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July has just ended, it's a good time to present what happens on the Byteball Sports Betting Bot by showing some numbers.

Unique users per month

Unique users per month

This chatbot was launched in last September in a very primitive version. Although it lacked of features to be convenient to use, it was adopted immediately by some players.
While it was constantly improved, it's only in May that we observed an increased number of players. It was due to the release of the API for makers that brought more liquidity and better odds as well as some promotion campaign from Byteballjesus.
In June, we saw an awesome influx of new players due to two factors: the Venezuelan airdrop and of course the FIFA World Cup.

Language selected by users

Language set

Without surprise, English is the main language chosen by users followed by Spanish and Deutsch. It's worth to be noticed that Chinese is 4th.

Bets per month

Number of bets per month

This is certainly the most interesting metric. We can observe a big gap and a record for June thanks to the group stage of FIFA World Cup. Unfortunately, we weren't able to break this record again in July since less games were played in knockout stage and the Betting Bot had to be shut down during the week-end of the final when the network suffered issues that required an update.

Bets by sport

Bets by sport

For this metric, we don't have data before February due to a rework in DB structure.
Obviously most played sports depend of the season. Soccer is the sport with the most bets on overall while Baseball is second. It will be interesting to see if new comers will play when NFL, NBA and NHL will be back next autumn.

Takers gains Vs Makers gains

Takers gains Vs Makers gains

Last graph is monthly distribution of gains between makers and takers. We could expect that makers always succeed to take some money from takers but it's not the case every month!
In December, February and May, takers were the winners.
June and July were very profitable to makers since many favorite teams were taken out from World Cup.


@papabyte I'm still kind of new to the Byteball platform.

I'm wondering if it's possible for me to place bets both as a maker and a taker using automation through an API?

The API is for bet makers to set the odds. There are some endpoints that can be useful for bet takers, but you need to manually use the bot in Byteball app to take the bet.

@papabyte Is the byteball sports betting bot set up to remove markets a few hours before the event starts? I mean if that time frame could be reduced more bets could be placed /layed on the sports betting bot.

Edit: you answered this on my post. The answer is 50 mins before the event starts for anyone else interested in knowing. [ The offers are removing 50 minutes before fixtures start to avoid exploit from an user who could watch the beginning of a match and decides to fund or not the smart-contract. ]

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Looking at these statistics of the bot, I wondered if most people bet on basketball? It seems to me that football should come first. Although... Maybe I don't know a lot, and I'm used to football being more popular than basketball. But maybe now it's the other way around. In any case, you can't argue with the fact that betting is becoming more popular every day. And I am not at all surprised by this development of events. Because I often watch various sporting events myself. And to make the viewing more interesting, I prefer to place bets on So while watching the match, I feel great emotions.

Should I start betting on sports? Isn't that too risky? I'd like to try, but I'm afraid of losing money.

If you're afraid of losing money, then it's better for you not to start betting.

Yes, they are those available on Sports-Oracle. The bets being made through a smart-contract.

What does it mean?
That there is no convenient GUI and bets on boxing are impossible?
Whatever smart contract is, if you want people to adopt it, you should make it accessible for them.

Sports Betting bot makes easier to create smart-contracts that use Sports Oracle.
I made this website, which makes it easier to use Sports Betting bot

Some sport events are only available when there is data available about these events, which means most bets are there only for events that are during today or tomorrow.

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