Meaning of Dragons in Daewung-Jeon of Gaeam-sa Temple, Korea

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The reason why Daewung-Jeon of Gaeam-sa temple was famous for its dragon sculptures inside of the building.
As I have posted several times, the dragons have special meaning in Buddhism in Oriental society.
Actually the dragons were originated from China.
It is believed that the dragons were sum of totems of several tribes in ancient China.

But it is uncertain when and how the dragons got the meaning in Buddhism.
The dragons have various meaning in Buddhism.
Sometimes the dragon was a passenger from Bodishattva or Buddha.

In Korean ancient society, the meaning of the dragon was water.
So god of the sea used to be expressed as the king of the dragon in Korean folk story.
In this reason, they made the dragon sculptures in Buddhist temple to prevent from the fire.

As I posted, Gaeam-sa was also fired by the Japanese Army during the invasion 1592 - 1597.
When the temple was rebuilt, they made the dragon sculptures inside of the building.

In the case of Gaeam-sa temple, they made 9 dragons in Daewong-Jeon.





They made the dragon sculptures in every place where they could.
Below is the dragon in the corner of the building.



Usually in other case, there were not so many dragons as like Gaeam-sa temple.
The dragon sculptures in Daewung-Jeon were very realistic.
The face of the dragon was very dreadful to frighten the evil of the fire.





Those sculptures reminded me of some scenes of the film.

Of course, the core of Daewung-Jeon is Buddha statues.


And the ornaments and the decorations around Buddha statues were splendid.


Actually the dragons sculptures in Gaeam-sa temple must be the one of the best in Korea.

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Once again @slowwalker you showed us again the complex intricacies of these splendid temples in Korea and they are filled with meaningful factors like the decorations and sculptures that translates what are the spiritual beliefs of many Koreans.

Fascinating. Nothing stimulates my mind and spirit more than something I have not encountered or thought to consider. There is not a reciprocal amount of gratitude for being turned on to an existing wonderment. Appreciate it very much.

  ·  last year (edited)

The dragon sculptures are very good, they really look so real in the picture. You have a good skill in taking pictures sir ...I respect what you said about the dragon sculpture that looks so frightening:

The face of the dragon was very dreadful to frighten the evil of the fire.

But isn't it the dragons are believed to be blowing with fires? Thank you once again for sharing your culture to us sir @slowwalker

a very beautiful dragon statue.large dragon replica..lovely able to travel to visit a very historic place in Korea.success always for you @slowwalker, if you please please visit my blog @pengenkaya. thank you my friend

Interesting temple!

Hermoso, bello, en verdad amo la cultura koreana y asiatica en si... gracias en verdad por compartir.

  ·  last year (edited)

생동감 있는 용의
얼굴이 참 인상적입니다
입안에 물고 있는 여의주도 신비롭고요
살아 있는 용을 보는 듯 합니다

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Really Enlightened me
Love the history

I can understand why the temple was built with the dragons protecting them. It makes good sense. The protruding sculptures are really quite amazing artistically.

The Buddha is truly magnificent in its golden sculpture. This is truly a magnificent temple and I thank you for taking the time to photograph it and explain the meanings.


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It looks like Shen Long holding one of the dragon's spheres, I think my children are making me see DBZ a lot 🤔 hehehehe

I love those designs of the dragons, it's really a beautiful work of art ... getting to create all those details and in wood is really impressive and more for the many years that the temple has.

Thank you @slowwalker for showing us the temple from the inside. 😘👌

Dragons are among my favorite mythical creatures to draw. Love the history lesson. Thanks for your post.


@slowwalker, Huge salute I give to you coz I learn more Korean Buddhism lesson from your blogs. Also you done yesterday promise. Inside of Daewung-Jeon of Gaeam-sa Temple wanna amazing creative place and seems their magical architecture. Those dragon sculptures inside of the building seriously amazing how was made from oldest.

Actually the dragons were originated from China.

I have heard something about dragons art. But never know all. Yep...Chinese are very creative for make dragon arts.

In Korean ancient society, the meaning of the dragon was water.

In fact, I don't know what dragon's mean. But now clearly understood via your assistance. I noted and I make dream within next five years I'll visit Korean temples. I know my Sri Lankan friend where stay in Korea, give huge assistance for guiding. Also These golden Buddha statues inspiring me lot. Again you caught tremendous clicks. Triple gem bless you. See you tomorrow.

  ·  last year (edited)

The chinies have alway been smart people right from the ancient days.

very beautiful dragon temple

Beautiful sculptures, I love dragons, they look fantastic

I've always believed that dragons represented strength and balance! I see that was wrong but thanks for the information, now I understand a little more about its meaning and the history so interesting of them and especially what it represents for you, the photos are fantastic thanks for sharing with us

Es interesante toda la historia que tiene ese Templo Budista y los Dragones en Korea. Saludos @slowwalker

A very beautiful dragon statue. I like it.

wow..people are really genius in making such arts..I love the artwork @slowwalker

Well the way you explained it makes total sense. Of course fire would have been a major concern back then. I have learned something new today!

If I collect nine marbles, will my wish come true?

Exquisite sculptures. These are dragons, or bats.

Восхитительные скульптуры. Это драконы, или летучие мыши.

Beautiful photos...

Thanks for sharing such cool pics. I love that you included a description for many of them.

This question may sound strange...but what did the building feel like? I'm a big fan of going places and just trying to soak in the leftover emotions in the room. Or the power that has been accumulating in a place. So...did you happen to notice what it felt like while you were there?

ahhh i wish can visit korea someday soon :)

This is really cool. My aunt is from Korea, maybe next time I see her I'll ask her about the culture there. I'm a dragon on the Chinese calendar and my zodiac is a water zodiac, maybe that's why I love dragons. I would love to visit there someday.

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Well i must say its an interesting story