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2018 was a rough year for cryptocurrency from a pricing standpoint. There is not doubt that a 70%-90% draw down is tough to swallow. However, that tells only a sliver of the entire picture.

Throughout the year, the development forged ahead. "Where we were blind, we can now see". A lot of the issues that were in front of us entering 2018 were addressed.

@chesatochi posted a terrific article on @dlike. It deals with the industry getting ahead of itself last year and what it will take to be a trillion dollar industry.

The name of the article says it all: KEEP DEVELOPING!!!

While this article focuses upon the financial aspect of cryptocurrency/blockchain and the need to build infrastructure out, I think it equally applies to what we see on Steem.

After all, this blockchain is simply a microcosm of what the entire industry is.

It is imperative that development keep taking place. I think most will agree with me that Steem's showing on State of the DApps is rather impressive. At present, there are 7 Steem DApps in the top 20 and 13 in the top 50. I think this is exceptional for a blockchain that few know about, is overlooked, and ranked in the 50s on coinmarketcap.

We all know that Steem has nowhere near the name recognition of EOS and Ethereum yet the DApps are hanging right there with the better publicized chains. This is a testament to the community that is on here.

Now is when the real fun begins. Steem, like the industry, has a number of issues that need addressing. Accessibility is one of the biggest, both from a user standpoint and that of a buyer of STEEM. There are very few exchanges that carry STEEM. This needs to be corrected. Over the last quarter, the community did a good job getting listed in different places (being on State of the DApps is a prime example). We need more.

Also, the sign up process is basically stopped. If memory serves me, we did under 100 accounts yesterday. That is not going to foster much growth. In the meantime, it is a windfall for the accounts presently here since it is a good time to earn rewards and power up. However, long term, we need thousands of accounts a day.

We also need a ton more developers. It is refreshing to see some development taking place that is creating tools and platforms to attract them. By having resources which will make it easier for developers to create, we can become an attractive destination.


Finally, it is up to the non-technical people to keep posting, commenting, and upvoting. There are a number of applications listed on State of the DApps, the more they are used the better. It is up to us to add an app or two in a week to be sure we are supporting as many as we can.

This is a non-techie form of keep developing.

As a community, we can band together to create greater things. The foundation we are seeing put in place is very encouraging. This year should even be more impressive considering the starting point for the ecosystem is higher than it was a year ago.

My forecast is we will see the impact of the term "blockchain" severely reduced. In the end, people are not going to care. What will be the appeal is the applications. This is what we need to focus upon. As our applications improve, we have a much better chance of attracting non-crypto people.

A large part of the "lift" Steem is going to get is from the industry in general. As the entirety of the industry advances, legitimate projects will experience a tailwind. Being so young as a whole, the entire sector has a long way to go. Getting a few key things in place will go a long way to lifting all that is involved with this.

Therefore, we all just need to keep banging away at those keyboards.

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Agreed! Like a shark, keep moving or die eventually. Need to keep developing this platform.

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Even this self-referential comment could be considered development. 😏

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I would say it is the best development.

It is very important to love yourself first. 😀

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I blush for having been too otherwise occupied to have a proper look at the DApps already spawned /- and that when what I am driving toward in my current series of posts will have to run on a chain like steem and will require an array of DApps to make it work! I still have to get the nitty gritty of it out there though, before I can seriously start canvassing for those..

Yes 100%. I guess it is just a matter of time until people realize the potential of the Steem Blockchain. I love the community it isn't toxic at all. Great people here and original content..

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I've been avoiding development for quite some time. Need to get back to that JavaScript grind. From my point of view it's a bit unacceptable that Steem hasn't invented new proof-of-brain activities that lower the bar of development to the masses.


If you havent done so, you might want to look at what @shredz7 is creating. You will understand it a lot better than I do. He is putting together a platform to help developers.

You might have checked it out but, if not, worth a look. I would like to know your thoughts.


It does look interesting. I don't know if I'd actually use it... I suppose that depends on the details. For example, I thought about creating my own Podunk DEX... but if he makes a more legit version I would definitely use it.

I'll start a dialog with him and ask a few questions.

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That is the basic concept, but how to implement it?

I think we need to reverse the conservative SBD printing cut-off that was removed in HF20. The witnesses and developers can create the modifications needed. Have the code reviewed by witnesses, tested, and then consensus to implement it.

That can be a first step forward in cutting ties and reliance with Steemit Inc.

Just keep running this model where small changes to STEEM software are implemented and we can move forward with SMTs without the dependence of Steemit Inc.


I really hope, @socky, that 2019 is the year the community does move away from Steemit. Steem is such a wonderful undertaking that is being held back, in my view, by Steemit.

Sub 16 GB master nodes would help, @shredz7 and others working on other token creation mechanisms, and the witnesses having a bigger say in the blockchain code all are steps in the right direction.

Blockchain technology will prove its worth and start to be seamlessly integrated into processes and software in the future. The fact that third parties will no longer be needed for many processes wil start adoption in the coming years as the infrastructure is built.

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How can sign up process be accelerated? How come Golos which is a clone of Steemit for Russian-speaking community can offer instant signups? Somebody with the tech knowledge could look into this and I hope maybe a simple frontend solution can be found without the need Steemit Inc to be involved.

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We need to add more game elements to the Steem experience because as we see applications which rewards users are doing the best (Steem Monsters, Actifit and Partiko to name a few examples)

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