ULOG: 34 Smartphone photography... Enjoying the harvest...

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Part of my daily work routine is to check our wastewater lagoons. I often see wildlife there; deer, eagles, ducks, geese, turtles, snakes... Yesterday it was dragonflies. Dozens of them, maybe hundreds! So I've been itching to try out my new Haselblad camera mod on my new phone. It has 10 times mechanical zoom and the camera has 8 times digital zoom.

They weren't landing on anything. Continually darting around. I took dozens of photos (Gotta love digital photography! I never would have taken that many pics back when you had actual film. It was just too costly...), most of which didn't capture any dragonflies. Here's the best one I got...

I was trying to get a good pic of this duck because of the cool reflection, and look, I caught another dragonfly with that pic! haha

During my afternoon round, I zoomed in on these ducks.

Enjoying the harvest

We had a great rain finally, so the garden got a welcome drink.
It's way of saying thank you was with this many tomatoes, jalapenos and Italian peppers...

I thought I took a pic of the 6 cantaloupe, but must have got sidetracked. haha

Tonight I sliced up a few tomatoes, threw in some cherry tomatoes, topped it with some cottage cheese doctored up with Spin Blend (a salad dressing type of mayonnaise...), salt and garlic.
Wonderful!!! I had a cantaloupe for desert.

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Do you share your own photos on Steemit like I just did?
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  • I believe it's ran by @juliank.
    I'm not on the right day for mine to enter the contest, but you still get XP.
    I don't at all understand how it all works...
    Here's some links to the web site about it
  • http://worldofphotography.org/

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!


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I think you've got more than 20 tomatoes going there for dinner.

Bugs, especially dragonflies, seem to make lousy models. They flit about, never landing, always here, always there. Simply, they're everywhere and nowhere.

So, the fact you actually caught one by accident is pretty cool. :)


Hmm do you have a nickname yet dragonfly?

  • You are here and there.
    • Every post I look at there you are... :D

Mr. Dragonfly???


you must be mistaking me for janton, maybe? Now he's as everywhere as it gets. I am trying to get around more, but I'm afraid I'm not that successful at it. Plus, there's a person in the leagues who is even more everywhere than he is, so anyway. Thanks for thinking so, but I'm kind of middle of the pack when it comes to "everywhere."