1904 Oldsmobile Curved Dash - Franschhoek Motor Museum

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1904 Oldsmobile Curved Dash

Credited as the world’s first mass-produced car. Over 19 000 were built

Design similar to an open top buggy or "buckboard".

Mid-mounted horizontal single-cylinder engine.

Suspension by two full-length semi-elliptical leaf springs.

Car weighs only 390 kg.



Engine: 1 560 CC single-cylinder
Power: 3.7 KW @ n/a r/min
Transmission: 2-spd
Max speed: 32 km/h


This post is part of a series from my recent visit to the Franschhoek Motor Museum. See the other posts here:
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Equipment used:
Canon 6D
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

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I'm from Michigan just about 60 miles north of Detroit. It's really cool to see antique cars so far away that were manufactured right here where I grew up. Thank you,


Ahh!! That's pretty awesome!! Some Detroit goodness spread around the world hey 😁

Old cars will always be amazing to see. Thank you for sharing!


I totally agree!! Some old cars just look way better than "plain old" modern cars 😉

Thank you very much for sharing this informations. I did not know that this car exist. Nice pictures!


Thanks! There are so many old cars that I actually have never seen before 😆


Welcome. So you show us more of them in the future?!


Great! Thx!

Nice ride!


Thanks!! I wouldn't mind having one of my own 😉

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Great picture. I love old cars. Thumbs up..:)


Thanks a mil!! I looooove old cars too 😁

These are really grand, I did not realize the were motorized @cheeto.blue


Certainly does not look motorized when just looking at it hey 😁

Amazing that you can call that a car!, but it is it has an engine and can transport people!!


Hehe - true that! I'm sure it was super amazing back then though 😆

Great car and photo!! Amazing low power for a 1500 cc!!


Especially by today's standards!! I just compare cars from 20 years ago and you can so much more power from a 1 400 now than say a 1 600/1 800 then 😳

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this one is so cute.. hehe


Hehe - lots of "cute" cars on the old days hey 😉

Wow! An incredible 32 mph. Very stylish. Probably was a lot of fun to drive. 🐓🐓


Must have been super fancy driving an "automobile" when your friends still have horse-drawn carriages 😆