1985 Lancia Delta S4 Rally

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On my last post about an Iso Grifo GL Series II, with @zacknorman97, we're talking about old Italian automotive brands that we would like to see again on the roads including Lancia, the genuine (and not the current Fiat subsidiary) with models like the Flaminia or Aurelia in the 50's and 60's but also 80's models like the Delta.


Looking to the next auction block proposed by RM Sotheby's in London, I find this rally legend 1985 Lancia Delta S4 Rally with a price tag of £ 725,000.

Perfect to speak about Lancia and its race/rally cars.


History of the Lancia Delta S4


The Lancia Delta S4 was introduced for the World Rally Championship 1985 (this model, number 202, was one that competed this season with the number 207 for the Martini Lancia squad). The two Lancia won 41 rally's special stages on 63. Impressive... The first victory car was in the 1985 Wales Rally with behind the wheel Henri Toivonen with his copilot Sergio Cresto.


Only 28 Group B Delta S4 were built (200 examples of Delta S4 Stradale also in order to have the Group B homologation).

But in 1986, during the Tour de Corse, the Toivonen's Delta plunged into a ravine and exploded killing both driver and copilot. This accident led directly to the end of Group B (the group with the fastest, most powerful, and most sophisticated rally cars ever built - source Wiki).





The Lancia Delta S4 has 1.8 litre four-cylinder engine with the twin-charging system (supercharger and turbocharger combined) producing 550 hp. Pure beast...


This model was restored to its original specifications with Kevlar-shelled Sparco seats with the names of this famous driver and copilot. A true piece of the automobile history.



Lot Auction


Date :24 Ocotber 2019
Place :London
Price :£ 725,000 - £ 800,000
Link :RM Sotheby's

During this sale :

ModelEstimate Price+
Iso Grifo GL Series II£ 180,000More



London Sale
Lot : Lancia Delta S4 Rally


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Bonus Pics



Henri Toivonen behind the wheel with his copilot Sergio Cresto at the 1985 Lombard RAC Rally.

I like these old pictures...





Porsche just presented the new Panamera 10 Years Edition with a price tag $US 104,650 (source). Nice...


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Group B Love :) Some of the fastest cars ever, love them all

Beautiful post, @heroldius.

Resteemed this one!
(Also, apologies for the late reply; since you live on the other side of the world for me)

The Lancia Delta S4 is certainly one of Lancia's greatest, and maddest cars.

I would personally take the Delta S4 Stradale, just for daily driving.

Thanks again for the share. Certainly made my day better to see this :)

Maddest for sure :-) ... Like a Transformer :

Now that's some strong pornography there. ;)

Is this one a rally car or race track?

This one is a rally car... I don't know if you can drive it to do your grocery. But you have the Delta Stradale to do it, with 247 hp at and 100 kmh in just 6 seconds, it must be enough :-)