A Sad Stride to a Hopeful Place

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So, on July 2 -- the actual 243rd birthday of the United States of America -- a young man for whom I have a bigger soft spot in my heart than I thought told me that he was preparing to go into the Army to fund his future education WITHOUT taking on student loan debt.

I got off the phone and told myself I didn't know how to feel about that. I then touched the piano and realized I was lying. I know EXACTLY how I feel about it. There it is, above, a slow, poignant stride ...

This young man is among the kindest and most giving people you will ever meet, and talented. Hang around with me long enough, and you will probably get to hear his talent soon enough.

Yet, in order to get an education, he has to risk his life while the U.S. appears to be considering yet another war.

Why are things like this? I know why, of course. For 400 years, certain people have been slated to be used up, and there is hardly any way forward to something better without risking being used up.

And, to be fair, the Founders risked just about everything as well -- had they lost the Revolutionary War, they would have been hung as traitors.

So, this is the way it is, 243 years down the line.

I hate it.

Yet, if this is the only path, then my job is to be as supportive as I can -- while scouting around to see if there might be another, safer path as well that my friend has overlooked.

While there is still anything I can do for this brave young man, there is no need for me to give up hope for a brighter future for him, even if the path must lead through the Army. So, back to work on doing all I can... got to look for a hopeful future, either way!

I lost a friend in the last war ... last thing I played for him was in C sharp minor ... got to stay hopeful that THIS TIME, there will be a happier ending!


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There are a lot of nasty jobs people have to do if they want to build a life without starting with debts.
Studying is for the rich and that is why none of my kids did or will study. Might sound a waste of their IQ but so be it.

I am sorry about the friend you lost. I hope there is an other way as fighting someone elses war.

In the U.S., trades are actually a better way to go than college... but nobody is trying to hear that.

Poor people have been having to go to the military for an education almost since the founding of the U.S. ... since about 30 years after the founding of the republic. It is a long tradition, and, for all the progress the country thinks it has made, it has not changed enough. My heart is just hurting about it.

I think here it is not so different, drivers license included, a good income paid extra if you do not sleep at home... But you need to fit in and getting out broke for life ☹

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