My Butterfly Expedition Day !!

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Today i figured i would combine my #wednesdaywalk and #butterfly day together there was a park i visited a while back called Chatuchak Park over the other side of Bangkok city best accessible by BTS Skytrain and you more a less get dropped of at the front gate of this park it's just a walk down the stairs and your in the park that easy.




The main reason i decided to take my walk in Chatuchak Park today was not only that the park is a beautiful park to walk around and admired all the beautiful nature but also because it has a Butterfly section in the park where all the butterflies seem to meet up for some reason it must be the flavor of these particular flowers in this section of the park that they all like and that's great because you can see many species in this one area.




The above and below are Monarch butterflies or simply Monarch is a Milkweed butterfly in the family called the Nymphalidae.



I do think this next two butterflies are Gossamer Winged butterflies belonging to the Lycaenidae family which is the second largest family of butterflies with over 6,000 species worldwide whose members are also called all called Gossamer Winged butterflies.



This i do think it is called the Pieris Brassicae the large white butterfly also known as the Cabbage butterfly mainly found throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia.


Metalmark Butterflies belong to the Riodinidae family , the common name "Metalmarks" refers to the small metallic looking spots commonly found on their wings. This one wouldn't stand still for me he kept flapping around is why the blur



This beauty landed on my table as i was having something to eat i quickly pull the tiger on my camera before he took of as we all know it is never a easy take trying to photograph butterflies.


After walking around the beautiful butterfly section of the park for a hour or so admiring all the butterflies and trying to do my best in photographing as many as i could i made my way back to the the BTS Skytrain as i had to meet up with a friend.




It was a good 3 km walk around the Chatuchak Park and that's only covering a small section of this huge park as i was making my way back to the station i see this very unusual Beetle on this brick wall just chilling out he wasn't in any hurry to go anywhere got a good shot of him and that made my day it was a bonus for me to see this beautiful pinkish , reddish Beetle never seen one like this before and i couldn't tell you what family his from but i certainly loved his texture and color.



Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk challenge it's certainly giving me more of a boost to get out there and see the beautiful things around us.


Thank you @whatisnew for sending us out on Butterfly and Insect hunting it would not be the same with out #butterflyday




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Thank you @pixresteemer 👍

Hullo @hangin. This was a great post! We really appreciate your work.

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Thank you @bioportal.steem i will check it out and thanks for your upvote 👍

What and extraordinary collection Angelo!!! So many beautiful butterflies and that red beetle, wow! Great shoots!!! 🦋🌸🦋

Thank you Lena this is one wonderful park with lots of beautiful nature around a great place to see butterflies that's for sure i just wish it was closer to my home i would be there 🙂

I know it would be nice to be there more often, but at least you have no winter like here. Always a pleasure Angelo 🌴🦋🌴

This is true i can pop out anytime to see these magnificent butterflies if i like 😊

Yes you do 🦋😊🦋

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Thank you 😊

Thank you Lena much appreciated 🙂

Terrific shots. I love those tree roots.

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Thank you so much @momzillanc for doing that 🙂


Thank you @templo 👍

Looks like a beautiful park and convienient being so close to the Skytrain, cool to see all the butterflies

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you @tattoodjay convenient by train but wish the park was closer to my home i would be there everyday photographing butterflies...hehe 🦋 🦋

I can see from your shots why you would like to visit it more a pity it’s not closer

Cheers and !BEER

Well a little far but not to far if you want to enjoy a nice day out amongst beauty 😀


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Thank you @tattoodjay 👍

Different and beautiful. Colorful ... your photos. A pleasure to see them. Happy New Year!

Thank you @bluemoon and Happy New Year to you 👍

With pleasure!

Cheers 👍 👍

Wow, pretty Butterflies photography with lots of flowers.

Thank you @kamrunnahar 👍

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Thank you @c-squared much appreciated 👍

What an amazing park and a beautiful walk! I think I would spend every day there. Look at all of the beautiful scenery and those gorgeous butterflies!!! I just love it when you can see their proboscis out and especially curled up. Great capture. And the unusual color of that beetle...I can see why it was a bonus for you. Isn't it exciting to find something new? #wednesdaywalk and #butterflyday is a perfect combination. Thanks for sharing and for using #butterflyday and #insectpub tags @hangin! : )

Thank you so much @whatisnew if i could i would take a walk in this park everyday it has some much beauty and color it is a shame this park isn't close by to me otherwise i would be living in this 🙂

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You are the best thank you @deranged.coin 👍

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The park looks like a beautiful spot and an awesome place to get some butterfly pics! You got some real beauties here @hangin! Love 'em! !tip

It really is a great park for butterflies one of the best in Bangkok city i love going there just wish it was closer to 😊

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Thank you @deerjay much appreciated 😊

You're very welcome! 🙂

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Thank you @deerjay much appreciated 😊

You're very welcome @hangin! 🤗