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RE: New STEEM... It's not like OLD STEEM

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I'm liking this!!


  • Get Rich Quick and Schemes
  • Non intuitive sites (meaning sites that were confusing UI)
  • Focus on one project


  • Focus on a diversity of projects
  • Successful money making projects
  • Focus on a diversity of economies with several tokens etc
  • New tools that support projects. Like hivemind.

You could possibly mention communities which are coming sooner than most people think because here's the deal they're just making changes to the Hivemind and some protocols and we don't have to wait for them to make a UI for communities. All the other projects can jump on it as soon as they make the non-blockchain stuff active.
So i'd have that as part of the marketing. Steempeak will jump on the communities quickly if nothing else.
So i see this as:

  • A new focus on there being one company not trying to do everything
  • Also point out companies new focus to live within their means... starting with SteemIt cleaning up their financials.

But I like get rich quick schemes. Steemit was more fun when people made money tbh.

claro,,,, la idea es que todos podamos contribuir para mejorar cada vez mas ... saludos

Can someone direct me to a link so that I can learn more about this "New Economic Model - EIP"?
I'm just curious. It's been awhile since I came back here...


Upvoted for blatant self-aggrandizement!


I agree with the sentiment, I am looking forward to the changes. Communities are my thing as I have my community idea but it would only for the UK as worldwide it would be too cumbersome and this is one of the problems for steem as it's far too noisy and posts tend to get lost among all the clamour, something that would be relevant for a small region does not always translate to a worldwide stage but at the same time you can on board people just as much by making content relevent.

Yeah me too.
Have you gone to the new post by steemit and per chance looked at their new document explaining what they're thinking about doing for the backend support? I wish more people should respond there.
I worry people will come in after it's done and say... "why did you do it that way?" And we'll be like... "ummm we were asking about it". haha

OldSteem thinking.

If we embrace and work on newsteem, oldsteem falls away.

You make content relevent with eyes on the site and upvotes and downvotes.

A free market approach.

From grass to grace