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RE: New STEEM... It's not like OLD STEEM

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Great to hear and always love your ideas! Love to help in ways that I may. Am always around some (where). Inviting people here and there too like @brockpierce for example and handing out some steem monsters cards and looking for more ways that may be rewarding to myself and others so we may grow together in community and more.

 last year 

Hi @virtualgrowth! I enjoyed meeting you at Steemfest2. I know exactly how you can help Steem out. Coinmarketcap would love to have their Steem account which you seem to have the keys to. If you'd like to help onboard a big name in the industry who's literally asking to be here, you can help by giving up the keys to the @coinmarketcap account - and not just the posting keys this time please. Thanks!

Ha, yes this would help! PS. They are really dying to be here?

 last year 

We've spoken with them at least a few times over the last 6 months or so about this - I believe they recently asked @birdinc about it again while he was respresenting us at a bitcoin conference in SF last week.

Hmm...some people only want to "help" if they can name-squat in order to "protect" the big names...and then sell the keys if/when those people finally show up. I wonder if that's the case here.

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