Each Steemian can own 714 STEEM to their name TODAY, and then we have run out of coins!

the number of coins per user will keep going down until we have more users than STEEM tokens. I will show you the Inflation of STEEM over the next 30 years, it is a genius inflation rate. Look at this beauty, here we go:

| Year |   Supply    | Inflation | New Supply |
| 2016 | 250,000,000 |     9.50% | 23,750,000 |
| 2017 | 273,750,000 |     9.08% | 24,854,398 |
| 2018 | 298,604,398 |     8.66% | 25,854,554 |
| 2019 | 324,458,952 |     8.24% | 26,727,942 |
| 2020 | 351,186,894 |     7.82% | 27,452,027 |
| 2021 | 378,638,921 |     7.40% | 28,004,740 |
| 2022 | 406,643,661 |     6.98% | 28,364,989 |
| 2023 | 435,008,650 |     6.55% | 28,513,181 |
| 2024 | 463,521,832 |     6.13% | 28,431,762 |
| 2025 | 491,953,593 |     5.71% | 28,105,742 |
| 2026 | 520,059,335 |     5.29% | 27,523,204 |
| 2027 | 547,582,539 |     4.87% | 26,675,768 |
| 2028 | 574,258,308 |     4.45% | 25,558,997 |
| 2029 | 599,817,304 |     4.03% | 24,172,733 |
| 2030 | 623,990,038 |     3.61% | 22,521,348 |
| 2031 | 646,511,386 |     3.19% | 20,613,886 |
| 2032 | 667,125,272 |     2.77% | 18,464,106 |
| 2033 | 685,589,378 |     2.35% | 16,090,399 |
| 2034 | 701,679,777 |     1.93% | 13,515,587 |
| 2035 | 715,195,364 |     1.51% | 10,766,608 |
| 2036 | 725,961,973 |     1.08% | 7,874,074  |
| 2037 | 733,836,047 |     0.95% | 6,971,442  |
| 2038 | 740,807,489 |     0.95% | 7,037,671  |
| 2039 | 747,845,160 |     0.95% | 7,104,529  |
| 2040 | 754,949,689 |     0.95% | 7,172,022  |
| 2041 | 762,121,711 |     0.95% | 7,240,156  |
| 2042 | 769,361,868 |     0.95% | 7,308,938  |
| 2043 | 776,670,805 |     0.95% | 7,378,373  |
| 2044 | 784,049,178 |     0.95% | 7,448,467  |
| 2045 | 791,497,645 |     0.95% | 7,519,228  |

As you can see in 30 years there will be 791 Million coins in circulation... In 30 years there will probably be 4 Billion people on the platforms around the world assuming the world's Internet population keep rising, and a lot can and will happen over three decades.


I believe that STEEM will pass 1 Billion Users in 2024 or 0.46 STEEM per user

This is a smart way to play with numbers, because we get a nice perspective on what potential the cost per steem-token can and will be in the future.

Right now we have Total accounts: 344,280; mined: 13,953and the reason the number of accounts is not sky high yet is because STEEMIT INC. Has a waiting list for new users joining steemit.com - basically subsidising your account-creation fee and even delegating some steempower to you to get you started, but from the next major hardfork/upgrade you will be able to mine your own account-name and by doing so we free up Steemit Inc so that they can do big-boy-marketing for steemit.com and get 3-5 million signups easy, and from there the network effect or the snowball effect will be felt in your wallet as STEEM grows in users and Internet Popularity, yes I do believe STEEM is where the new POP-CULTURE will come from, DuckDuckGo what Rolling Stone Magazine wrote about STEEM about a year ago.

It is when the price is CHEAP you have to buy A LOT

As long as you can get full STEEM-tokens for an affordable price I will say that any price is a good price to buy more STEEM, Power it up to be part of the STEEM INVESTORS LONG TERM GOALS which of course is to make insane amounts of money on our investments when the future arrives.

I have no problem seeing STEEM at $1000+ per token in a good number of years

So the strategy is very simple - Buy & Hold, that is the winning culture we all as early users of STEEM (Beta) should keep in mind. If it is just a passive investment, you can add a membership with @frontrunner to your account and have your STEEMPOWER work for you creating more STEEMPOWER 24/7 every year risk free.

I DO believe YOU should BUY a LOT of STEEM and Power UP

You got to be IN IT to WIN IT - and both time itself and other people will be competing against you in this growing attention economy that will undoubtably become one of the Internets biggest "IT" once this baby grows up to HF20 and we can from then on focus more on marketing, finally open up some good old money-bags to make STEEM known to as many people as possible. Yes, competition IS coming, so BUY STEEM before THEY DO, am I right?

