The Anxious Bumblebee

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My wife likes pansies, so I bought a 6-pack from Walmart to plant.

This bumblebee couldn't even wait for me to plant the first one.
He found the flower while it was still in my hand!


By the time I got all 6 planted, he was still on the flower and they had been visited by 2 honeybees.


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Hey, @wizardave.

I don't even think we've seen any bees about yet, certainly not in the last couple of weeks, let alone anxious ones. Sounds like they were ready to go to work, all of them.

I guess that proves Mother Nature's on a timetable and there's literally not time to waste. Hopefully, that bodes well for the flowers and whatever else you end up planting this year.

We're still waiting on the rains to stop, again, before we start planting anything. It's been warmer during the mornings, which is good. We just need the cloud cover to part so we can some sun and at least mid-60 temperatures. :)

Howdy Glen. I hadn't noticed any bees. We've had a couple of weeks of 50 and 60s weather. This weekend we are supposed to get our last frost, catching just a bit of that blizzard that dropped all that snow in Kansas and Nebraska. Spring bulbs are up about 2 or 3 inches tall. The lilac and cherry tree are budded out nicely. I noticed yesterday the asparagus is up about 4 inches. April 23rd is our last frost date according to most web sites, so hopefully this is the last of the cold cold weather.

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