1903 Ford Model A - Franschhoek Motor Museum

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1903 Ford Model A

The first car produced by Ford.

Mid-mounted flat-twin engine. Planetary transmission.

First bought by a Cape Town businessman while on holiday in New York.

Originally sold only in red. Base price was $750.

1 750 were built during 1903-4.



Engine: 1 668 CC flat-twin side-valve
Power: 6 KW @ n/a r/min
Transmission: 2-spd
Max speed: 45 km/h

This post is part of a series from my recent visit to the Franschhoek Motor Museum. See the other posts here:
Worldly Wanders #10 - Franschhoek Motor Museum, Cape Winelands, South Africa

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Equipment used:
Canon 6D
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

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A real cool car


I totally agree 😎

Those must have been so much fun to drive back in the day. I recon they still are!!

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Thanks for this man! Was great to meet you at Steemit Saturday in Joburg. Do they have some Rolls Royces. 750 was probably a lot back then.


Good to meet you too man!! 😉
They only had on Rolls on show that day 😐


Which RR is your favourite?


Probably a Dawn - I love convertibles 😉

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Great car! Great post.Thanks


Thanks for having a look 😉

Wow, 45km/h was not bad for back then considering horses average 40-48km.


True horse replacement 😉

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Lovely bit of history @cheeto.blue and how they changed over the years. Must have been a bumpy ride, but enough time to take in the view. You can imagine that on the old gravel roads and the fun it must have been to travel in land, take a picnic and return home.

Amazing just love the classics and a FORD lover


I looooove classics too ☺️

Wow wish I had one!


Hehe - me too 😉

that is a cool looking vehicle.


Some old cars just look really amazing hey ☺️

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