Do not forget about GOLOS, the TWIN Brother of STEEM - But be aware of wannabe-projects!

Back in the days STEEM had a clean break creating a new blockchain known as GOLOS. GOLOS is STEEM for the primary russian market, but has been and continues to be translated into many languages including english with the same fast transaction time of only 3 seconds and half the coins of STEEM in supply combined with a ridiculous low market cap of only $15m makes it very easy and affordable to become a GOLOS WHALE.

On the other hand - be aware of wannabe projects, what I mean about that is... Many people wish they were the "IT" of the Internet, and will do desperate attempts to get your Bitcoin in exchange for a wannabe social media token which platform exist in an old outdated blockchain philosophy. STEEM & GOLOS remain the two top coins on SPEED, ZERO FEES & FEATURES. There is nobody competing against STEEM or GOLOS, they are built too good, users do not want to abandon it.

Collect STEEM/STEEMPOWER & Circulate the SteemDollar

The SteemDollar is a great new instrument to get in and out of Bitcoin or Ethereum positions. I personally like Bitcoin Cash more than Bitcoin & Ethereum. Ethereum is a gullible overpriced high school project and the "New Bitcoin" has taken a giant step away from Satoshi Nakamotos whitepaper, so Bitcoin Cash is for me the Bitcoin, and that Bitcoin that was worth almost $5000 per token for a little while is not "my bitcoin". However when the price of Bitcoin is high, the price of SteemDollar is low it is a great time to swap, maybe even get an undervalued SteemDollar and do the 3.5 day convertion to STEEM and then POWER UP afterwards

Be mature about your STEEM & GOLOS Investments, prepare to get very rich over time

As the topic states, each steemian can own 714 STEEM, so make sure you at least get that much STEEMPOWER. Set realistic goals for yourself each payday so you increase your STEEMPOWER as much as possible over time. And stay away from the Power-Down button unless you know why you are doing it - Trading on the market is a losers game in which 9/10 of you will lose your STEEM as the Market transfer the funds from the impatient hurry uppers that should have become rich yesterday to the patient bottom scrubber or the equally impatient FOMO-guy.

Don't let BOREDOM cause you to trade and lose Money on IMPULSE!

We humans are easily bored, and when get bored we do stupid impulsive things to free us from our boredom. Some of these "humans in charge" trade on impulse or gamble it to oblivion by taking orders from the corporate media like CNBC that hype things up when their clients need it and of course declare "Bitcoin is Dead" one more time just for the heck of it when it has gone down significantly from the top to buy back in again. Mass media/Corporate media are not your friend and they will never tell you when it is time to buy or sell. They simply collect money from a hedge fund to invite paid "experts" to say on TV what they want them to say.

We have been in Rolling Stone Magazine & We will go mainstream soon enough. Are you ready for this?

If you want to talk more with Invested Steemians who are in STEEM for the longest time, please join me and over 3000 other members at http://SteemSpeak.com - Not a place to shill your latest post, but a place to talk directly with other long term thinking steemians who love this platform and plan the future now so it won't surprise them later.

Have a great day you beautiful people-
If you have not already, please go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and vote for @fyrst-witness. Together we will make the long journey into a pure joyride!

Steem On :)


You couldn't explain better. I see the same future for steemit platform. Resteemed for my followers to see it too.

When I hear talk about Steems at $1,000, it sounds so good as to be a fantasy. But if guys like you and @frystikken are so optimistic, then damn... could our future be so bright?

Y'all are inspiring me to spend EVEN MORE TIME on Steem, if such a thing is possible!

It's simple math. Imagine 100 million users and everyone has 10 votes per day. Besides that only 60K steem mined every day. No brainer to me.

Indeed - reSTEEM !! let your followers know

Hello, friend @fyrstikken,

I'm happy I stumbled over your article today, because I haven't noticed any of your writing for a while. I really appreciate your positive thoughts about Steemit and the future here.

You were one of the first people who befriended me and gave me encouragement here on Steemit. I remember when you "hooked me up" with some automatic 'bot votes, and blew my mind. I was so surprised! Thanks again for that support.

I've supported your witness @fyrst-witness with my vote for a long time now, and hope to continue that.

Thanks again for your encouragement, your support, your witness, and your strong support of the Steemit platform. ;)

Take care!



This is really interesting :) A lot of optimism about Steem and its future. I like this article. Resteeming!

