Batman saving an old canvas

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In my house there was this old canvas that was covered in spray paint, but not like " Oh wow look at this cool street art" way, it was just blotches of dark paint. So, some time ago I decided to try to paint the canvas white, that way I could reuse it. I could have also peeled the paint but it was a thick layer and I was afraid it would just make the base uneven, so covering it was the best option.

At that momment I had just discovered this amazing superhero posters by Justin Van Genderen (Behance), and they seemed like the perfect thing to recreate (or try to) in the old canvas. The collection is called 'Comic Locations' and it's AWESOME. Ever since I was a teen I've loved Batman comics so I just HAD TO recreate the Gotham one.

See this and more here

Ok, once I had decided what to make all that was left was doing it!

First step was covering the whole thing with white acrylic paint, I had to do about 3 layers to cover the spray disaster! Then I started to sketch with a pencil the poster, and add even more white paint around the main building

The white still doesn't cover completely, but since the whole thing uses very dark colours I wasn't too worried about the things outside the circle.

Then I started painting the buildings with black acrylic paint.

And then I added the gray.

Now this is technically it, but it looked so boring and matte. Maybe I could have added some shadows or texture like the original one, but I thought I was going to fuck it up...which makes my next decision complety irrational.

Around the time I was making this I saw this very interesting video by TED-ed, were they talked about how Van Gogh 'accidentally' illustrated turbulent fluid structures creating a luminance effect in his paintings, especifically in The Starry Night. And I thought: Wow that looks so fun, maybe I should grab the thing I've been working on for the last 2 days and try it for the first time, potentially fucking it up!😬

So I did.

And it turned out quite cool, I mean O B V I O U S L Y I am no Van Gogh, but meh...I like it, way better than the original canvas I had ♥


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More influence from Tim Burton I wish to see here :D Van Gogh have never visit Gotham...for this his style for the sky is not true with the spirit of Gotham. :D But it would be curious to recreate in the whole picture his works, like the moon to look like his sunflowers, the skyscraper to look like his cut ear, and the city beneath it is the blood flowing out of the ear.... what a heaven it will be then...
By the way if you have not see this animation I recommend it to you,
it will inspire you a lot -

uuuuh yeah, that's a great idea!!
I SOO want to watch Loving Vincent ♥ I just hadn't had the time lately because of work, but it's definitely on my list! Thank for the recommendation ♥♥

Me encantooo ♥ ya había olvidado estooo

Toca sacarlo del closet ya 😹

Wow that looks so fun, maybe I should grab the thing I've been working on for the last 2 days and try it for the first time, potentially fucking it up!😬
So I did.

aaahahaha goofball!
You Van Gothamed the shit out of that one!
Always let your inner Van Gogh take over. The end result is gorgeous. I want it.

Hahahahah omg Van Gothamed why didn't I think of that 😂
Thank youu it definitely makes for an interesting experiment to let the inner Van Gogh out!

That is so clever. I am always in awe of drawing and painting ability. I love that you saved that canvas.

Yeahh that was the best part, saving it!...omg, does that mean that I am Batman 😮😮
😂 Jokes aside, thanks for dropping by I'm glad you liked my post!

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I love the sky and the detail work at the top of the tower! Good job!

Thank youu, glad you liked it!