have the freedom to exercise their natural rights to consume cannabis if they want to, because no one else, nor any organization comprised of X amount of people, should have the right to collectively infringe upon their freedom simply because they believe they have the right to do so.

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The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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Totally agree with you. But as long as the big company's in the pharmaceutical industry making big profits on their (poisonous) products, they will do everything to "fight" and/or slow down this for as long as they possibly can.

I'am a doctor and I totally agree.

some cannabinoids of the cannabis plant have a curative action against several forms of cancer. Many patient testimonials are now available on social networks, especially in the US where therapeutic cannabis is accessible much more easily than in Europe. The most common examples of healing are cases of leukemia, as well as brain tumors (gliomas), especially in children, sometimes even infants.

I believe in the effectiveness of medical cannabis against cancer and other diseases. I also believe that the corruption of the deadly pharmaceutical industry is without a doubt one of the worst in the world. But there are also many other natural alternative therapies that work effectively against various forms of cancer and that, unfortunately, are not recognized by the "official" medicine for lack of profitability.

Thank you dear @uapfiasco

Applause! Here here! Let the man speak more!

Following and voting! This is why Steemit is powerful.

Thank you for the honest and Frank reply.

Thank you for healing the people. And this plant is a powerful tool. Let us research it and know more! Keep the healing medicine in the hands of the sick, but let's make nature legal again!

Thanks @ganjafarmer

99% of medical profit companies don’t want this type of dr (not corrupt, wants to help people)

absolutely .. Thanks dear @ceattlestretch

One of my friends is on lots of medication, and each time they go to the doctor for something, it seems that their prescriptions are changed around. I worry that something terrible will happen one of these days. Not that conventional meds don't have their merrits, for they do, but use them where there needed, not where the money is.

Whaaaat? It should be regulated!!! Big brother, should decide for us! By saying people should be free, you are not thinking what would happen if everyone had freedom! Everything would be horrible! Who would pay taxes! Who would build the roads? Soo horrible, you are the reason government should restrict free speech!

On a serious note, it's sad how many people have depression, cancer or any other diseases and use chemicals that don't help. So many people die because of this, not to mention people
that get thrown in cages ;(

Thats why people should take their own decisions and find the medicine for themselves. No need to wait for the governments to approve anything.
I watched many documentaries where people in Mexico and other places are healed from cancer by following raw food diet.
Humans can heal themselves without any need for chemicals. We need to learn everything the right way.
Great work :)

Yes, people should self medicate without govt permission. Agreed!
But remember, in many places, those who do so are forced to hide, forced to pay enormous prices, and forced to participate with the sometimes-dangerous black market.
And many who do so are thrown into prison for it. I have several friends right now across Canada rotting in prison cells for peacefully growing plants and giving the medicine away to sick people.
And many die for it. In Indonesia the government is killing thousands of cannabis users right now - dozens every week. Simply for USING cannabis. And they've legalized murder of cannabis users. Many Western governments including the USA have praised their tactics.
So it's not just as simple as saying "everybody should medicate without permission and that's that". In fact it's a little unfair and simplistic imo.
My wife @MediKatie is in jail tonight in downtown Vancouver. Her crime? Standing up for her right to use cannabis and "obstructing" police from attempting an illegal search. We have been harassed, evicted in the middle of night, slandered, shunned, and assaulted because we refuse to wait for the government to approve our right to peacefully use cannabis.
We don't ask anyone to pay for it, just to stop hurting us and stealing from us for buying and using it. But that's too much to ask, apparently! : (

totally right!!

i would agree with this content, that all civilians should have the right to medicate themselfes, if they have pains!

Fight for (y)our rights

As a former employee at a medicinal marijuana grow facility in Canada that's regulated by Health Canada, I agree with allowing civilians to have access to medicine such as this to help cure and treat their ailments.

To say that cannabis has no redeeming health benefits and to label it as a Schedule 1 drug is completely ludicrous because studies were just getting underway when they banned the plant in North America. If you still think that there are no positive benefits of this miracle plant just read about how the Ancient Chinese used to prosper from harvesting both the male and female plants.

Medicinal marijuana is more than just smoking and vaping bud, hash, shatter, and oils releasing THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient in mrijuana. Did you know that there are over 100 different cannabinoids in marijuana? Yeah, and your body contains receptors that react to these cannabinoids in your endocannabinoid system, the largest neurotransmitter systems in the body!

Anyway, I digress. I am all for the access to marijuana as medicine. It seems ridiculous that governments are preventing humans from using a plant that has been used in medicine and production of high quality fiber materials for over 10,000 years.

Hopefully Europe will follow suit soon enough and change those silly out-of-date laws that have been in place for far too long!

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All my life, i have seen canabbis as a bad and hard drugs, even though i know some hard drugs that are quite medicinal. This your post is an eye opener.
And about being free to use, i think the government is just restricting it because , if its free to consume, many will abuse it by taking it in excess and might cause serious side effect that may pose life threatening condition to human.
Thank you @doitvoluntarily

Welcome to a new world. And the rates of opiate addiction and Alcoholism are falling in Oregon.

