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Is this something that is possible?

I can say that it will not happen unless we make this a goal. We know most of humanity will not focus upon this so the responsibility falls to those of us in cryptocurrency and blockchain. The advantage that we have is we possess a means to pull this off.

There will be one presumption that I make: we need to see the rest of the human population added to the Internet. This is something that people like Elon Musk are working on solving.

Hence, if the entire human race is online, we should definitely be able to eliminate global poverty by 2030.

Tokens Are The Future

@ned, on the State of Steem, uttered these words that I agree with. His vision to tokenize the Internet is taking on new meaning as the Internet expands into all aspects of life. In a few years, this is not going to be something people "log onto". The analogy often used is electricity. Hence, the Internet will always be there when someone "turns it on".

We are going to see the tokenization of the world. This is a mechanism that we can use to eliminate poverty.

Every Action Has Value

We all know that every value online has value. The biggest drawback to the system now is that only a select few benefit. We all know the money generated by Facebook and Google, in particular, is enormous.

Mirroring this idea, we need to concentrate upon making sure every action online is rewarded. In addition, we also need to focus upon offline activities also paid for.

A big positive is that we are already seeing some projects that are moving in this direction. The Steem blockchain, while not the only one, is a wonderful on ramp to this end. Steem applications allow individuals to get rewarded for different activities. I expect that we will see a massive explosion of this over the next decade.

Poverty Busters

@actifit is a prime example of what I am referring. Here is an application that rewards people with tokens for moving around. This encompasses almost everyone in the world. In my view, this is an ideal application for those in the poorer areas. People tend to be active just to survive. Here is a way to monetize their movements. Essentially, since most people are doing it anyway, the AFIT token is a form of a basic income that people get.

The other day, I wrote about Steem needing a Good Deed Token. It was shown to me that there is a Karma token on EOS that is given for people doing and witnessing "Good Deeds". This is a wonderful idea and looks a bit more expansive that what is on Steem. We have a couple applications that provide incentive for doing things such as cleaning up the planet which is a wonderful project. However, we should look into creating something similar.

Another project was put forth by @stan in a post about what is taking place on BEOS, a new middle chain that is being designed between Bitshares and EOS. One of the applications is RUON which is a full blown social media application.

RUON, the new Social, Business and Chat app built on the blockchain will be useful in every aspect of our living and working life, and that's no exaggeration.

The article goes on to explain how it can affect our personal, business, and investment lives. Again, if people can earn through their social media activities, it opens up a host of possibilities to enabling those who are not with means presently participating in business and investing.


I do not believe it will take billions of people focusing upon this problem to solve it. A few million people in cryptocurrency can make an enormous dent in this. It is imperative that we get people involved and tokens in their hands. This is something that was not possible before.

At present, most of us are still tied to the system of scarcity. However, it is crucial that we start to move towards the Age of Abundance by showing others how things are changing. Through our ideas, actions, and development, we can alter the path of everyone on this planet.

There is no reason, with what we have at our disposal now, that financial poverty should exist in 2030.

It is time to root this plight out.

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I believe you have missused a word here:

We all know that every value online has value.

Not only is it possible but not actually very hard.
The problem is the powers that be do not want that and so we will need a worldwide revolution before it happens.

Is there enough land? Is there enough water? Is there enough money?

Yes yes and yes haha it’s just not being used properly for the people.

When if ever it does happen hopefully it’s not through socialism.

Dan said he created Steem to lower the hurdles of entry that he came to understand from creating Bitshares. I think Steem could still realize that dream if more began focusing outward towards those not already in the ecosystem. Whether it be gifts or allowances for kids, incentives for job performance or shopping behaviors. There are many ways we can spread Steem to the masses. I don't know that many have thought out the full idea Dan had for Steem. We are so used to hoarding and seeking the quickest profits that it has become routine to see things in certain ways, being oblivious to simple things right in front of us.

With the growing means of onboarding, I believe this will be the year more people see it and begin sharing by giving to those who are still uninformed.


Thanks for that @practicalthought. I would be interested to know where he said that...was it a post? Or an interview? It would be great to see his full thoughts on it.

I agree that we are seeing growth with the onboarding and the number of wallets getting SP in them. I share you hope that some are looking at things in the way Dan described.


I believe it was this interview where he said it. I have about a half dozen I watched about 4 weeks ago of him wanting to get a better feel for who he is.


Great thoughts, I think your thoughts would be well recieved on my content. Please share!

Well, first off, this is not doable... because poverty is a moving target.

Things that can really help an isolated 3rd world community? A box of those solar powered night lights. You know those things you stick in your yard to light up your path. You buy them by the box from Wallymart.

The next important problem is that you cannot simply raise a communities tech level by giving them crap. So, european companies went to african communities and installed a water system... but, 20 years later, the pump broke down and no one in the village could fix it... thus, back to carrying water, but no one wanted to do that... and many didn't even know where the river was anymore.

The next piece is creating a dependent class.
Sure, we could feed the entire world, but what happens when the food shipments stop?

  1. So, we have no statement of minimum level of economic means to be out of poverty.

  2. This cannot be solved by throwing money at the situation.

  3. Poverty is the name of the game of the globalist system.

So, if you want to end global poverty, and your first order of operation isn't to bulldoze the UN into the Atlantic, then you do not have a working plan.

Educating people about cryptocurrency would probably be the best foundation towards achieving this goal. Most people especially from the third world countries don't even have any idea about it's existence. If it happens, then there's a greater chance to overcome poverty. Thanks for this wonderful post, such an eye-opener.

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With cryptos with regular inflation, are we not getting more digital trash money if real economy supporting this cryptos is not first established.

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Power is the problem here but aside from that i believe every other thing is cool 😎

This is similar to the work that @charitycurator does!!

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It is truly possible if we engage together and think about collective success rather than individual. The concept of decentralization and what it could mean to communities and society in general is much more than a crypto.

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What’s your opinion about UBI? 🤷🏼‍♂️😬

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I am a big fan of UBI as a concept...I do not like UBI through the government. I think it is dangerous to create more dependency upon government.

A token as a basic income as Manna is a great idea.

I also am a fan of UBA...universal basic assets...which is distributing assets to people...it is really something that we can put out through digital assets....I am mulling an idea over in my head that I am working on....

Wall Street created assets out of nothing called derivatives for decades...it is time we do the same for the average person.


We should try it out and see if it creates tons of lazy people lol. You probably already seen this on Joe Rogan a couple days ago with Andrew 😀


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No I hadnt seen that one.

I dont buy into the lazy people b.s. for a moment. What do wealthy people do who do not work anymore? Do they lounge around all day? Some do. But most have hobbies, volunteer, socialize, or get involved in the lives of their families.

There is a real prejudice against people without means because of the belief they are lazy and stupid. It is going to be a real eye opener when the next recession causes companies to automate meaning millions who are working in middle class jobs will be without them.

Then we will see how stupid and lazy they are.

Beliefs tend to change when one is thrown on the other side of the fence.