NEW RULES For the FREE Byteball AIRDROP For ALL STEEMIANS!!! (Please Read!)

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You No Longer need to ask anyone to send you some bytes for the attestation process! Now simply use My Link:
to download your wallet, then do the attestation process which remains the same.

You can verify this change by reading Byteballs announcement on Medium:

Also Note this change:
Rewards for the rep 30–40 and 40–50 brackets have been halved to combat the profitability of buying upvotes to boost your reputation.


The NEW amount you get is based on your rep as you can see here:

Steem reputation above 30: you get a $5 reward
Steem reputation above 40: you get a $10 reward
Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward
Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward
Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

The attestation process Has NOT changed. One you download the wallet which you will hopefully get from my referral link at
then you can attest that you are the owner of your Steemit account in the same way I talked about in great detail in the comments of my last post about the Byteball Airdrop:

If you have any questions, please ASK and I will do my best to help!!!

Best wishes to all!

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This is my byteball address @kenny-crane CP3AAXESQAY6G2DRX7V4HAVNBJNYXZTD

Waiting for the donation 😅
Thank you for providing us the information. As I have no idea about this, now I'm a bit eager to create my account after reading your post.

I just sent you some, and then I saw you got your Byteball bytes a few minutes ago. Well glad to give you some more! :) Thanks for using my referral link, I got a referral reward. :D

Who gave me the other some bytes then?
And to what byteball address do I have to pay the attestation fee? Coz there is no notification to what address do I have to pay in the chat bot.
Thanks for helping me 😅

They changed it now so there is no fee to pay! :) But there are probably some bots and/or people who try to grab the referral reward so they saw you post your address here and they sent you something.

Check the Home tab of the wallet, and you should now have millions of bytes! Also the History page should show that you received bytes. Have a good weekend!

I did. There are 39.377.891 bytes now in my wallet. Now my question is, have I got the $10 dollar reward yet? 😆
I don't know for sure 😪

Check the Home tab on the bottom of the wallet. That should show how many bytes are in your account and what it's worth in dollars. 39.377.891 bytes is worth $5 currently. That is about 0.04 GByte and a GByte is worth about $125 according to
0.04 x 125 = 5

You should have another $5 locked away in a one year smart contract and you will be able to get at those other bytes in one year. So seems like you got your $10, good work! :)

What happened if we accidentally deleted the wallet or uninstall the byteball app?

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I think your bytes are lost, unless you did a backup first. You can install a new wallet and restore your account if you have a backup. in the Byteball app, click the "three lines" menu icon in the top left, then choose Settings, then Restore from full backup.

So if I did not backup, I lose it all and I won't get anything from registering again?

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It's worth a try to reinstall and try to register again, but I think it will say you already attested your steemit name and will not reward you again. Even if you do get a reward, it has been lowered for people under 50 rep so at 36, you would just get $5 worth of free bytes. Of course free money is always nice, but that's not all that much.

I see. Thank you for sharing.

Buenas, me sucede algo muy loco. Algunos de mis referidos no tienen telefono, y cuentan con pc, pero de 32 bits. El archivo que se descarga por el enlace de referido viene predeterminado en 64 bits. Entonces, yo tengo un link donde esta la app para 32, pero este no goza de referido. Así que no recibo nada a cambio :(

Hola! The only thing I would suggest is to ask someone you refer who needs to use the 32 bit PC version to follow your link and download the 64 bit Windows version but not to install it. Give them the link to the 32 bit version and when they install and use that, then maybe you will get the referral reward. Just a thought; I don't really know if this will work or not.

Mm, muchas gracias. Lo pondré a prueba, espero que funcione :D

I think it's very nice of you to be helping with this. Really glad they changed the rules, 'cause what happened was a real shame, you know?
Sucks that people can't just be grateful. Good on you, friend :)

I lost 3 referral fees in the last few days. But I'm a "glass half full" kind of person, so I'm grateful for the referrals I did get, and I'm glad that Byteball is achieving its goal of distributing its bytes as widely as possible. The change was good because bot creators were harvesting lots of rewards and that could lead to a concentration of bytes in the hands of a few. In any case, always glad to help my friends here on Steeemit when I see an opportunity!

The new rules make the user easier ...👍

Hi Audrey! Did you get your Byteballs? I think you told me somewhere that you did, but just checking again. If not, and you have any questions, please ask. :)

What about your sister @debbie89? I hope she got hers too, and I hope she is doing well. I have not seen here here lately. Tell her I said HI next time you talk to her, please. :)

Still chugging away at trying to get to 70 rep!
btw - I have no idea why or how I haven't been following your account. I was wondering why you weren't showing up on my feed! Well, that's been remedied.

You're almost there! Steemd says 69.8 and it's worth it to wait and get the extra $80 in bytes!

Thanks so much for the Follow! I don't write many articles but I comment a lot. Or I thought I did; I see you have twice the post count I have! :)

Is this still active? Thanks for your messages, I got them, but still wondering if this ongoing or has passed already?

It's still active. The amount you get is based on it's worth in dollars so you will actually be getting more Byteball bytes now than those of us who got our airdrops at the beginning when they were worth more.

Any questions as you do the airdrop process, please let me know. I can even walk you through on the phone; I've done that for a few people.

how do i send the fee though?

There is no fee to send anymore, you just have to do the attestation process with the chat bot, to prove that you own the steemit account that you are getting bytes for.

All the following is the attestation process (mostly copied from a reply I made in my orignal post) -

After you download and install the wallet, you can open it. Look at the bottom for the menu. You will click Chat in that bottom menu, then click the Bot Store tab, click Steem Attestation bot, then click Add.

The app will start a conversation with the bot, and the bot will tell you what to do next. You will be asked to send the bot your Byteball address, which you can tell it by clicking the blue button on the bottom left with three dots in it, and selecting Insert my address, then click the send button at the right of the chat area, Not the Send button in the bottom menu! The send button is blue with a kind of triangle in it.

The bot then gives you more instruction. In there will be a link to pop up Steem Connect in a browser tab. That is a tool developed by one of the steemit developers and used by everyone to sign into steemit from some app that is not steemit. It is safe to use; I have researched it. You will enter your steemit name and password there. I think the button at the bottom of Steem Connect says Sign In or something similar.

A message in the browser will then tell you that you have connected you steemit name to your byteball account. You can close that tab now.

Back in the Byteball app, it will now ask you first, public or private name (choose public so people can use your steemit name to find you on Byteball). Then I think there is some further instruction to complete the process. This used to be where you paid the fee but I don't think you have to send a fee anymore, or at least not from your own wallet.

That's it, you should now have $80 worth of Byteball bytes in your "small expense" wallet, and another $80 in a smart contract that unlocks in one year! You can do whatever you want with the $80. Hold, sell it and buy Steem and power that up, or whatever you decide!

Any questions, please ask. I'll check Steemit again a little later, as I always do. I'll answer any questions once I see them.

i think i got it figured out. Thanks!

OK great! I'll be out for 2 hours but if anything comes up and you need help, let me know and I'll check when I get back. :)

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