Backyard Cannabis Farming Episode 11: Flushing Out Nutrients

in cannabis •  6 months ago

In today's episode @hempress and I demonstrate how we flush our plants. Honestly it is not a complicated step, you just give them lots of water with NO NUTRIENTS. You must do this for at least one or two weeks, to ensure that all the nutrients have been properly flushed out of the soil.

Skipping this step and adding nutrients to your soil for every watering until harvest may result in slightly bigger buds, however they will crackle when you smoke them, become harsh, and loose much of their flavor. Flushing your soil properly will avoid this unpleasantness, and create smooth, flavor rich hits.

I also show how the branches I tied up in the last episode have survived and thrived due to my tie up doctoring.

No photos from the garden this time, I am actually posting this at midnight, since I am so busy working on so many projects, and am extremely tired. I wish I had 40 hour days this time of year. Please enjoy the video, the next episode will show harvesting and drying.

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Please enjoy today's episode, and hopefully we all learn something about growing cannabis effectively and organically. Click pic below to play:

Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies










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