Seniors Boosting Their Quality Of Life With Cannabis

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People of all different ages turn to cannabis for both medical and recreational use. And despite the plant still being federally prohibited in the United States, there remains a growing market of interest with both consumers young and old who are looking to the plant for remedy.

When it comes to American citizens who are over the age of 65, they account for roughly 14 percent of the total population overall. However, when it comes to Big Pharma Meds, they make up about 30 percent of the market and many of them are highly addicted to painkillers.

So, we shouldn't be surprised then that as the acceptance and support for cannabis has continued to grow, that perhaps more elderly citizens might be looking to cannabis to find help that they aren't finding from their current Big Pharma options. Cannabis could help make a meaningful impact in the way of reducing some of the prescription/opioid addictions that are out there today.

Elderly citizens are said to be one of the fastest growing demographics of cannabis smokers.

The plant is becoming so popular with seniors, that now even elderly care facilities are adjusting in order to make changes surrounding the use of this plant. A number of assisted living facilities in Washington, and other areas, have already started looking to cater to the market by providing formal medical cannabis policies for their patients.

And as more people take the chance to turn to this plant for some medical remedy, we can assume that more retirement communities and nursing homes are going to need to make changes in the way of introducing policies around cannabis use.

Cannabis is not only seen to be helping seniors with their various medical issues, but it's also helping small children with epilepsy, and many others of varying ages in-between. It truly is a remarkable plant in what it can provide, not only economically but medically as well.

Civil disobedience continues to be exercised by millions of people who are buying/growing/selling/consuming this plant, despite the federal prohibition surrounding it which still exists.

So far, cannabis has been approved for medical use in 29 states.

If the current trend continues, we might see every state pass some form of legalization either for recreational or medicinal purposes, not to far off in the future. Multiple polls continue to indicate that legalization is what the people overwhelmingly want and current restrictions surrounding cannabis are not only illogically unjustified but they are also cruel in that they infringe upon the natural rights.

Dallas Observer

The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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Great post! The old folks getting baked! What could be better? ☆☆☆☆☆😎

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We should be exempt from marijuana laws

we have paved the way for people who are younger than we are, have earned the right and should have this privilege