Cannabis Hydrotherapy: Infused Moisturizing Bath Bombs

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Mixed Mediums, Mixed Disciplines.

Growing, fermenting, extracting, concentrating, compounding, applying fun ways.

Thoughts Become Things When Fuelled By Emotion.

On that note, let’s build a THC-laced bath bomb.

One that could actually heal the mantle of dry, cracked, damaged skin and reduce the inflammation levels surrounding the 300+ joints (contained within a human body) at the same time.

Forget the yellow #5 and blue #1 colour dyes. You won’t need them.

The funkiest item that you WILL need to make these bombs is a mold or form to shape them.


I bought these for a couple of dollars.

Their original purpose is:
to be the forms used in making snow balls on mass, in a hurry because you’re getting your ass kicked on the losing end of a snowball fight. (~ So Canadian.)

  • Compressing the ingredients together;

  • Using a fine mill level of the dry ingredients;

  • Along with the correct moisture level from oils;

determines whether a bomb will hold its shape and payload or be a crumbling mess of a weak-ass delivery system.

That (the mold) and maybe finding citric acid in powdered form will be the two most difficult actions or parts to making your own bombs.

The best part is that the recipe will still work, even without the pain-relief that cannabis brings to the bathing experience.

This Recipe Will Yield 2 Big Balls.

Seriously, do you need to handle more than two


(I ask myself that exact same question, every damn day, it seems. The answer varies. It depends on whether I need to handle my own, or not. See, you can’t really ask, so I’ll I can do is fill in the blanks as we go along. Lolz!)


1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup of citric acid (powder form)
1/4 cup of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate)


  • Whisk all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

1/2 tbsp of Shea butter (melted)

  • Add the melted Shea butter.


1/2 tbsp of coconut oil (long chain is fine, infused with 1/4 gram of cannabis concentrate and melted.)

  • Melt the coconut oil, whisk in the cannabis concentrate or use previously infused coconut oil.


25 drops of the essential oils of your choice.

I blended: clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils for pain relief but chamomile, geranium and lavender (think soft flowers) are generally better for dry skin repair.

  • Add all the oils to the dry ingredients.


  • Add 1/2 tbsp + 6 drops of cold water (if you need it to encourage clumping. The mixture should feel mostly dry but will hold together like damp sand. Add water carefully by the drop so you don’t get it too wet or, activate the bomb before you get it to set-up.)

At this point, I put on a pair of gloves and worked the mixture by hand to make sure all the oils and the little bit of water were evenly dispersed. The citric acid powder is a mild acid, so if you’re tackling more than a few bombs at a time, you’ll want to were gloves. The water will create a small foaming action, which will stop as soon as you start to work it into your mixture. Once you start adding liquids work the mixture quickly until it begins to hold its shape in your hands. (Remember, the consistency should resemble damp sand when it’s ready to be put into molds.)

  • Fill the molds and then remove the contents in a solid piece. Place onto a baking sheet to cure.

Let the balls cure for 48 hours before handling, packaging or gifting.


The basic cost to make these bombs (without cannabis) is approximately $2.50 (CAD) a bomb, including packaging.



Without dyes, glitter and dried flower petals, the clean up of the tub afterwards is a non-issue.

There’s an oil ring that requires a wipe, as you can see in the photo (below).

(If you can’t see anything than no worries... because we’re both golden. Lolz!)


A bath that takes pain away and a tub that’s easy to clean afterwards... is difficult to value. ;)


~ Rebecca


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Having a smoke while having a bath not effective??? I don't mind that in my bath though😘😘

Hi @immarojas!
Fire and water...lolz! It’s a tricky balance. ;)

Sorry. my upvote made you go down 7 cents.???🤔

No apology needed. The trigger was.
7+Druid +google

So, a trip to Brittany, France...going to keep repeating until you land you ass in France.

Algorithms...I hate math. Lmfao!

Hmmm. I finally had some time to read and absorb. France...oh la ti da my pinky finger in the air. Of all places in France. Brittany would be it for me. Definitely think it would be a trip...
La prochaine courir de taureaux me rencontre à la fontaine de jouvence. Bien sûr, nous pourrons le trouver. 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️

Promets de me jeter aussi fort que tu peux dedans. Frais généraux comme vous l'entendez, cette fois.

Happy Birthday! Much ❤️ to you.

You’ve been visited by @tryskele on behalf of Natural Medicine.
That would be one nice bath. Doesn't seem like a hard process and so much better than most in the stores.

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Hi @tryskele!
Not a hard process, but one that did take 11 months from start to finish.
I had to combine a lot of my own skills.
Germinating seed to growing female plants to fermenting alcohol to distilling of that alcohol to the resin extraction of the plant to the infusion of that resin into a carrier oil to compounding a bath salt formula with therapeutic essential oils...all before a bath could even be drawn.
With the components on hand, it takes less than 10 minutes to compound a working formula. ;)

Whoa..these are awesome! We have a neighbor that dabbles in the culinary aspects but hasn't made mention of topicals. Rodney has finally gone to the doctor for his medical should come through in the next few days. He's looking forward to experimenting with some of your recipes :

This is great news!!! Is there any mention of being able to grow for his own medical use? Or, will he be forced to buy from a government approved supplier?
If it’s the later, is there a website of plant material that you can view before a purchase is made?

Hey Rebecca... This is PERFECT for a competition we are running... not too late to enter! Read the post on our blog and you will be good to go!

Thank you for reaching out to me @naturalmedicine!

I have recently started to use the #naturalmedicine tag on some of my posts.

About the contest, I didn’t know about it, so didn’t use #naturalmedicine or #build-it as my first tags. I also didn’t make reference to the contest in my original post.

The other thing I couldn’t find clarity on, is how long the contest will run.

(So, if I create something else and tag it properly, I couldn’t determine if I would even qualify, at day 7 of the contest post.)
I don’t think I can change the first tag now but I do think the contest is a great community builder and I am grateful to interact with you and be welcomed to participate.
Thank you for that. ;)

Hi becca! So what are the benifents of using a bath bomb? Does it get you stoned?

Offtopic, when was the last tine you have had a good snowball fight?

Hi @jonyoudyer!
It gets your skin high. It will reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and scramble pain signals from nerves that fire off due to leaking electrical (ghost) charges caused from Intermittent spinal compression issues.
Whew! That’s a big you know why I used a 1/4 gram of FECO per bomb.
So, it’s a treatment protocol.
Bath, Exercise, Infrared Sauna, Water, Linament, Edible, Dabs. Repeat
Along time on the “good”, last year on the “ok, I made the effort.” Lol!
But this year is different because I have snowball making I can stock pile and be ready.

these sound divine! Great instruction post. Snow ball makers huh? That is very Canadian indeed! that is funny.

@tipu curate

Thank you @carlgnash! Lol! I’ll be Snowball ready this year...including the bath afterwards so that I can move the next day. Lolz! It’s like frozen paintball with the introduction of ice and strong throwing arms added to the equation. ;)

Wow, this is science :)
Greets, Master! ;)

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