Worldly Wanders #10 - Franschhoek Motor Museum, Cape Winelands, South Africa

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The Franschhoek Motor Museum (owned by the well-known billionaire, Johann Rupert) is situated between Stellenbosh and Franschhoek in the Cape Winelands. No car lover should drive by without stopping in - it’s something not to be missed!!

If you do plan to pay a visit - take note that visits are by appointment only! Fortunately we called in advance to let them know we were coming 😉 After checking in at the main gate we were greeted by this magnificent drive-way on the estate that took us straight to the museum’s main entrance.



Ticket prices are also quite reasonable - R80 per adult and R40 per child. Give yourself enough time to wander - about 1 - 2 hours should be adequate 😁


The estate is breathtaking and meticulously well-kept! The Museum consists of a reception hall in front and 4 viewing halls where the vehicles are on show at the back.



My son is an absolute car fanatic!! He was absolutely amazed at the number of vehicles on show!


If I am not mistaken, the Ruperts own more than 200 vehicles! Of these, 80 are on display at any one time and are often rotated throughout the year.

This is the view from inside the first hall.


And that is only half the hall! If you turn around, here is the view of the other half of the hall.


As you can see - these vehicles are in immaculate condition! There is a huge variety of cars, motorbikes and even bicycles dating back over 100 years.

We even found a little pint-sized racer for my son 😉


And if nature calls, well you head off to the restrooms nestled in the little hill outside. Nice touch ☺️


I know I didn’t show many of the actual cars in this post - but there were just so many!! And they were all so amazing!! I’ll do some extra posts showing off some of the vehicles that were on display - so stay tuned for that 😉

In the meantime, enjoy the view from the estate. What an amazing setting for these stunning cars 😎


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Equipment used:
Canon 6D
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

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Looks like a stunning place . Some beautiful scenery and awesome cars. I will definitely give it a visit when I am in the area. Thank you for sharing!

Definitely do!! Well worth it!! 😎

"Heaven is a place on Earth" I know that line is from a song, but you seem to have located a piece of it ! Very Nice Post!

Haha!! It definitely is hey 😁
I'm going to have to stop by this place each time I go to the Cape now 😳😁

Beautiful pictures and post! I hope to see more from you. Keep Steeming!

Wow, thanks @firepower!! I'm really glad you liked it - lots more to come ☺️

Lovely post! We also visited there last year and marvelled at the range of cars Meneer Rupert has in his collection, and what great condition they're in. Glad your son had such a good time! Thanks for the tip, by the way - when we went last year there was no need to make an appointment. I guess they've tightened up their security since then.

Ah, Meneer Rupert and his toys hey 😆
Wow, I wonder if they had problems then and thus jacked up the security? They had to check if my name was on the list before they scanned my driver's and car license...
Was definitely an experience!! Will definitely be going again someday ☺️

Gee, what a difference! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing 😊

I know hey!! Seems like crime is hitting the smaller villages too nowadays 🙁

Even when we stayed in Greyton last year (and they don't get much smaller than that), they were really concerned about crime. It's a reflection of socio-economic realities as well as a lack of governance and accountability around government's primary responsibility - providing safety and security to the country's residents. 😢

So true! My parents and my parents-in-law live in a small village about 60 kms from where we stay. Even their crime (murders, assaults etc.) has REALLY escalated in the past year!! 🙁

Oh dear, it's hard to think of our vulnerable relatives and loved ones being at risk...😨

That looks like an awesome place to go visit. Lools lime you had a really nice time down in the Cape. Excellent post.

Thanks a mil mate!! Loved it there!! Was just too short (as usual) 😉

I love this place have some family there as well.This Rupert family is really stinking rich. Glad you had a good time with your beautiful family

Thanks for the kind word @rogerblu - as long as your family there aint the Ruperts themselves - hehe 😁

Stunning pics. Love that part of the world. Classic Mustang for me ... one day

Ah!! Now you talking my language!! I'm crazy about Mustangs!! Got a pic of one there 😉

Wow that collection is wonderful.

I'm assuming you've been there before @marcel1965? I know you love cars too 😉 believe it or not, I have never been there, but you are right old cars are my passion!!

Whaaaaat? Then it's time to start saving up so you can make a trip 😉

This place looks Awesome. Really nice post. I like your style and I obviously works well for you. Great to see for a minnow like me. Cheers

Thanks for the kind word ☺️

No worries. Great stuff

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the place looks the most beautiful, I draw with that place ... 👍


Amazing post as always cheeto!

Also, you should start adding your travel posts to steemit worldmap (a new project I'm getting involved in).

So you would add a line (no bold text, no apostrophes) that says:
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Cool!! I'll definitely check that out 👍🏻

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