Authorities Maintain Fight Against Dispensaries Over CBD

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Cbd oil has risen in popularity in the past few years and is now being hailed as potentially the most lucrative moneymaker for the cannabis industry overall.

You can find CBD products of various quality on shelves all around the United States, but the legality surrounding those products has been somewhat wary.

In certain regions, cbd products have been recalled from the shelves and store owners have been threatened to stop selling. This is despite the rise in demand for the product because so many people have claimed that they can seek remedy from this oil for a variety of reasons. Some are using it to help with their Alzheimer's disease, Tourette Syndrome, PTSD, anxiety, pain, and much more. A growing number of vets are even considering it for their patients.

CBD is still regarded by the federal government to be an illicit substance, which is why some law enforcement agents have recently refueled their efforts to crackdown on this substance.

In Alabama, law enforcement officials there have made it clear that they aren't playing around and will enforce the law when it comes to CBD. They don't care how many man hours it takes to investigate and prosecute these "crimes". They are dedicated to keeping this natural substance, that has never been known to cause an overdose, off the streets.

Though it might seem like a miracle substance to many who claim to allegedly have been able to seek remedy from it, authorities say they are ready and willing to prevent you from using cbd products.

Earlier this week,..

The Alabama AG released a public guidance report on state law regarding cbd, reiterating that it's still illegal to sell, furnish, deliver, distribute, or give away, any cbd products.

As a result, they may start to crackdown on businesses that insist on delivering this product to the people who need it, as well as those who are in possession of it for their own personal choice and use.

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You’d think that this wouldn’t be a priority... there are countless other more lethal and harmful issues to be tackling than cbd distribution & use. Where have all the rational leaders gone!!?

those crimes don't pay the bills the same:/

Indeed, victomless crimes make the best revenue stream for sure.

Unless they have passed some new laws, as far as I'm aware, CBD is legal in all 50 states. Awhile back, we had a sheriff make an absolute FOOL of himself with "operation candy crush", cracking down on businesses doing absolutely nothing illegal. This interview was pure gold! LOL!

authorities in texas, AB, Nebraska, florida, Indiana, and other regions have been cracking down and raiding dispensaries over it, many working in the industry believe they are doing something legal and there is a lot of confusion for them because they continue to be harassed over it as authorities are clearly ..very confused and they continue contradicting themselves :/

Yea, in a way, it's understandable given the insane amount of laws, regulation, and code there is, especially with fed., state, and local often being different. I wouldn't know which way was up half the time either. Still, it's unfortunate that people sign up to attempt to enforce that garbled nonsense. How anybody can take any of it seriously is beyond me.

@doitvoluntarily It is incredible that they continue with this type of policy against CBD oil, it is evident that they do not have relatives at home with the need to use this medicine.
Thank you very much for sharing this information
I wish you a prosperous week

Alabama. Not going there any time soon. My 100% lifetime boycott of the state is still holding strong!

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