Court Rules Cancer Patient Doesn't Have The Right To Grow His Own Cannabis

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Joe Redner is a well-known strip club owner in the Tampa region of Florida and Redner has been using cannabis for medicinal purposes to help treat his stage-4 lung cancer, which has been in remission.

In 2018, a judge in Florida ruled that Redner could legally grow his own cannabis for his own medicinal use.

That ruling came after Redner sued the Department of Health over the issue.

The judge previously ruled that Redner had a right to use cannabis to prevent the relapse of his cancer, and Redner said that he preferred to grow his own because he wants to know exactly what is going into his personal medicine.

An Appeals Court Disagreed Though

They've now told Redner that he doesn't have the right to grow his own cannabis for medicinal purposes and this overturned the ruling that he got back in 2018 that was in his favor.

If Redner doesn't even have the freedom to grow his own cannabis for medicinal use, then what sort of freedom is he supposed to be thankful for? This peaceful activity shouldn't be prohibited, nobody else should have the right to tell Redner what he can or cannot do with his own body or property.

Currently, in Florida cannabis has been approved under strict circumstances for medicinal use. There is still a chance to secure his freedom to grow though, they hope that an appeal to the Florida Supreme Court might render a different verdict on the matter.

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It’s terrible to hear that things like this go on still, considering how progressive most states have been with cannabis as a whole. Shit, even shrooms have been decriminalized in what is it? Colorado? Now. That’s insane. It’s the time old argument and I don’t mean to drone on with it, but fucking alcohol causes death just by drinking too much, forget the driving that people do on it and the murders and rapes... 🙄 fucking aspirin and cough medicine can kill you if you take enough. Cannabis can kill you, sure, if a heavy load of it gets dropped on you... or what was it? I don’t recall the article, it was a long time ago, but you’d basically have to sit in an air proof room, inhaling nothing but cannabis smoke, for like 80 joints? 60 something grams? Idr. Even then, I believe it was due to there being no fresh oxygen circulating into a vacuum sealed room, essentially. It’s just pathetic to claim we are free when we are clearly not. Something that does not negatively impact anyone’s life around you, should in no way cripple your right to be comfortable and to keep yourself healthy. Just goes even further to show that our country doesn’t truly care about “protecting” us, otherwise it would help this man keep himself from remission. I guess when it gets taken to the higher powers, we will see, if it ever sees the light of day. Florida has some fucked up shit going on, like all the time. I would be deeply sad, but not surprised, if they denied him and gave him no shot.

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Dammit, I seem to be writing long ass comments today. Sorry folks.

This is a sad state of affairs.
Hopefully this man will see justice!

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The mistake he made was fighting for permission. Just grow enough for your meds and keep quiet. Simple.

and risk being thrown in prison, probably not where he wants to spend his time struggling with cancer

Fuck regulation

Fuck the court - why not give a community vote for these kind of issues? Is he harming anyone in any way whatsoever?

Imagine if tomato plants were illegal and we had to hide them like cannabis.. What a silly thought, right? Why is cannabis illegal? Monsanto is working on full legalization, don't worry (sigh)....

Natural rights... jeez if its medicine for the person I don't see the issue people should be free to grow food and in his case medicine

My lord. It is so sickening that people still get denied the right to grow, even if medical was passed. The misinformation and propaganda needs to stop, and these do called intelligent people need to wise up

all in the name of safety.. can you believe it 😄 talk about clever marketing

Absurd. I can't believe this is still happening in this day and age. Some places have made some progress, yet... What freedom do we really have if we can't even grow a plant to help treat a serious disease we have? It's hard to believe things are still so corrupt sometimes...

Outrageous! Stage four cancer and these power tripping EVIL mf’s appealed a ruling saying he could grow his own medicine. What kind of psychos are these “people”? What’s it going to take for the masses to stand up and refuse to tolerate this abuse?

most cases don't even see a courtroom.. but they've got time to make sure this sick man can't self medicate 🙈

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If it is a life or death situation and you are able to move to The Netherlands say (where it is legal to grow and use I believe), passport wise, then that is what I would do, take flight ✈️

There's probably a law for felony vs. misdemeanor growth.. For example, in Illinois, I can grow 4 plants, get caught, and pay a fine with no serious complications. Obviously, you don't want to get caught regardless. But 5 plants, and it becomes a felony.

I really don't understand why he asks for permission anyway, that is his biggest error. Just do it and shut up because otherwise they'll fuck you.

@doitvoluntarily Hello dear friend. What a shameful failure. These people go from being thoughtless, news like these make me very angry.
Thank you very much for letting us know
I wish you a wonderful day

It is very sad to read... :((((

Pres. Obomba said that some people would just have to take pain pills.