What an awesome read ! 1000USD/ coin sounds like a pretty bright future ! I'm in it for the long run for sure. I am truly excited about Steem and Steemit, and among all the cryptos, this is the one that I find has a foundation that is very solid and that I want to build my investment on. I also do appreciate the kind of people that are on the platform, I rarely see any mean comments or rudeness here. Steemit is filled with love and excitement because we all know we are on a good journey together ! Great post and wish you a great weekend !

lollipops and puppy dogs to you to

the main table showing the steem inflation is quite nice!
thanks for sharing this article


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sounds interesting jonny, how would it work?
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It is a really interesting article and a lot of analysis in it. And the inflation rate calculation seems really interesting but it will be also interesting to see how the algorithm will change and what the future hard forks will bring steam blockchain. I am particularly interested in the upcoming Velocity hard Fork as it will allow burning the tokens instead of delegating them for creation of new accounts. I'm also super excited about the upcoming communities development on Steam blockchain as we are building a photography Marketplace on top of the steem blockchain as we speak and plan to roll out some updates by the end of this month if everything goes well.

Other than that the next year will be very exciting for anybody on Steem blockchain and the price is destined to only to go up as all the developments are guided to that direction. We should not forget that this is the only blockchain that has the highest real life implementation and adoption of users in everyday life.

Great statistic,it should be noticed. Long hold will work in almost every crypto but steem is more then only crypto and I think it will give very high profit in long term

That's a concept I have trouble explaining to people sometimes; that it's more than just a currency. It's very powerful.

Was thinking about this the other day - The inflation change with one of the previous hard forks was brilliant! I hope it doesn't get changed again :)

This is a very good and easy text here, I like this little information,
I have already thought this too for some time, that when big fish begin to advertise steemit , this snowball is rolling even more faster than we thought.
I do not want to say that I'm a specialist, but I feel something big here on the page is about to happen soon.

I'm sure this currency is an excellent investment in the future. I could be a very rich old lady :)

So encouraging

@fyrstikken I am new to steemit and i have goon through various article about steem which makes me to invest my time and money on steem. your post is informative, keep the good job on.

Steem is a long term hold!

fucking nice! the inflation rate is perfect I was thinking about how powerdown rates are also strategically set, its all like a clock, it is better than federal reserve , its better than Keynesianism where they print as much as they want and just keep it a secret, you cant trust people, humans are greedy and they steal!

But with steemit man,...steemit is the GATEWAY drug to Crypto! Bitcoin is too expensive and so many people assume u need to buy a whole bitcoin to get in XD but honestly even if you tell someone they dont have to buy a whole bitcoin to buy some bitcoin it still easier to signup for steemit for free and just EARn some cryptoi by posting and commenting! haha people need to get on steemit to get some crypto, theyll get addicted that way and will want to buy some steempower to catch up with people who have been on steemit longer than them!

WOOO i am just so exhilarated by steemit and bitcoin and crypto maaaan i get all crazy because this stuff is exciting! so much stuff happening right now with crypto, and if you have a fucking pulse, you can get online and you can get yourself some crypto! its open for EVERYONE! steemit allows even the poorest people in the poorest nations to still get a smartphone and get online and start making money on steemit!

Steemit levels the playing field and allows ANYONE with motivation and good work ethic to succeed!
(And I bought a few more Golos on bittrex, i think Golos will be big for the East and Russia has a great programming community and has a lot to prove! They will make Golos super nice and whatever they make Steemit will get to use because its based on the same code so we can help each other! And we will look back at this time and wish we would have invested more in golos and steem! We will be traveling around the world doing conferences at hotels and man its going to be an adventure! Its gonna be so fun traveling around the world, just managing large amounts of money, throwing big parties, its going to be very exciting!

I am a newcomer in steemit ... I am interested to join here because of encouragement from a community friend #satujiwa ..
But how can I grow if there is no moral and material impulse .. I am not a rich person who can buy SP .. but my belief, I can grow big like you all, because every will there is a way. thank you

I am also very interested in bitcoin .. but whatever the hand power is not up.

Thank you for the information...
I am new to crypto, so informative posts like this are super valuable to me. I myself have been powering up and don't plan on withdrawing anything in the foreseeable future.

Very well-written post. I do think there is a huge probability that you are right about the $1000 at one point.

If the total amount of steem per day being mined is fixed , so inviting new users to this platform will not be good for us? It will be just creating the competition for us and we will be getting less reward than before. I always doubt this duality. Can you explain it a bit clearly?

