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Steemit has been a waste of my time for most of the last 4 months. Thanks to @nextgencrypto for demonstrating why, and provoking me to learn exactly how.


Good morning, buddy! You are looking great!

I am the Great Cornholio! I'm a gringo!

What if everyone walked the same plane?

What if it was really fair play?

I think you are gonna do mighty things.

I believe in dreams.

I support people who take the necessary sacrifices to achieve them.

Can you or Haider create a kind of streemian service that latches onto a cheetah-like bot?

So like, when cheetah marks somebody as spam or abusive or whatever, those trailing will automatically mute that account? I figure that would basically solve spam issues

That would be a really cool tool for in calibrae to mass-shun bots... (because in calibrae, that would put a massive hold on the rep of the bot account, massively reducing it's reputation temporarily and stopping its operation).

I'll leave that up to people to develop after release. I think that gossip will probably serve a sufficient function, as, obviously, something that will develop quickly is a 'calibrae police' chat where people who want to crowd-source anti-bot operations. I think it would be better if this were not automated, to be honest. The possibility of abusing such a system is pretty big... It's like building a giant banhammer, with central control.

I want it to be possible also for people who operate auto-flag bots with their account to be exposed to being suppressed by human decisions as well. Not to mention the fact that any account with sufficient power to do this cannot be non-posting, as even a huge stake will be attenuated by its lack of reputation. People could support it, as equally as they can suppress it, by shunning or friending the account.

Such byzantine behaviour by accounts has many measures in the design to be shut down. I don't think even that it will be necessary to do any kind of automation to make the suppression of such antisocial activity. I want it to be entirely human-driven, if possible. If someone builds big following and many upvotes, then starts doing this kind of thing, they can quickly have their reputation attenuated by shunning, as well as flags on their posts related to this activity. It will be very very difficult to do bad things on this platform.

I'm excited for it!

Again, there are good bots.
Cheetah, blacklist-a, gentlebot, possibly seraph, and I believe there're more.

cheetah does not have to post or flag automatically, it could be posted into an anti-plagiarism chatroom instead and users then have the information, and enact the punishment. Doesn't take many users across time zones to have this sorting out plagiarists and suppressing their ability to continue to plagiarise.

I am not familiar with what the other bots do, but again, if they can be replaced with humans, the results are much more effective and precise and appropriate. If someone starts a crusade, against someone innocent, they can be suppressed.

As you get to understand the bad behaviour mitigation mechanisms in Calibrae, you will see there really is no need for auto-vote or auto-post bots whatsoever, and when it is running I will certainly be participating in the policing processes. A human who presides over publishing the data does not also need a bot, the report can just be generated and pasted into a post manually. If needed, more than one person can have posting keys for this account to act as a backup or to distribute the work.

Consider the difference between Robocop and Judge Dredd. I'd rather be judged by the latter than the former, what about you? I won't go into technical law discussions about the Magna Carta, but I strongly believe in the principle that judgement should only be by peers. I could talk about that subject until the cows come home, but suffice it to say that I know enough about law to know what proper jurisprudence looks like. It does not look like these bots, at all.

cheetah does a fantastic job automatically, except from the important part that it upvotes cases which are palgiarism and does not downvote at 100%.
It should also self upvote at 100% in order to grow its SP.
In order for its voting power not being drained, it has to have more instances running, like randowhale, randowhale1, randowhaletrail, randowhalebonus, etc.
Find me an instance when Cheetah gave a false positive.
In fact it does such a good job, that once it detected plagiarism outside of steemit.
This is how good cheetah is.
And you want to replace it with the good will of humans?
Cheetah acts quicker than people do, and has a far higher detection rate.
My problem with blacklist-a is that it does not post often enough, does not self upvote, but it too does a good job.
Cheetah, blacklist-a and a few others are part of this place's good experience.
Why go back to early 2000s?
The only place left for human judgement is if these bots go wrong, but do you have even one instance of such a case?

You know cheetah just uses google's search engine, right?

So? It does it good and it spares humans the bother.
Humans will not have the speed and tenacity of such an excellent bot.
If you won't have a parallel to cheetah, you put calibrae at another disadvantage to steemit.

You haven't considered the fact that after a serial plagiarist gets caught several times by a voluntary security group that they will probably have downvoted them to the point they have the minimum rights to post, ie, 1 transaction per day, and limit restrictions on transfer quantities, and all the other things that constitute "Calibrae Jail"

You should inform yourself better about what is planned before you make uninformed comments.

You also know, that if say, you publish a weekly game and happen to include the same rules - you get cheetahed. If you bring a post up and reference a signifigicant portion in block quote tags to discuss it inline, from your own material, you get cheetahed. Why the fuck would the creators make cheetah not check if you own your own shit. You cannot steal from YOURSELF, but cheetah thinks you can.

bots like that suck, but human witch hunts happen too. So I wouldn't put it on a select jury. It just needs to be handled by community etiquette instilled and it can be. FB and Twitter and Reddit and 4chan self police and bad actors get ignored. What we need is less bots and more BLOCKING, which on the block chain is not going to hide your shit, but mute is what we've got. I don't give a damn if dude is copy right thieving, what I care about is blocking dude out of MY line of sight, and after that's handled, I give no fucks anymore, but bots fail and so do human posses.

Now you seem to have found flaws in cheetah.
You should contact its creator, or create an improvement (should be flawless if you correct these things) of your own either here, there, or both.