I totally agree with you as well @doitvolntarily ! All canabis should be considered madicinal ! I have seen it help people so many times first hand ! Especially with cancer patients where it helped my uncle and best friend have a beeter and longer quality of life before they passed away ... Thanks again for sharing and bringing light to this topic !! Upped and resteemed 👍👍👍👍👍

Let's help more sick people!

I really like cbd as a preventative method. It doesn't get you high or anything like that. It has so many curative properties I take the oil internally as sort of a vitamin. I just want to be in the best position I can to fight off disease.

this 2ed time I heard of this, wondering why government not telling the truth. the truth has been hidden for a reason
but is it good or bad?

There is some evidence favoring cbd as a treatment option, eg epilepsy and pain. I am not sure if we know enough to recommend it as a preventative medicine, as some of the comments here imply.

If it has parents bringing their children here and seeing dramatic results?

I'm all for more research. But if it can save a child's life. Then it should be made available for any sick child for free!

I agree. Marijuana is a perfect weed. Apart from it is bad aspects, the healing effects are quite numerous

What bad parts of a plant? The stalk makes paper and cloth, timber industry and the cotton industry hate. Henry Ford made an entire car from hemp resin, and got outlawed infavor of fiberglass. Which is very toxic.

The legal marijuana is dropping heroin addicts from addiction and lowering Achohol sales.

I've seen cancer patients and hospice patients as well as babies benefit.

Make nature legal! Keep medicine in the hands of patients!

I'd love to medicate, is anyone able to send me some medicine?

great, this is a very good information to whole comunity, more people need to know the benefits of this awesome plant.

I'm helping grow the cannabis community here. If you ever want to blaze it. Potland Oregon is awesome!

It is unfortunate that big pharma will resist cannabis as medicine until they own it.

nice post, upvoted you, please also check my blog

healthy life good life

I feel like even for medical reasons like stress and anxiety doctors would rather jump to pharma drugs over marijuana. They get the kick back.

Cannanbis really are a medicine. Thats true but mose people abuse it and use it in a wrong way. It is sad to say but a lot of people are taking advantage of this plant.

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Hey everyone check out how serious some of these murderers are about keeping frail women from their medicine:

Yes! We all have an endocannabinoid system, and that was hidden from us until VERY recently. Tumor cells grow cannabinoid receptors and most respond well to dosing with cannabis products.
My wife @MediKatie had/has glimoa in her spinal chord, from the age of a young girl. We were protesting the coming "illegalization" of cannabis here in Canada today, when police took our table, signs, and arrested MediKatie for obstruction. She's a tiny crippled girl and they brought 12 huge men with guns to handcuff her and throw her in their cage on wheels. I don't know where they took her. : (
I just uploaded the footage of the arrest, if you have time. Any help getting the message out would be hugely appreciated.
No prison for pot!! FREE MEDIKATIE!

Let's hear an amen!

I totally agree!!! I have friends that suffer from PTSD, epilepsy, and panic attacks. It helps them greatly and I believe as long as you’re using it for medical reasons and it’s not harming anyone then I believe you have the right to smoke it!!!

This was interesting. I actually think now is a great time to push for legalization (in the United States at least) and I wrote a little article on my page. Anyway, Up-voted and followed.

Only cannabis oil kills cancer! It's such a shame that people are dying every day from chemo, and cant decides for them self to save their own life.
In Israel, you cant get 80% cannabis oil and you have to make it yourself. Good luck we have here a grope of volunteers, that go to sick people and help them to make the life-saving medicine.

The more people smoke herb, the more Babylone falls! Haha

Anyway, they shouldn't be neglecting cannabis for medical use. Life must be free!

Cheers, Luka.

Those who want to regulate and not allow the free use of this product is not for the care of the people, very sure that it has vested interests in the background, few are the people who truly care about the health of the idividuos, as you say other additive substances that exist, to name one that there is of the waste (fumes) that emanate the factories contaminating the air that we breathe attacking the health of people and the environment.
Thank you very much dear friend @doitvoluntarily for sharing this news
I wish you a good night

I'm a natural born shaman, and I approve this post. A+

Great read. I have a dear friend who is cancer free today because she turned to CBD oil as a last resort after doctors told her there was nothing more they could do. Several other friends I have also use Cannabis to treat all kinds of illnesses, diseases, and discomforts, as well as recreational and meditational purposes. I am pro a global legalization of not just cannabis, but all drugs. Adults should be able to choose what they do to themselves, but of course do it responsibly.

Apparently your agenda looks very hectic
congratulations for these great initiative
Have a great day

The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.
Amazing post

Funny as I have a doctor that says the same thing to my patients...

@doitvoluntarily, this is a subject that's near to my heart also, and one I've researched extensively over the years. You've actually inspired me to post on the subject, so I'm drafting a post highlighting some of the truly astounding 'anecdotal' cases out there which show just how effective cannabis (as CBD oil in most instances) can be in healing from a variety of otherwise 'incurable' ailments. Thank you for sharing this post! Jay xx