You make the same case as was made for getting off the Gold Standard. But the part of the speculators reasoning that I don't get is. In the future, what will be driving this high demand for Steem? There is only one sure way to get wealth, earn it. Whenever people start thinking they are getting easy money or they are putting one over on someone, they set themselves up to get ripped off big time. That's why Mordecai Jones said, "you can't cheat an honest man." If you don't know who Mordecai Jones is, watch this movie. great lessons to be learned.

These are very awesome news, i love the statistics of steemit ! I will be holding all STEEM for long time! Let's get to the MooN!

@fyrstikken, come back to Golos! :)

We will be multi steemaires! lol Steem gunna xplode soon I can feel it

I don't understand why Golos was created and with the blessing of Steemit Inc? it robs Steem of the Russian market.
Steemit could be setup to cater to all laguages (already does with tags).
In the Settings Steemit could be setup to filter content depending on language, language can be detected by AI.
We don't want to see a break away chain for every language do we? It would further dilute demand for Steem.
Btw Golos English translation doesn't work here, all it does is translate the payouts.

I'm in in for at least a decade - I actually look at my Steem balance (which is tiny at the moment) as my retirement money in later life rather than money I'm gonna spend now. I figure I need about $10K a year, so every $800 of value added to my account is month earlier I can retire....

When Steemit will become more popular, what makes you think the price of Steem will go up?

@fyrstikken you are showing several points here that really show the great potential of STEEMIT. If I would have seen this interesting points I would have mentioned you on my reasons why steemit will climb.

I believe this thing you mentioned on the post will be a game changer:
"...the reason the number of accounts is not sky high yet is because STEEMIT INC. Has a waiting list for new users joining steemit.com - basically subsidising your account-creation fee and even delegating some steempower to you to get you started, but from the next major hardfork/upgrade you will be able to mine your own account-name and by doing so we free up Steemit Inc so that they can do big-boy-marketing for steemit.com and get 3-5 million signups easy..."

Thanks for sharing this great facts. @gold84

I should work on getting at least 1000 steam power

Well here is 14 cents man, and youve been here since August 2016 man, i think u told me u just came back to steemit right?

And yeah man start posting about the discord chat! talk about all the steemit usersyou know! talk about how youve been hetre longer than most use that when u can!

talk about how you have watched steemit for a while just discuss your experience of steemit since last year man!

or do the whole dragon ball Z thing like @lordvader does with his role playing posts!

This is exactly what I see and why I spend my time here to grow my little account with cool ideas, my #BeerSaturday Challenge for quality content and so much other stuff.

Thanks for the clear view of the Steemit future

yeah even if you dont even post like @thejohalfiles who doesnt ever make blog posts, you can still make thousands of dollars in steem a week from curating (upvoting good posts) and youll end up making so much from just commenting! Johal has over a million steempower and hes got 0 blog posts just all comments and curating!! shows you the potential of steemit when you start accumulating a lot of steempower, you can start earning over 1000 steem a week from curating!

You're right sir @fyrstikken, I also had a feeling steem will reach the $2500 mark

oh fuck yeah steem will get literally close to Bitcoin price because steem has 241 Million steem while Bitcoin has 16 Million bitcoins, so steem supply really isn't THAt high , its not like its in the billions, we we could totally see steem at the $1000 mark, and we will never have to woprry about steem falling in price agin

we should just worry about our own personal amountof steem fa;ling, but the price of steem is going to just keep ging up!

Its exciting to realize that in already basically a millionaire with my 2000 steempower, sure now iuts only around $2700 but eventually each steem will be $1000 and i mean even if steem is $500 ill have 1 million dollars and steem could easily fly up to 500! man and then people like @fyrstikken with almost 1 million steempower will have 1 billion dollars when steem goes to $1000 and yeah steem could even go higher, its the best crypto currency and having $0 transaction fees will force people to use it! And its faster! people will LOVE steemit

steem solves a lot of the problems with bitcoin and them some! Wow its true! steem really WILl get to $1000 and beyond! man it feels good knowing Im going to be set for life! i should stoll keep working hard but i cant imagine what it must feel like to have a million steem NOW,because then youre REALLy set man it must feel SOOOO good, its why i want to be woprking on helping other humans so by the time I have a million dollars i will be able to relax and party, ill then go back to work and help all my fellow hard working steemians, i want to uyse steemit as a way to help everyone who i can SEE was workinghard! steemit wil tell me who has been working hard and so i will know who I should reward with my upvotes!
wow in the futrue I cant WAIt to manually curate! it will be SO fun to go around handing out $10 to $100 at once with one upvote!