In your second paragraph you are wrong and displaying extreme self-centrism.
YOU don't care if YOU don't see, until YOU feel the effects on your beloved platform.
Ignorance in its pure sense.

Arrogance and presumption in it's pure sense ^

Look into Austrian economics, Hoppe and Mises and Anarcho Capitalism.

Intellectual property wants to be free. I don't want to see stuff from other platforms, and there is a difference.

As for the flaw, cataloging something any regular user of this platform is well aware of, doesn't make them my discoveries, just my contextual comment on my acquaintance's post.

Assumptions in their pure sense have a well known definition as well. I'm going to assume you already know it.

Thanks for the arrogant, self important, a-type insistence on injecting, how did you call it, ignorance? and condescension though. Have a taste of it back, and have a swell day, you cute lil' 40 rep stranger.

They sure did hurt your visibility.
If you reply to this, I don't mind if you use your already damaged accounts to reply.
BTW, once I was unable to see your reply on steemit.
I found it only due to my obsessive use of
You could become a decent youtuber/dailymotioner if you backed your posts by videos in which you read the content of your posts and shared your thoughts and methods on mining, cryptos, steemit including the personal stuff and wars in it, etc.
These are hot topics on youtube.
Steemit is a hot niche. You could find videos about it from a year ago.
While the reward may seem quicker on Steemit, and it is quicker if you have a very small channel, the rewards in Y/T & DM are long lasting.
You already know about that, so why do you not talk to your camera and microphone? A smartphone or a multimedia competent PC are good enough.

Interestingly I have been thinking about making video reports. I can use my smartphone to do it (it records decent full HD), maybe I would just need some kind of stand to mount it at an appropriate position and orientation.

I'm not going to start that sort of thing until I have finished my preliminary, very fundamental task - a build script that automatically downloads all necessary prerequisites, creates a chroot to build inside Ubuntu 14.04, and generates an AppImage universal binary for running inside any 64 bit linux. I have been continuing to code and test this script, to make sure it is as bulletproof as possible before I push it to the repo and announce it has been made.

It could help people build steemd (indeed, currently it basically builds steemd and cli_wallet for version 0.19.1) but I consider such an activity to be a waste of time for anyone other than aspiring witnesses. I had an RPC node replaying for 8 days without completing, with SSD, 50gb memory and 10 cores (the replay only uses one, anyway, because graphene is not multithreaded).

Anyway, back to the coding, I am not going to be happy until I've finished the job and I've eliminated as many glitches from it as possible. At that point, I can start to focus on brushing up my C++ skills and doing a preliminary process of a total code review, adding extensive commenting to help programmers understand what it is doing so they can change it. Others are still working on finding other codes to work on it, and I will make as sure as possible that they are not unduly impeded by the idiot coding methodologies of the morons who made and maintained the original.

Of all the things I ever saw you write about, your calibrae hustle is the least appropriate for videos as it is a niche within a niche.
And there is no need for uploading talks at over 480p (640x480 VGA) .
I have 2 of 2014's premium devices, one can record as low as 480p, and the other as low as 720p.
I choose 480p, and it saves me disk space, copying time and upload time.
I wish I could record at 360p.
If you don't have little details to show in your videos, why overload everything?
Make videos about health, mining, steemit on its flaws, wars, personalities and your crusade to create an alternative.
Make videos about what you said in your previous post to which I replied before, with more emphasis and details about each one of these things.
This is how to cash off internet.
Steemit/calibrae should only be used as a supplement/ a supposedly safe space to store your words as text.

I don't have a bandwidth issue here, 55mbits of ethernet goodness... On selfie-cam it would be 720p, and of course youtube transcodes it to small resolutions for lesser connections... My phone has a pretty good camera and I could always instead use my sony cybershot instead, which has a nice zeiss lens, putting a stand on that would entail a standard camera screw thread.

I'm not really much of a video guy, I like text a lot more, partly because I can basically read it faster than most people and write it not that much slower than I can talk. Plus I'm not entirely happy with my hairdo at the moment, not sure what I want to do with that just yet, I like it enough, but people probably will find it odd.

'supposedly safe'. Yes, Calibrae starts from where Steemit left off, but the planned improvements will make the data a lot more safe, after release first change that is not HF constained will be moving the post data store into probably a simple flat file format that I am sure I could code myself in a few days, and prevent bloat of the database permanently. Then when we get to the SporeDB based platform, the safety will rise even higher. SporeDB is the most advanced fault tolerant database design that I know of.

Spoke to you once. Had a great chat that night. I created a witness this week and in paying attn, came across your name two or three times in witness lists and such and dropped over to say hi, only see all this stuff. Sorry to hear this story, but glad to know the deets. I'll drop by your new place and check it out from the link in the post. be well l0k1, may all this settle like dust after a rain.

Water off a duck's back now... took me a while though. I have set something up that will assuage my desire to defend myself :) For what it's worth, on a platform that I don't really care about anymore.

The storm is coming :) I am now into the early stages of haxing teh codez, had a minor disaster this morning running an automated pretty printing filter over my source repository, had to roll back the changes and lost a bunch of work I was doing yesterday. But, no biggie, I am learning how to do this stuff as I go along.

Always have a plan B, cause us real haxxors never have a plan BACKUP :D

My backup is git. Linus Torvalds is my homie.

git clone leenus

I for one welcome our benevolent dictator for life of our kernels :)

He really did change the world. And he's such a nice guy!

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I like cute animals, but not spammy comments... I will mute you instead.

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