We can find people who are real cool hunters who can help us choopse the best content, i know i can end up getting good at curating myself but i think some steemit users might end up getting really godo at curation!

some peopel just have a better eye than othersfor posts that shots be upvoted! They will get to show off thir skills with special curation contests!

Anyway steem WIL reach the $2500 mark that seems like a lot but Steem is WORTh it man, its Undervalued

Anyone with $500 in steempower will be a millionaire XD its gonna be LEGIT!!! But even before then, in a year or two, steem will be $10 then $100 then $500 WOOOO its gonanb ea ATEEMIT party! and only peopel with steempower willbe invited! so why not SAVE your steempower instead of spending it on stupiud stuff guys?!?!

fyrstikken, I have posted this on my FB page, and resteemed. Come on! This is one of the best posts on steemit.

I don't have a lot of money to buy steem, but all the rewards I earn are going straight into SP. I believe in this platform as a way for humans to build an economy around art, kindness, and meaningful conversation. Sounds like a utopia to me and the second I come into surplus money it's going into steemit.

I'm so glad I've found this platform... What then , shall we more concern, acquiring more Steem or Promote more about the platform for others to join steemit.com?

do both, use instagram to promote steemit the way I have been instagram.com/ackza770 then make steemit posts like i do to show how you use instagram to promote steemit, get paid off that post use it to run ads, make posts about the ads, etc etc

ad u should do BOTH u acquire steempower By promoting steemit! use ur own steemitblog link steemit.com/@joshvel to promote steemit and yourself!

wow a great post @fyrstikken and I haveing been writing about the same thing in my blog posts...am sure that we are in a great platform and success will be on our side.

I believe steem is grow up soon

Very good information, thanks @firstikken resteem this post.

Very interesting article but in 30 years wow, i want to see a good inflation in the near future i dream with a steem over $5

Nice info for us @fyrstikken
Im often read your post... Your post really have good quality. Follow me back oke
Hope we can be friend

Upvoted by @andravasko , upvoted community helps minnow steemit . explanation HERE !!!

I believe the price of Steem will rise to the moon with our patience . What we can do now is hold hold hold and watch it turn into gold

Ps- Vote is all yours @fyrstikken

The time will come to increase steam power. At the top will be steemit.Com. Thank you for sharing

@asmi140 you write really interesting concepts. You are truely my supersteemian who gives really great optimist thoughts

Nice calculation on the inflation of steem @fyrstikken
Very nice work on the calculation of steem this work is really good for an steemer.

Great info, thank you ;)

Fyrst i am still not sure how to collect the 714 steem?

Nice future steemit. Thanks for sharing fyrstikken.

So when is this next hard fork? I wasent able to find out with a simple search?

Extraordinary. This post really puts things in perspective.
Thanks for that @frystikken
Voted for you as witness.


Talk about being overly optimistic... Steem is not close to breaking through as of yet... sheesh I still don't even know how to share a picture and I have been here for a year and a half! No joyride as of yet...

too optimistic, the information was taken from the predictor or was thought up?

No big change till 2026 thats a longgg time from now lol very cool to see the break down though however that of course is all subject to change the way steem works correct?

Interesting information @fyrstikken, I love reading your writings, you are a great writer, I invite you to see my new post, where I share photos taken by me to different animals, I would appreciate if you leave me a comment with your opinion, greetings and hugs!

Thanks so much for making this post @fyrstikken! It blows my mind how many people on here don't "power up", as well as the gigantic hoardes of people WASTING their time and money trading STEEM... Makes no sense 😂

good info tnx!!

That steem:user ratio assumes no steem are lost.
Every second day, some unfortunate soul loses their password and has to start over.
Or they pass away, taking their password with them.

The ratio assumes that the users are active. Only about 35k are active users each day. 1000s create accounts and do nothing and 1000s of accounts are bots.

Mehn this is some dope futuristic news

I can't wait!

Yes, I agree we should get as much steem as price is low now. Great information.

I didn't know about the rolling stone magazine article. I will have a look, as more of a passive investor I will also check out @frontrunner thank you @fyrstikken. Following you was always a good idea :-)

In thirty years many things will change


Wow so much of positivity is hidden in this post... I am hopeful of steel as a platform esp when new projects like twitter clone and youtube clone are coming over it...
Full steem ahead

nice post. time to get more steem power

Basically, if you are reading this you got your finger early in a pie that could make you rich soon.

"Don't let BOREDOM cause you to trade and lose Money on IMPULSE!"

I may or may not have spent 2k on computer parts with what I made here

and it may or may not have been on impulse because I was bored

Well, Lets hold on to your analysis and see Steem raise beyound our expectation. Good work.

4 Billion people on the platform would be absurdly awesome!!! By then, I am sure Steemit will have expanded into several areas and cut into Facebook/YouTube's market share

Your math reminds me of wolf of wallstreet. amazing Brain and reasoning power you have mate. gives me every reason to invest in steem.

interesting research, @fyrstikken

Ya I'm also thinking that the future of steem would be nice in next 4-5 years I'm very excited about steem's future. Thanx for sharing.....

Please God listen to you! :)

Appreciate the analysis @fyrstikken... and especially appreciate the long-term perspective these days, given how many are running around in a circle, being worried about how they are going to make their next 25 cents.

I hope what you suggest here does come true... if those with long-term vision can outweigh those who just want to harvest every cent they can in the next 30 minutes.

I know a few have reservations about the future potential price of Steem because it's an "inflationary" coin, but I guess as long as the growth of the user base remains higher than the growth in the number of tokens, there can still be "scarcity."

Anyways, I'm in for the long haul...

I am new to Steem I hope that the growth of the Network will allow me to be an influencer on Tech topics in the future. The expansion past Steemit into other application like Dtube creat a picture of a promising future.

Very interesting information. I am so glad I am a Steemian and can't wait to be able to invest more into Steem for the long term. Great community I am proud to be a part of. Thanks for all the stats and projection information. Great job breaking it down for all of us.

Friend please like me

I have no bunghole!

wow this will be awesome..... steem is the future

I am only a week into this platform but the more research I do, the more holes I try to poke in it to see if I'm using my time wisely the more convinced I am of its long term potential. My short term goal is to buy 20 to 30 dollars of steem a week and cost average it as much as I can and practice the elusive "consistency and patience" game. I wish much success to everyone on this platform, we should all remember how lucky we are to live in the era of information. Cheers

Nice post
I sincerely need help with some bitcoin no matter how little. Here is my post seeking for help
Here is my bitcoin address

Thanks for this informative analysis and optimism presented for the Steem community. STEEMIANS UNITE!!!

good post

As to be expected from you @fyrstikken - excellent HQ analysis - right up my ally - Steemit/Steem - it is a loooong term position... And I see this blockchain economy parterning up with other innovative decentralized economies being the future for our prosperity - as long as we do not allow the powers that should no be to take control.

Be aware of FedCoin, SDR, and ACchain.

Thanks for the article.

so what we all are waiting for lets buy together ;)

That would be great if steem price will increase in the future. Right now, let's just focus on filling our wallet with lots of steem

I really like this post. I also really like your voice hahaha

I am going to vote for you as witness now, I think you deserve it for all your investment into the future success of this community. Those are the kind of witnesses we need!


Excellent post for the steemiens, We are going to rich soon. you explained nicely the Inflation of STEEM over the next 30 years.

Thank you, I just hope that you are right... sometimes I think why I didn't know steemit 1 year earlier... but I hope the people next year will think the same.. anyhow if steemit will really be big then I could skip maybe 9-5 work in 10 years... so we will see.

Its really good article , contains lot of great information . Your future calculator is nice.Will Golos grow like steemit ? Thanks for guiding.

Good posts and very encouraging to buy into it. It is like Bitcoin hold it. The long term investment is king. :-)

very interesting I really like your posts I always follow your post there are many interesting things that I find. and I share your submissions to other friends. visit my post

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Guys, my name is Leo I'm new here on steemit, I'm an ecommerce and marketing expert would love to bring some of my stuff over to steemit in the future, so please check out my profile, thanks!


Amazingggg so amazing
We all have a great and bright future
Thanks to share wonderful info

That is if you assume this platform will still exist by then (when we will all be insanely rich). I would have liked if you had touched on some of the downsides, besides losing out of impulsiveness.

The sure thing is that if and only if this platform will go mainstream, something awesome will happen.

I am in it to win it. With you all the way. Slowly and surely accumalating STEEM as and when i can get my hands on it. I too believe this will see a $ 1000 at some point. I just hope our STEEM BREAKDOWN of 0.001 is going to be small enough to make it possible for everyone to eventually get into it. Long live STEEMIT.......

This is a wonderful post to read and stimulate my brain ;)

Nice information :)

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